[Astronaut Gone Crazy: Part Two]



[Editor’s Note: This is Part Two of our two-part series about the disastrous affair between astronauts Lisa Nowak and William Oefelein.  You may read Part One of the article by clicking here.]



Lisa Nowak was born May 10, 1963

William Oefelein was born March 29, 1965


March 27, 2007


We recently wrote an article about Captivations. (Click here to read our first article about Captivations and how Kevin Federline was able to subject Britney Spears in a Captivation.) 


A Captivation is any relationship where one person has excessive control over the other.  As you might expect, there are different types of Captivations.  In this article we will discuss Sexual Captivations, which is the most common type of Captivation.  A Sexual Captivation is a Captivation where the true basis of the relationship is great sex that is mistaken for love.  The story of astronauts Lisa Nowak and William Oefelein is an example of a Sexual Captivation.





Astronaut Lisa Nowak was irresistibly attracted to William Oefelein, her fellow astronaut.  Lisa began an affair with Oefelein while she was still married and she left her husband hoping Oefelein would marry her. But Oefelein shattered Lisa Nowak’s dreams by ending their affair and telling her he was involved with another woman, Colleen Shipman. 


Lisa was devastated – she thought that she could not be happy without Oefelein and she was willing to do anything to get Oefelein back – even attacking her rival Colleen Shipman. And that is exactly what Nowak did – she drove 900 miles, disguised in a wig, and assaulted Shipman.  According to the tabloids, Lisa was apparently prepared to even kidnap Colleen, or worse.


Why did Lisa Nowak go off the deep end into outer space?


Lisa Nowak is not a whacko – she was a NASA astronaut, chosen for her stability and trained to overcome pressures of all kinds.


So why did Nowak go berserk?


The answers are always in the stars and only Magi Astrology helps us to understand these answers.


As explained in our last article, one of the main astrological reasons for Lisa’s “temporary insanity” was due to the fact Lisa Nowak was having five horrible Saturn Transits.  Saturn Transits suppress good judgement. 


Saturn Transits put pressure on us to do immoral and stupid things we would not normally do. 


Saturn Transits pressure us to make bad mistakes. Which means that contrary to what most Traditional Astrologers tell us, we should not make big changes in or lives when we are having Saturn Transits.  We should also avoid doing anything extreme or extraordinary when we are having Saturn Transits.


But this is not all that Magi Astrology can tell us about the Nowak meltdown. 



Magi Astrology has the capability of providing us with an in depth and complete picture of every crucial event and relationship in our lives.




Which means Magi Astrology fully understands Lisa Nowak’s disaster in all of its dimensions.


By utilizing the principles of Magi Astrology, we learn that Nowak was trapped in a SEXUAL CAPTIVATION, where Oefelein was the Trapper she was the Captive.  And this is one of the main reasons for the Nowak meltdown.


Because Lisa Nowak was the captive of a Sexual Captivation, Lisa was under the illusion that Oefelein was the ONLY man she could be happy with.  She could not break free of this illusion.  When any person is the captive of a Sexual Captivation, the person mistakes great sex for true love and usually pays a huge price for the mistake. Lisa Nowak may go to jail for her mistakes.


Unfortunately, Sexual Captivations are common and millions of people are under the spell of Sexual Captivations.  


As you might expect, Sexual Captivations are dangerous because they are both harmful and destructive. For these reasons, we can all benefit greatly from learning the Magi Astrology of Sexual Captivations so that we can prevent ourselves from becoming the captive of a Sexual Captivation. Magi Astrology also helps us to break free of a Sexual Captivation if we are trapped in one.





Lisa Nowak was the victim of a Sexual Captivation. 


How can we tell when two persons are in a Sexual Captivation?  We simply follow the rules below:


A Sexual Captivation has two components, one is highly sexual in nature and the other is a captivation in nature.  The two components of a Sexual Captivation are:


1. Multiple Juno Sexual Linkages which make the relationship highly sexual with illusions.

2. Saturn Bonds which make the relationship a Captivation.


Any two persons who have both Juno Sexual Linkages and Saturn Bonds are in a Sexual Captivation. Then it is crucial to determine which person is the Trapper and who is the Captive.


In Nowak’s case, she was the poor Captive.


Below, we will use two CACs to illustrate what are Saturn Bonds and Juno Sexual Linkages.





We have explained many times before that Juno is the most sexual of all the planets.  Juno is the super sexual planet.  Juno is also the ruler of infidelity and affairs. 


We have explained many times on this website that if a relationship has too many Juno interaspects, the two persons are not likely to ever get married.  Another interest characteristic of Juno interaspects is this:


Juno Sexual Linkages are the most commonly found linkages among couples where at least one of the persons is cheating on a spouse.

