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November 10, 2001


There are a lot of astrology sites out there on the World Wide Web.  Many of them include material about the astrology of celebrity lovers.  All these sites have their own ideas about why certain superstars got married or divorced.  Almost all these sites are based on Traditional Astrology that uses a methodology very different from that of Magi Astrology.


Which astrology is more accurate and useful, Traditional Astrology or Magi Astrology?


To help answer this question, we think it is a good idea to compare the techniques of Traditional Astrology to those of Magi Astrology, especially those being offered by astrology websites.  In this way, you can better see the differences between these two types of astrology.  We are confident the result of this will be that you will realize how much more helpful Magi Astrology is compared to Traditional Astrology, especially in matters of love and money.


What we are going to do is to begin to make postings about how Magi Astrology explains the relationships that are discussed on other astrology websites.  We will not comment on what the other sites have to say and you can just read their analysis by going directly to these sites.  But we will let you know how Magi Astrology views the same relationships.  This way, you can compare how Magi Astrology does it, and how Traditional Astrology does it.  We will call such postings examples of TRADITIONAL VERSUS MAGI ASTROLOGY (TVMA examples).


This section was originally going to be devoted exclusively to the current events in the love lives of celebrity lovers.  But sometimes nothing big happens for a whole month or longer.  So from time to time, when there isn't anything big happening in the love lives of superstars, we will make this type of TVMA posting on this Celebrity Lovers Section.  This last month is one of those times. 


As our first posting of the TVMA type, we have selected to apply the principles of Magi Astrology to the relationship of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett.  They were married in 1997, the year Will Smith was on top of Hollywood because of his successes from being one of the stars in the hit movies Men in Black and Independence Day.  The reason we chose this couple is because the most ubiquitous astrology site on the Internet had chosen them as an example of how well Traditional Astrology works.  (The site we are referring to is of, and we are pretty sure that they chose Smith and Pinkett as their first and presumably best example.  Over time, we will be posting a TVMA analysis of each of the 18 examples of celebrity couples now on the site - so long as they keep these examples on their site.  So you can read what they say, their exact URL is



WILL SMITH AND JADA PINKETT declares that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett is a perfect example of a match made in heaven. We would not describe their relationship in quite those terms but we do agree the two of them have strong astrological ties.  They met and fell instantly in love.  We have provided you with their CAC below.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Will was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Jada was born.






The Magi Society has discovered that THE ASTROLOGICAL KEY TO ROMANTIC ATTRACTION IS CHIRON.  We have consistently explained this in our third book and throughout this website.  For this reason, in the above CAC, we have drawn lines to highlight the most important Chiron interaspects and the most important Chiron natal aspects


As you can see from the above CAC, Will and Jada have two Chiron Linkages that we have labeled to be Cinderella Linkages.  When two persons form a Chiron Linkage, especially one that is also a Cinderella Linkage, it is an astrological sign that the two could become seriously romantically attached.  In this case, Will and Jada have two of them and these two Cinderella Linkages are such that they combine to form a Romantic Super Linkage.  A Romantic Super Linkage is the most reliable astrological sign that two persons could fall in love.  This is the astrological basis of the romantic attraction between Will and Jada.


So Magi Astrology tells us that Will and Jada could fall in love.


However, Magi Astrology tells us a lot more than just this.  For example, here is something we have not yet discussed on this website:




Every Linkage and Clash is different and one of the most unique ones is the Venus-Chiron Clash.


In the above CAC, we have used a red line to highlight the fact that Jada and Will Smith also form a Clash between Jada's Chiron and Will's Venus.  This is perhaps the most unique Clash and is not like any other Clash. Most Clashes are not signs of attraction although with some Clashes, there can be attraction that fades.  But in the case of the Venus-Chiron Clash, it actually is a sign of lifelong attraction and at the same time it is also a sign of incompatibility.  Two persons who form this Clash are normally attracted to each other but unlikely to get married.  For this reason, we have given this Clash the special name of "Impossible Dream Clash."


It is important to keep in mind that there are no 100 percent rules when it comes to human behavior. Some couples forming the Impossible Dream Clash will get married.  As a result of our monumental and extensive research, we have found that when two persons form the Impossible Dream Clash and still get married, it is usually because one or both persons were born with a Turbulent Chiron Aspect.  We know all this sounds complicated, and it is. That is why we included this information in our interpretation upgrade to our software.  Our interpretation software gives you the benefit of the knowledge derived from our extraordinary research.


In our software with the interpretation upgrade, we explain that "for one reason or another, it is rare for two people with this clash to get married. But they do, especially if either person was born with a square or opposition to Chiron."  This interpretation that is provided by our software is amazingly prophetic in this case because as shown in the above CAC, both Will and Jada were born with an opposition to Chiron (that we have drawn in blue lines and labeled Turbulent Chiron Aspect in the above CAC). Therefore, both Will and Jada were born with the type of natal aspect that is most likely to make the two of them marry each other in spite of the fact they form a Venus-Chiron Clash.





The principles of Magi Astrology can help you to see the big picture in any relationship.  The big picture in the Will Smith/Jada Pinkett relationship is that they formed two nearly exact Cinderella Linkages that combined to form a very powerful Romantic Super Linkage and that is why they fell in love.  


If you are not a professional astrologer, or if you are not analyzing your own relationships, this is enough to know.


But if you are a professional astrologer, or you are analyzing your own relationships, you would want to go beyond the big picture and understand the details.  One of the details is the Impossible Dream Clash. Mastering such details would take a lot of time and effort to learn but that is why the Magi Society provides lessons and a free Certification Program to help our members study and master such details.  We also offer a shortcut because our members may purchase our Professional Level Software with very precise and detailed interpretations for every significant Linkage and Clash. With this software, you do not have to spend years studying how to interpret the details.  The software does it for you.  If you might be interested in joining the Magi Society, please click here and send us an email.



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