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July 14, 2002


Julia Roberts' love life has been the subject of tons of articles in the tabloids.  She has had much more than her share of high profile romances with Hollywood stars, all of which so far have failed.  People are so fascinated with Julia Roberts' personal life that we have already written three links about her in this Celebrity Lovers Section. During Julia's years in Hollywood, she has been romantically linked to the following nine men, whom we list alphabetically:


Benjamin Bratt


Ethan Hawke


Daniel Day Lewis


Lyle Lovett


Dylan McDermott


Liam Neeson


Jason Patric


Mathew Perry


Keefer Sutherland


(Of the nine men listed above, Julia had the most Chiron Linkages and the strongest Chiron Linkages with Lyle Lovett, the only one she married.  Our link dated June 30, 2001 explains why they got divorced.)


But that is all just history now because Julia has a new man in her life, one she married by exclaiming "Yes! Yes! Yes!" instead of just "I do" during her July 4, 2002 midnight wedding.  She married Danny Moder, a cameraman.  What makes an Oscar winning beautiful actress fall in love with a cameraman?


The answers are always in the stars and Magi Astrology unlocks these answers better than anything else does. In our third book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money, we revealed dozens of discoveries pertaining to the astrology of love and the most important discovery is that CHIRON IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PLANET IN THE ASTROLOGY OF LOVE.


When it comes to the astrology of love, Chiron is so powerful that it not only points to the one you will fall in love with, it also points to the time you will marry the one you love.


In this link, we will explain both how Chiron pointed to Julia Roberts' new husband, and also how Chiron pointed to the time they married.





The new Mr. Julia Roberts is Daniel R. Moder; he was born January 31, 1969 in Los Angeles.  Julia was born October 28, 1967 in Atlanta.  What is the astrological reason Julia fell in love with Danny and married him instead of the Hollywood stars she dumped?  The reason is Julia forms more Chiron Linkages with Moder than she does with any of her ex's listed above.  Below is their CAC.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Julia was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Moder was born.



When you look at the above CAC, you will probably immediately notice the two blue lines that point to Julia's natal Chiron and Danny's natal Venus.  Those two planets are in conjunction and form a Cinderella Linkage. The Venus-Chiron linkage is the most powerful of all Cinderella Linkages and such linkages are so powerful that in our third book, we gave it the special name of MAGIcal Linkages.


A MAGIcal Linkage is formed whenever one person's natal Chiron forms a MAGIcal Angle to another person's natal Venus. (Of course all MAGIcal Linkages are also Cinderella Linkages.)  In our third book, we stressed the power of MAGIcal Linkages and how special they are - but have not yet done so on this website.  This is probably a good time to begin since Julia and Danny as a couple are perfect examples of how magical the MAGIcal Linkage is.


The MAGIcal Linkage creates more attraction and romantic interest between two persons than any other linkage. In the case of Julia and Danny, they not only have a MAGIcal Linkage, their MAGIcal Linkage is the foundation for TWO ROMANTIC SUPER LINKAGES:


1.        Julia's Chiron is linked to Danny's Venus-Chiron conjunction;

2.        Julia's Chiron is linked to Danny's Venus-Neptune trine.


Both of the above Romantic Super Linkages are formed by planets that in turn form a MAGIcal Linkage.


The odds against such a powerful and romantic alignment are about 100 thousand to one. 


Just how powerful is such an alignment?  So strong that a beautiful, rich, charming and intelligent Oscar winning actress can fall in love with a cameraman, even though she had not fallen in love with the likes of Daniel Day Lewis and Liam Neeson.


What does this all mean?  It means that when we wrote in our third book that CHIRON IS THE ARROW THAT POINTS TO YOUR SOULMATE, it is true. Which is why so many of our readers have written us to tell us that they believe our discoveries about Chiron are the greatest discoveries ever made in the astrology of love. 





Chiron is also the key to the timing of when people marry those they love - this is because you are most likely to MARRY THE ONE YOU TRULY LOVE DURING CINDERELLA TRANSITS, and only Chiron creates Cinderella Transits. 


A Cinderella Transit in matters of love occurs when transiting Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, or Pluto makes a MAGIcal angle to your natal Chiron.  A Cinderella Transit also occurs when transiting Chiron makes a MAGIcal angle to your natal Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune or Pluto.


Below is a CAC that illustrates Julia's important transits when she married Danny Moder on July 4, 2002. The planets in black represent the positions of the planets when Julia was born and the planets in red represent the positions of the transiting planets in the sky when on Julia's wedding day (or in this case, wedding night since it was a midnight wedding).



When Julia Roberts married Danny Moder, transiting Jupiter was making a MAGIcal transit to her natal Chiron. Chiron is the key to Cinderella and this was a Cinderella Transit. 


There was another interesting transit involving Chiron.  As shown in the above chart, transiting Chiron was square to Julia's natal Saturn. The Magi Society's monumental research into the astrology of love resulted in our deciphering that this transit is what we call a CULMINATION TRANIT.  Why? - Because this transit can cause a culmination in a love relationship. The Magi Society offers our members the right to purchase software that interprets all significant transits as they relate to matters of love.  Below is an excerpt from our software's interpretation of this Culmination Transit that Julia had on her wedding day:



……..CULMINATION TRANSIT. This transit quite often can bring your relationship to a culmination in the direction it has been heading. If you are single but you are in a love union, you could get married during this transit, especially if you also are having a Cinderella Transit at this time…………"


This is an example of the accuracy of the Magi Society's interpretation software.  All our software's interpretations are copyrighted; only those who join the Magi Society may purchase any interpretation upgrades to our software programs.  If you might be interested in joining us and would like information on the Magi Society, and the benefits of membership, please click here and send us an email.



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