Many astrologers totally disagree with the Magi Society about Juno.  They claim Juno rules the soulmate but they do not give us any data or examples to back up their assertions.  We have tons of examples on this website to back up our discovery – here is another super famous example:





As you can see, modern history’s most famous infidelity/affair was between a US president and a young sexpot who formed a Juno Sexual Linkage, a Sexual Linkage and not much else.  (If you a fan of Monica Lewinsky, do not be offended because we refer to her as a sexpot – what else do we call a very young woman who aggressively seduced a married sitting US president in the Oval Office while Hillary was upstairs?)


Back to Nowak and Oefelein:


The first CAC below helps us understand the astrology of Juno Sexual Linkages.  Below is the CAC of Lisa Nowak and William Oefelein.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Lisa was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Oefelein was born.







In Magi Astrology, Venus, Mars and Pluto are all Sexual Planets and Juno is the Super Sexual Planet.


A Sexual Linkage is formed when any one of a person’s Sexual Planets forms a linkage angle with any one of another person’s Sexual Planets.  For example, Lisa Nowak’s Pluto is conjunct to Oefelein’s Mars; Mars and Pluto are Sexual Planets so this combination forms a Sexual Linkage. 


A Juno Sexual Linkage is a linkage formed by one person’s Juno and another person’s Venus, Mars or Pluto.


The above CAC tells us that Lisa Nowak and William Oefelein form four Sexual Linkages.  Three of these Sexual Linkages are Juno Sexual Linkages because in these three linkages, Juno is one of the planets that create the linkage.


As explained over and over on this website, in Magi Astrology, Juno is ruler of infidelity and represents love affairs that do not end in marriage.  (As is the case with Nowak and Oefelein.)


Juno is the planet of delusions and illusions – Juno Linkages create great sex and the illusion of love; Juno Linkages delude people into believing they have found love but they actually only found great sex.   (This is also the case with Nowak and Oefelein.)


For all these reasons, Juno Sexual Linkages is one of the two components that create a Sexual Captivation.  (Illusions are necessary for Captivations.)  The basis of a Sexual Captivation is great sex coupled with illusions of love - Juno creates both.





Besides Juno Sexual Linkages, a Sexual Captivation requires that there are Saturn Bonds  – you cannot have a Captivation without Saturn Bonds.


As we recently revealed on this website, a Saturn Bond occurs in a CAC when one person’s Saturn forms a trine, conjunction or parallel to the other person’s Chiron, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter or Sun.

One of the results of a Saturn Bond is that the person who contributes the Saturn (called the Saturn Person) has a great deal of control over the other person (called the Passive Person). 

Traditional Astrologers have long noticed that Saturn Bonds exist in many couples who stay together for very long times.  Because of this fact, Traditional Astrologers have misinterpreted Saturn Bonds as being helpful to have in a relationship and that they help keep two persons together.  But Traditional Astrology has missed the most important characteristic about Saturn Bonds which is that the Saturn Person has the upper hand in the relationship and can therefore take advantage of the Passive Person.


A Saturn Bond creates an unequal relationship where the Saturn Person is in the driver’s seat and the Passive Person is a less than equal partner and can feel like he or she is trapped in the relationship but does not know how to get out.


Traditional Astrology is wrong in its belief that Saturn Bonds mutually keep two persons together.  The truth is Saturn Bonds do not work mutually – instead Saturn Bonds tie the Passive Person to the Saturn Person but the Saturn Person feels free to do whatever he or she wants and does not feel bond to the Passive Person.  The Saturn Person can walk away from the relationship with ease whereas the Passive Person cannot do so without heart-wrenching difficulty.

To summarize, when a CAC has a Saturn Bond, the Saturn Person is the Trapper and the Passive Person is the Captive.  The Trapper has a high degree of control over the Captive and has the upper hand in the relationship.






Lisa Nowak thought she loved William Oefelein – but it was just great sex and not true love.  Nowak was the Captive of a Sexual Captivation. The only way to know about such conditions is by using the principles of Magi Astrology.


Below is the CAC of Lisa Nowak and William Oefelein which helps us see why Nowak was trapped in a Captivation.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Nowak was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Oefelein was born.






In the above CAC, we illustrated all the Saturn Bonds and Clashes in the Nowak-Oefelein CAC. Nowak and Oefelein form two Saturn Bonds and two Saturn Clashes.  The two Saturn Clashes are signs of incompatibility and the two Saturn Bonds are signs of Captivation and dominance.  Below is a breakdown of the two Saturn Bonds:


First Saturn Bond: Oefelein’s Saturn is conjunct Nowak’s Chiron.  Oefelein is the Trapper.


Second Saturn Bond: Oefelein’s Saturn is trine Nowak’s Neptune.  Oefelein is the Trapper.


