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May 28, 2001

The stars always give you a warning of a breakdown in a marriage. But in order to be able see these warnings, it is necessary to learn how to read the language of the stars. By learning and then utilizing Magi Astrology, you can decipher some of the most important messages of the stars. This knowledge is so helpful that it can even save a marriage, or make a divorce less traumatic.

If you want to know what is happening in your love life, you should seriously consider taking the time to master the principles of Magi Astrology. In our books, we give you hundreds of famous examples of how well Magi Astrology works. On this website, we have given you dozens more such examples. All of our examples are super famous so that you can verify that our facts are correct. Now here are two more such examples:


A Turbulent Chiron Transit occurs whenever Chiron makes a Turbulent Angle to an important planet, or when an important planet in the sky is making a Turbulent Angle to the natal Chiron.

Nicole Kidman and Alec Baldwin BOTH had Turbulent Chiron Transits when their spouses filed to divorce them.

On January 12, 2001, Kim Bassinger and Alec Baldwin announced they were separating. Shortly afterwards, Bassinger filed for divorce. During this time, Baldwin was having Turbulent Transits to his natal Chiron.

On February 5, 2001, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise announced that they were separating. Shortly afterwards, Cruise filed for divorce. During this time, Kidman was having Turbulent Transits to her natal Chiron.

As explained in our third book, when you are having Turbulent Chiron Transits, people look upon you in a less favorable light and see your shortcomings as much worse than they really are. Whereas people would normally forgive you for your quirks, they tend to not do so when you have Turbulent Chiron Transits.

Below are two charts of CAC's showing the Turbulent Chiron Transits. In the first chart below, the black planets represent the positions of the planets when Nicole Kidman was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets in the sky when Cruise pushed Nicole into a joint announcement that they were separating.

In this second chart just below, the black planets represent the positions of the planets when Alec Baldwin was born, and the red planets represent the positions of the planets in the sky when Bassinger pushed Baldwin to announce that they would separate.

In both cases, one of the spouses wanted out and asked for the divorce and the other spouse was shocked. In both cases, the spouse that was surprised was the one who had the Turbulent Chiron Transits. Certain Turbulent Chiron Transits are so bad for marriages and love unions that we call them Heartbreak Transits.

In both cases, the spouse that was shocked also had a Turbulent Saturn Transit. Turbulent Saturn Transits are as bad as Turbulent Chiron Transits, but the Chiron Transits specifically influence a love union, especially a marriage, because Chiron rules marriages, spouses, children and pregnancy.

If we are in a love union, then our love union is most likely to be at risk of dissolving during Turbulent Chiron Transits. Too often, the result of Turbulent Chiron Transits is the end of the love union and such changes can be heart wrenching and life altering. But if we learn Magi Astrology and know ahead of time about the Turbulent Chiron Transits, we can usually take action and get past the transits without irreparable damage to our love union. Below is an example of how you can help yourself get past Turbulent Chiron Transits.

Example: In our third book, we explain that if we are in a love union but have an affair during Turbulent Chiron Transits, we are likely to get caught. Even worse, even if we are not having an affair but we do something that looks that way, people will think the worst. During Turbulent Chiron Transits, others will not give us the benefit of the doubt, and are less likely to forgive us. So how do we get by such a Turbulent Chiron Transit? In this example it is simple: Do not do anything that could even remotely look like you are having an affair.

But there are cases of marriages where the marriage is so weak that it is very difficult to get past certain very bad Turbulent Chiron Transits. In a previous link in this section of this website, we explained that both Kidman/Cruise and Bassinger/Baldwin made a crucial mistake when they married. Both couples married on a day when there was a Heartbreak Clash in the sky. When a couple gets married on a day with a Heartbreak Clash in the sky, they are beginning their marriage with two strikes on them. (Click here to go to the actual link where we explained this.)


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