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March 24, 2002


It is time for a change of pace.


Let us talk about how to use Magi Astrology to read a birth chart and find out what a person is really like.




We all have at least one friend who keeps saying "Why do I ALWAYS fall in love with the wrong person?  None of them ever want to get married!"


You should tell that friend that the answers are always in the stars!  And Magi Astrology helps you to unlock the answers.  By mastering Magi Astrology, you can answer questions such as:


·         Is this person the marrying kind, or the runaway kind?


·         Is this person the trustworthy kind or the fly away in the morning kind?


·         Is this person gentle, giving and considerate, or selfish, domineering and controlling?


·         Is this person able to love and give, or is this person just a user and ultimately a loser?


For thousands of years, women and men have turned to astrology for answers to such questions. Sun Sign Astrologers and popular astrology discovered some very helpful ways to answer such questions but the success and usefulness of these methods left a lot to be desired.  For one thing, their answers were more general than specific.  Popular and Traditional Astrology are based on the idea that people of the same sign or ascendant have similar personalities.  Although there are indeed similarities, we all know that people with the same sign and ascendant are also very different; in fact they are much more different than they are similar.  Astrology always needed to explain why every person is different from every other person, and how to tell in which ways he or she differs.


So what are the astrological reasons for the differences?

We believe that a large part of the answer is the Planetary Geometry of the day a person is born.



Planetary Geometry


Have you ever looked up at the nighttime sky and tried to find any of the planets?  Have you ever in your mind drawn connecting lines between the positions of the planets and wondered if the lines and geometric figures thus created have any special meanings?  Did you ever wonder if the various angles that the planets make to each other have any influence on life on Earth?


If you have ever done any of those things, then you have already had an intuitive brush with Magi Astrology's principle of Planetary Geometry.  It is based on the lines, angles, shapes, and figures that are created when we draw connecting lines between the positions of the planets at the time someone is born.  Because the planets are always moving, everybody is born with a unique Planetary Geometry, which is called the NATAL Planetary Geometry, and this has been the secret tool that has given the best Chinese astrologers their legendary capabilities. 


(Please note that when we refer to a person's natal Planetary Geometry, we will almost never include the word natal because the meaning is obvious.)


The fact is that it is natal Planetary Geometry that is the most accurate indication of the individuality of a person's essence (the very heart and soul), as well as the likely boundaries of that person's destiny.


From the astrological perspective, Planetary Geometry is so crucial that anyone who masters the principles of Magi Astrology can analyze the Planetary Geometry of any chart and know the heart and soul of the person.  For example, a Magi Astrologer will know if a person is a HEARTBREAKER PERSON. 


A Heartbreak Person is a person who almost always will both have the ability to break a person's heart, and will do so.  Some people are Heartbreaker Persons, but most people are not.  With Magi Astrology, you can tell the one from the other and save yourself from disastrous heartbreaks.


To help you understand what we mean by Planetary Geometry and a Heartbreaker Person, we have provided you below with the Magi Astrology Chart for Johnny Depp.


Johnny Depp is one of Hollywood's most notorious Heartbreakers.  Besides having been engaged to two-time Oscar nominee Winona Ryder and never marrying her, Johnny Depp was also engaged to Jennifer Grey (of Dirty Dancing), and never married her either. And Johnny Depp was engaged to Sherilyn Fenn (of Twin Peaks) and never married her. Do you detect a pattern here? Let's look at Depp's chart and learn the astrological reason why Depp is a Heartbreaker.




The Triangle formed by Johnny Depp's Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron is an example of Planetary Geometry. In this case the Planetary Geometry is formed by three planets and we can visually see the geometric shape formed by connecting lines between the planets.  In Magi Astrology, Planetary Geometry formed by at least three planets is called Planetary Synchronization because the planets are synchronized (since they are in about the same degree of the signs.  (This is fully explained in our third book.)


Planetary Geometry is also formed when there is any ASPECT that is formed by just two planets.  An aspect is any meaningful alignment of two planets and aspects occur whenever any two planets are in the same degree of the same sign or different signs.   An aspect also occurs whenever any two planets are in the same degree of the declinations, regardless of whether one or both planets are in north or south declinations.  Such aspects are forms of Planetary Geometry even though they do not create such noticeable geometric patterns as the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune triangle that is in Depp's chart.


Astrologers have known about the importance of aspects and Planetary Geometry for a very long time. But it is Magi Astrology that finally successfully formulated a useful methodology that accurately interprets aspects and all forms of Planetary Geometry.  In so doing, Magi Astrology developed a different set of rules for interpretation than those used by Traditional Astrology.  In addition, the symbolisms of Magi Astrology are often very different from that of Traditional Astrology.


