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If you have always had an intuition that Astrology Really Works! but have never been sure how to interpret the stars, the Magi Society’s Interpretation Software might be perfect for you. Our Interpretation Software can open the Magical door that will help you to finally understand the secret language of the stars.


The Magi Society’s software program for matters of love and sex is called MagiSoft. MagiSoft has interpretation upgrades that are so accurate and useful, and so in depth, that they put to shame the interpretations generated by other astrology software programs. This special section of our website will provide you with examples of just how amazingly helpful and how precise the MagiSoft Interpretation Upgrades can be.


Below we have duplicated about a dozen links that are elsewhere on this website. Each of these links contains an article about a super famous couple, and teaches how Magi Astrology can help you to understand the famous couple’s relationship. Each of these links also contains exact quotes from Interpretations that our MagiSoft program provides you about the couple’s relationship. You will be able to easily find these exact quotes in the dozen links because we highlighted them in red.


Before you read the dozen links below, we think it would be useful if we first give you two introductory examples of how MagiSoft can analyze a relationship. MagiSoft can not only tell you if two persons can fall in love, but it can also foretell what type of relationship two persons are most likely to have. Like, is one person going to have much more control than the other does?


MagiSoft can help you to know if any two persons could fall in love. That is very important. MagiSoft can help you know if two persons can fall in love but they would most likely end up in Heartbreak. That might be even more important. MagiSoft can also help you know the types of relationship two persons are most likely to have. In most cases, that is just as important.


For example, it can save a career or even a life and emotional sanity if you know ahead of time if someone else is going to have the upper hand in any relationship you have.


Since we introduced our Interpretation Upgrades in 1999, the two most extreme examples of famous “couples” where one person had the “upper hand” are the relationships of Paula Jones/Bill Clinton and Chandra Levy/Gary Condit.


Paula Jones had the upper hand over Bill Clinton. Paula was the only woman (or man for that matter) who was ever able to beat Clinton. Even though Bill Clinton was the most powerful person in the world, Paula Jones was able to beat Clinton in her lawsuit (where she won an apology and nearly a million dollars from Bill Clinton). Paula Jones also is directly responsible for the fact a judge cited Bill Clinton for contempt and Clinton was disbarred for five years (banned from practicing law).


Gary Condit had the upper hand over Chandra Levy. In case you forgot, Gary Condit was the married Congressman who had an affair with Chandra. Chandra disappeared in the summer of 2001 – at that time she was 24 and Condit was 53. That in itself was not scandalous. But what was scandalous was the way Condit controlled her. The only way Condit allowed Chandra to try to call him was she had to just leave a message at a telephone number. This number was always answered by voice mail -- there was not even a message from Condit on the "voice" mail; when you called the number, all you got was just a mechanical beep. After leaving a message, Chandra would have to wait for Condit to call back. That was not a relationship – it was insanity.


With the help of the MagiSoft Interpretations Upgrades, you can fully understand the astrology of why Paula beat Bill, and why Condit was able to control Chandra the way he did.


There were a number of astrological reasons to explain Paula and Bill, and Condit and Levy. Here are just two of the ones that MagiSoft found:


The MagiSoft Interpretations Software would have warned Bill that because Paula’s Saturn made a quincunx to Bill’s Sun:


"The most likely result of this Clash is that this person (Paula) will have the upper hand in your relationship and will be in the driver's seat in some important parts of your life."


And the MagiSoft Interpretations Software would have warned Chandra that because Gary Condit’s Saturn was trine to her Neptune:


"Instead of attraction, this linkage creates a bond that is more like a chain and ball…..this linkage provides (Gary Condit) with an unusual level of control over you in every area of your life….you will feel an unusually high degree of loyalty toward this person and you fail to see all of this person's faults."


The above two examples of MagiSoft interpretations are just small excerpts - the actual MagiSoft interpretations are much more extensive.


The MagiSoft Interpretations Upgrades provide accurate interpretations for every important clash and linkage. Chapter Fifteen of our third book also has interpretations for every important linkage and clash and the book’s interpretations are better than those of any other computer software program. But the interpretations provided by the MagiSoft Interpretations Upgrades are so much more detailed that they are normally five times as lengthy as the ones given in our third book.


MagiSoft’s Interpretation Upgrades are so accurate, and they provide you with such deep insights, that with the help of the software, you can finally answer questions such as:


  •   If I commit my heart to this person, will I be fulfilled or would I end up heartbroken?

  •   How does this person really view our relationship?  True love or just a fling?

  •   Can the two of us fall in love?

  •   I just met this person – can we have great sex together?  If so – will our union offer more than just sex?

  •   Can we work well together as a team?  Can we make money together?

  •   Are we compatible and if so in what way?  Are we compatible romantically?  Sexually?  Intellectually?  All of the above?  None of the above? Which of the above?

  •   How long will I know this person?  Do we have a mutual destiny together? If so, what is the nature of that destiny?  Is it just lovers?  Or only friendship?  Is it marriage, then divorce?  Or is it true love forever?



    Magi Astrology is advanced but simple to learn. However, it does take time to master Magi Astrology from reading our books and some of you may be eager to use Magi Astrology as quickly as possible. That is why we have great computer software that will give you accurate and in-depth interpretations at the click of a mouse. 


    In 1999, we introduced our Magi Society Interpretation Software (MagiSoft) with in-depth interpretations so uniquely useful and accurate that the US Copyright Office allowed us to copyright them. 


    There are lots of astrology software programs and some of them offer interpretations.  However, none of our competitors give you verifiable instances of how good their interpretations are.  Only the Magi Society’s Interpretation Software has been so accurate that we can actually use super famous Celebrity Couples to prove to you how valuable our interpretations are.  You can easily verify the accuracy because we use famous people as our examples.


    Below are examples of how our interpretation software can accurately assess personal relationships and predict the most probable outcome of any romance.

    Why did Gary Condit have so much control over his mistress Chandra Levy and why do some people have an inordinate amount of control over others?

    Why did Will Smith and Jada Pinkett fall in love and get married and what astrological factors may yet come into play?

    The Michael Jordan divorce filing and attempt at reconciliation.

    Why did Julia Roberts fall in love with a cameraman and marry him?

    How to use Magi Astrology to analyze a relationship and know its most probable outcome.

    Why Nicholas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley should never have married.

    Why June Carter and Johnny Cash's marriage was so successful and one of true love.

    The breakup of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

    Jennifer Lopez's men and her real birth date.

    Scott and Laci Peterson and their Heartbreak Clash.

    Robert Blake and Bonny Lee Bakley's Heartbreak Clash.

    The breakup of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards.



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