In both Saturn Bonds, Oefelein is the Trapper and Lisa Nowak is the Captive.


[ Editor’s Note:  For those of you who are somewhat advanced Magi Astrologers, note that Oefelein’s Saturn-Chiron midpoint, at 15.4 degrees Pisces, is conjunct Nowak’s natal Chiron and trine to her natal Neptune – this creates two more Saturn Bonds and in both of these additional Saturn Bonds, it is Oefelein who is the Trapper.]


The combination of the Juno Sexual Linkages and Saturn Bonds make the Nowak-Oefelein relationship a Sexual Captivation.  Oefelein is the Trapper and Nowak is the Captive.  By having all of this Magi information, we can now dissect their relationship and know the astrological answers for all the major pieces of their tragic relationship.  If we use Magi Astrology, we understand what no other form of astrology is able to explain:


·         Why did Nowak and Oefelein have an affair in the first place?  (Magi answer: The main reason they had an affair is because their three Juno Sexual Linkages created irresistible sexual attraction.)


·         Why was Nowak willing to cheat on her husband by having an affair with Oefelein?  Nowak was married with two children when she began her affair.  (Magi answer: Nowak was born with a natal aspect of Juno conjunction Pluto.  This is a Juno Super Sexual Aspect, just like Madonna, and Nowak also was born with a Sexual Aspect of Venus trine Mars.  These two Sexual aspects inform us that Nowak is an ultra sexual woman.  Juno is ruler of infidelity, so her Juno Super Sexual aspect informs us that she is much more willing to cheat than the average married woman.  In fact, such persons regard sex as a birthright that they do not give up in marriage, and the word “faithful” does not apply to sex. We are certain that Oefelein is not Lisa Nowak’s only affair.)


·         Why did Oefelein decide to break off their romance?  (Magi answer: Oefelein wanted to terminate their affair because he was not in love with Lisa.  We know this because they formed more Juno Linkages than Chiron Linkages; this also means their relationship was unlikely to result in marriage.  We have explained many times on this website that when two persons form more Juno Linkages than Chiron Linkages, then they are unlikely to marry.)


·         Why could Oefelein walk away from their affair but Nowak could not?  (Magi answer: Oefelein is the Trapper and Nowak is the Captive of a Sexual Captivation.  In any Captivation, the Trapper can walk away from the relationship but the Captive finds it very difficult to leave.)


We have just explained how we able to utilize the principles of Magi Astrology to understand all the important parts of the Nowak-Oefelein disastrous affair.  Magi Astrology worked perfectly on Lisa Nowak and Magi Astrology will work perfectly on all of us and all of our relationships. 


Magi Astrology gives us the tools we need to improve our lives and fulfill our dreams, and avoid disasters like Nowak’s.  Magi Astrology provides us with the answers we need. 






Traditional Astrology is simplistic – most of the time, Traditional Astrology tells us that either two signs are compatible or they are not. 


But sex and love are not simple. For example, two persons can be attracted to each other but they do not get along.  Or they love each other but they do not like each other.  Or they have great sex but they are not really in love.  Or they have below average sex but they are still very much in love.  Or they love each other even though they are complete opposites.  Or they are alike but do not actually get along and still love each other. 


Traditional Astrology is totally lost when any relationship is not simple like the above examples


All human relationships are complicated and Magi Astrology has the depth to help us to understand every part of every relationship.


On the other hand, Traditional Astrology is too simple and the simplicity itself is sure to mislead us.


For example, Lisa is a Taurus and Oefelein is an Aries – so why would they have come together in the first place?  Traditional Astrology is too simple and has no concept that accounts for FAILED AFFAIRS – where two persons were wildly attracted to each other but then one person wants out while the other cannot bare to live without the other.


Traditional Astrology is at a total loss to try to explain anything like this.


Traditional Astrology fails in part because it is a single dimensional astrology – meaning it is an “either or” astrology.  In Traditional Astrology, either two persons get along or not – that is the choice Traditional Astrology gives us.  (And they cannot even get that part right.)


On the other hand, Magi Astrology has the in depth tools necessary to understand complex relationships – and every human relationship is complex.





Magi Astrology is the only form of astrology that actually helps you to improve your life.  With Magi Astrology, you can improve your love life and your career, and avoid heartbreaks in both love and business. This sounds like quite an exaggeration but please judge for yourself.  We invite you to a free download of the first 14 chapters of our third book by clicking here.  Reading these chapters is the best way to begin to learn Magi Astrology.





For nearly a decade now, we have been able to consistently use the simple rules of Magi Astrology to explain the love life of famous people in this Celebrity Lovers Section because Magi Astrology Really Works.  This website has hundreds of articles all proving Magi Astrology Really Works.


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