Let us make clear some terminology:


·         An aspect is always formed by just two planets.


·         Planetary Synchronization is formed by at least three planets.


·         Both aspects and Planetary Synchronization are forms of Planetary Geometry.


You can easily learn the basics of Magi Astrology's symbolisms on this website or from our third book.  The book also teaches how to interpret aspects.  And we have recently begun teaching our members how to interpret Planetary Synchronizations in a lesson for our members who have joined us for more than one year (posted on our Members Only Website).


(On this website, we are going to focus our attention on interpreting just aspects, which is the simplest form of Planetary Geometry  - the ones formed by just two planets.)


Generally speaking, the two-planet aspects in a chart are usually not as important as the Planetary Synchronizations that exist in the chart.  Usually, the heart and soul of a person is discoverable through an analysis of the Planetary Synchronizations, such as the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune Triangle formed in Depp's chart.  Nonetheless, often enough, it is the two-planet aspect that holds the key to the answer we seek.


In the case of Johnny Depp, the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune Synchronization is the astrological key to his ability to achieve fame and fortune.  But it is his Mars-Uranus conjunction and parallel that are the astrological clues that tell us he is a Heartbreaker.


In our third book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money, we revealed to our readers some of the most accurate interpretations of aspects anywhere. For example, in our Planetary Interpreter chapter, on page 322, we revealed that both the Mars-Uranus conjunction and parallel had this manifestation:


"In a man, this aspect is a Sexual Aspect, as well as often indicating a man who desires changes of sexual partners."


Johnny Depp was born when Mars and Uranus were conjunct AND at the same time Mars and Uranus were parallel.  This means if you looked at the nighttime sky on the day he was born, Mars and Uranus were so close together that Mars was essentially eclipsing Uranus (like the way the Moon eclipses the Sun).  For this reason, the Magi Society calls such rare alignments Planetary Eclipses.  Usually, when two planets are conjunct to each other, the two planets are not also parallel to each other.  Intuitively, you would think that when Planetary Eclipses occur, they are much more powerful than normal aspects and they are.


So the reason Johnny Depp is a Heartbreaker is that he was born with a Planetary Eclipse of Mars and Uranus.  This is a reliable sign that he has enormous difficulty in trying to settle down into bed with the same woman for very long.


This is true no matter what linkages he has to the woman.  If he forms Cinderella Linkages with the woman, he might fall in love with her, but he still has trouble making the commitment of marriage.  If he marries, he still has much more difficulty than most in keeping his vows.


A Mars-Uranus aspect is a Heartbreaker aspect if it is in a man's chart.  What this means is that if you are a gal looking for a lifelong romance, men born with this aspect are not your best bet. 





Astrologers have known for a long time that Uranus represents the urge for independence as well as change.  Therefore, it should not surprise any student of astrology to learn that the Venus-Uranus aspect is also a Heartbreak Aspect.  Prime examples of Heartbreakers born with this aspect are Warren Beatty (March 30, 1937 when Venus and Uranus were conjunct), Jack Nicholson (April 22, 1937 when Venus and Uranus were parallel) and Liz Taylor (Feb. 27, 1932 when Venus and Uranus were conjunct).


There is little argument that Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty have been Heartbreakers, but some of you may wonder why we think Liz Taylor is in the same category.  We put her in the same category because while she was married to three of her first four husbands, she began sleeping with the next man she was going to marry.  Ask Debbie Reynolds.


After living 4 decades as a bachelor in Hollywood, Warren Beatty finally married.  Annette Bening is the woman who finally was able to touch Warren Beatty's heart; the Hollywood gossip columnists tell us they are happily married.  In the Members Only Section of our website, we reveal the astrological reasons why Bening and Beatty fell in love and married and are now raising a family.  We provide our members with access to astrological knowledge that is not published anywhere else.  If you would like information about the benefits of membership in the Magi Society, please click here and send us an email.


We discussed the Venus-Uranus aspect in detail in our third book.  Since we published that book in 1999, another person with the Venus-Uranus aspect has made a splash in the tabloids as a Heartbreaker.  Billy Bob Thornton (August 4, 1955) was born with a parallel of Venus and Uranus.  His credentials as a Heartbreaker are:


Married five times so far. While his live-in lover, Laura Dern, was making a movie in Europe, he met Angelina Jolie and married her. Laura read about the marriage in the papers while she was still in Europe.


Our point is that if you are looking for someone to love you for a lifetime, a person with the Venus-Uranus aspect is unlikely to be the one.  Such persons are more likely to be a Heartbreak person for you.  OK - there are cases of women like Annette Bening. But the odds are against lifelong love with a Heartbreak person - how many gals did Warren Beatty use and throw away before Bening?  The deck is stacked. 



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