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February 14, 2001 Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! This is the day we set aside for lovers and to celebrate the wonderment of being in love. There is simply nothing as fulfilling as attaining happiness in love. Being in love is the most exhilarating and joyous experience most of us ever have. But unfortunately, the vast majority of love unions end up in heartbreaks. There is nothing as debilitating and emotionally destructive as a heartbreak.

Ever since humankind first experienced love, we also experienced heartbreak. For thousands of years, our ancestors turned to astrologers and other "seers" in a vain effort to try to help them see what lies ahead in matters of love. In the past, there had been nothing that could reliably forewarn us that we were walking blindly towards heartbreak. Neither astrologers nor anyone else could foresee the most likely outcome of love relationships.

But then just recently, the Magi Society revealed that Chiron is the astrological key to romance and happiness in love, and that Saturn Clashes are the astrological signs of probable devastation of love unions. This was certainly monumental news for astrology! We finally learned that love has NOTHING to do with Sun signs, or Moon signs or ascendants or houses or anything else like that. We finally learned that attraction is predictable from the LINKAGES formed between two persons, and that CHIRON LINKAGES are the most reliable signs of love. Just as important is the Magi Society's revelation that SATURN CLASHES are the most reliable signs of probable heartbreak.

By learning and applying the principles of Magi Astrology, and utilizing Chiron (pronounced keye-ron) and the declinations, we can now finally accurately predict the most likely outcome of any relationship. Magi Astrology is so accurate and powerful regarding matters of love that we believe that knowledge of Magi Astrology can mean the difference between achieving lifelong emotional fulfillment and happiness as opposed to experiencing devastating heartbreak after heartbreak.

Just within the last month, we have new very famous evidence of the power and accuracy of Magi Astrology! The two most recent divorce filings of Hollywood's power couples testify to the reliability and validity of Magi Astrology.



On page 303 of our third book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money, we wrote that any Saturn-Chiron aspect is the MARRIAGE BREAKER. The Saturn-Chiron Turbulent Aspect is one of the worst aspects during which to get married. In other words, DO NOT GET MARRIED WHEN SATURN AND CHIRON are making a Turbulent Aspect. We wrote this in spite of the fact that at the time we wrote the book, two of Hollywood's seemingly happiest power couples were married on a day that had the Saturn-Chiron Turbulent Aspect.

But now both of these couples are separated and on the road to divorce.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were considered the number one power couple in Hollywood, and also generally viewed as one of the happiest. But just 9 days ago on February 5, 2001, the couple announced they were separating and Tom Cruise filed for divorce. They were married on December 24, 1990. On that day, Saturn was opposed to Chiron, thus forming a Turbulent Aspect that is the Heartbreak Clash aspect.

Kim Bassinger and Alec Baldwin were among the elite of Hollywood's power couples. They too were generally regarded as being a very happily married couple. But on January 12, 2001, Kim Bassinger filed for divorce citing "irreconcilable differences." They were married on August 19, 1993. On that day, just like the day Kidman and Cruise married, Saturn was opposed to Chiron, thus forming the Heartbreak Clash aspect.

In our books and on this website, we have explained that everything has a birth chart and the birth chart of a marriage is the astrological chart of the day of the marriage. We also explained that the worst aspects for a Marriage Chart to have are Saturn Clashes. A Saturn Clash occurs whenever Saturn makes a Turbulent Angle with another planet. (Normally, a Turbulent Angle is the square and opposition. But Saturn is different and in the case of Saturn aspects, there are more Turbulent Angles and both the quincunx and a contra-parallel are also Turbulent Angles.) The two worst Saturn Clashes are the Saturn-Chiron and the Saturn-Jupiter Clash. They are so bad we give them special names: the Saturn-Chiron Clash is the Heartbreak Clash, and the Saturn-Jupiter Clash is the Nuclear Clash.

Below is a Magi Astrology Chart of the day Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman married. Effectively, this is their Marriage Chart. We have drawn a red line to connect the Saturn-Chiron Heartbreak Clash that existed on the day they married.

As you can easily discern, Cruise and Kidman were married on a day when a very strong Heartbreak Clash aspect was in the sky. The exact same Heartbreak Clash existed when Bassinger and Baldwin married. Below is their Marriage Chart:

Nicole Kidman is Tom Cruise's second wife. Tom's first wife was actress Mimi Rogers, star of the hit movie, Someone to Watch Over Me. They were married May 9, 1987 and divorced only two and a half years later. Guess what? On that wedding day, there was also the same Heartbreak Clash! Below is the Magi Astrology Chart of that marriage.

All three of the above Marriage Charts had the Heartbreak Clash and all three marriages landed in the Heartbreak Hotel and divorce court. If you did not know about Chiron, you would be astrologically lost and ignorant about all this. But when you apply the principles of Magi Astrology and the Magi Society's symbolisms for Chiron and Saturn, you would be able to accurately predict the most likely outcome of any marriage. This is one reason why many astrologers regard the Magi Society's discovery of the true astrological nature of Chiron as the greatest discovery in the history of the astrology of love.

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Of course there are other astrological factors that weigh on a marriage. We have explained some of these in our website and our books. For example, when two people form a Heartbreak Clash or Nuclear Clash in their CACs (Combined Alignment Chart), these are also astrological signs of possible heartbreak. Bassinger (Dec. 8, 1953) and Baldwin (April 3, 1958) form the Nuclear Clash in their CAC. Kidman (June 20, 1967) forms the Heartbreak Clash with Cruise (July 3, 1962) in their CAC. We will probably have more to say about this later in another link.

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