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January 25, 2005


The marriage of Scott and Laci Peterson was star-crossed because the two of them formed the Heartbreak Clash and other Saturn Clashes, and they married when Laci was having Heartbreak Transits. 


When we say “star-crossed” we do not mean the murder of Laci Peterson was inevitable.  If something is star-crossed, it simply means the stars are giving us signs of big problems and we should heed the warnings.  Nothing bad is ever inevitable because we can protect ourselves by using Magi Astrology and taking appropriate action.  We should utilize Magi Astrology to help us recognize star-crossed relationships and simply not get into them in the first place.  And we should never marry anyone who forms a Heartbreak Clash with us.  Unfortunately for Laci Peterson, she did not know Magi Astrology and could not see the warning signs given by the stars.  Laci would almost certainly be alive today if she had not married Scott – and that is one reason why Magi Astrology is so valuable: It helps us to know whom we should NOT marry!


If two people form the Heartbreak Clash, our advice is they should not marry because the odds are heavily stacked against any marriage between them.  But we repeat that nothing bad is inevitable and it is not impossible to overcome a Heartbreak Clash – it is just very difficult to do so.  A minority of couples have overcome a Heartbreak Clash but most couples have not been able to overcome the Heartbreak Clash.  Those who have overcome a Heartbreak Clash and enjoy a good marriage have the following in common:


1.        They married on a very favorable astrological day.


2.        They put a LOT of hard work into holding the marriage together.


3.        They endured through very difficult times.


4.        One of the spouses has to be a saint.


5.        They both have to really be in love with each other.


Although it is possible to overcome the Heartbreak Clash, it isn’t easy by any means.  And we suggest you do not try because it is so difficult to do so. Believe us when we say that it is easier to fall in love with someone who is better matched astrologically. 


Below is another example of a famous couple who formed a Heartbreak Clash, but did not make it; like Scott Peterson, the husband went berserk and killed the wife.



Robert Blake Forms the Heartbreak Clash With the Wife He Murdered


OK.  We admit we are jumping the gun here a bit by condemning Robert Blake as the murderer, but we just do not see it any other way.


Robert Blake is an actor who was the star of the TV series, Baretta.  He played the role of a very tough private eye who liked to dote on a pet parrot and who had an eye for women and a nose for trouble.  It was a couple of decades ago that Baretta was a popular TV show.  At the beginning of the show’s popularity, Blake was married. But Blake dumped his wife after he became a television star saying “A lot of women are available to me now that I am a star and I want to be able to take advantage of it.”  That gives us a good hint about Blake’s character, or lack of.


Blake’s Baretta series got cancelled a year after his divorce and he never was part of another television hit. He did have some supporting roles in movies, but none of them were hits either.


For the next couple of decades or so, Blake was a bachelor and his only claim to fame was that he once was a television star.  Then one day while Blake is at a pool in Las Vegas, Bonny Lee Bakley walks into his life.  Blake knows nothing about her except her name and that she is a lot younger than he is.  Nonetheless, they immediately become lovers and carry on for a couple of months. Blake is not the loyal or marrying kind (remember how he summarily dumped his previous wife) and tells Bonny he is calling it quits.  “Get out of here” or words to that effect as he told her to leave his digs in Los Angeles, where they had shacked up together.  Bonny is furious and tells him she simply won’t leave and besides, she is carrying his baby.  “Get an abortion,” Blake says, but the answer is “No way!”


Somehow or other, Blake ends up married to Bonny and Bonny has the baby (some say the baby was born before they married and Blake loved the baby enough to marry Bonny).  Robert Blake adores the baby, but cannot stand Bonny. Remember when we said Blake knew Bonny’s name?  Well, it turns out he didn’t even know that.  He finds out she has had more names than Elizabeth Taylor had affairs, and was probably married to more men than Elizabeth Taylor ever was.  But Bonny never bothered to get divorced from any of her husbands.  Bonny also used to charge for her sexual favors and her nude pictures were readily available on the Internet.


Blake is not too happy when he finds about all this and like Scott Peterson decides divorce is not an option. There are reports Blake tries to hire someone to kill Bonny, but could not find anyone.  In any case, we are certain he decided to do it himself.


This is going to be some trial. What a circus it could become.


Below is the CAC of Robert Blake and Bonny Lee Bakley.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Robert Blake was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Bonny Lee Bakley was born.  Robert Blake was born September 18, 1933 and Bonny Lee Bakley was born June 7, 1956.






In the CAC that Bonny Lee Bakley and Robert Blake formed, the following four interaspects stand out above all others:


  • Heartbreak Clash formed by Bonny’s Saturn being contra-parallel to Blake’s Chiron.


  • Ultimate Sexual Linkage formed by Blake’s Juno trine Bonny’s Venus.


  • Clash (square) formed between Blake’s Chiron and Bonny’s Mars (In Magi Astrology, we refer to the Mars/Chiron Clash as the Lust Hate Clash.


  • Sexual Linkage created by Blake’s Venus being trine to Bonny’s Mars.



    So Blake and Bonny formed the Heartbreak Clash, two Sexual Linkages and the Lust Hate Clash. 


    The Magi Society offers our members the chance to purchase software with interpretation upgrades and below is a part of the software’s interpretation text for the Lust Hate Clash:



    "LUST-HATE CLASH. Of all the interaspects, this one is most likely to create a love hate relationship, or should we say lust hate relationship. This creates a high degree of sexual attraction, but it comes at the price of incompatibility."



    No wonder the two of them became lovers but simply did not get along.


    Over and over again, the principles of Magi Astrology explain the headlines better than any other form of astrology.  If you would like to learn more about Magi Astrology, but have not yet read any of our books, you can download for free a PDF file containing the first seven chapters of our third book by clicking here


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