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November 21, 2000

In our third book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money, we emphasized the importance of Combined Alignment Charts. In particular, we devoted a great deal of attention to explaining that when a couple form a Grand Trine in their CAC, they are very compatible. This is especially true when Chiron is one of the planets that form the Grand Trine. A good example of this is Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows, who were happily married for 47 years until Allen passed on October 30, 2000. They were one of Hollywood's greatest love stories. Below is the CAC (Combined Alignment Chart) of Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows. The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Steve Allen was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Jayne Meadows was born.

As you can see, their charts formed a very special Grand Trine where Chiron is the foundation of the Grand Trine. There is no Grand Trine without Chiron, which is the planet that rules marriage, the spouse, children and soulmates.

Besides the Grand Trine, Allen and Meadows formed what the Magi Society calls a Conjuncted Trine, which occurs when a linkage is formed and one of the planets in the linkage is conjunct another planet. (We know the word "conjuncted" is not in the English dictionary. But it should be.) In the case of Allen and Meadows, their Conjuncted Trine consists of the Jupiter/Neptune linkage and the Venus/Neptune linkage. As we explained in our third book, except for Chiron Linkages, these two linkages are the two most powerfully romantic linkages that people can have. Our book also revealed how marvelously powerful and helpful a Chiron-based Grand Trine is in a CAC. Obviously, with Allen and Meadows, the principles of Magi Astrology worked very well indeed and that is why they have been regarded by some as Hollywood's greatest love story.

[Normally, the Magi Society's orb for linkages and clashes is 3 degrees for the longitudes. But as explained in our third book, when we are dealing with special forms of Planetary Geometry such as a Grand Trine or a Conjuncted Trine, we allow the orb to be up to 4 degrees for one, but only one, of the interaspects that create the special Planetary Geometry. In the case of Allen and Meadows, their Conjuncted Trine is fulfilled by a conjunction of Venus and Neptune that is 3.5 degrees apart.]


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