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January 14, 2005


We have been getting lots of emails requesting that we provide an analysis of the astrology of Scott and Laci Peterson.


As pretty much everyone who watches television knows, Scott Peterson has recently been convicted of having killed both his wife, Laci, and their unborn child.  Scott was such a psycho that he killed Laci during Christmas, while she was pregnant with his own baby.  The apparent main reason for his demonic acts was that he was having an affair with a now famous blond named Amber Frey, who he had lied to about his being unmarried. But we believe the real reasons for the murder are more related to the fact Scott Peterson is simply a psycho with a viciously violent streak.  In our opinion, Scott is a loaded, crazy, loose cannon and he would have turned violent against Laci sooner or later, whether Amber was in the picture or not.


However, we wish to reiterate what we have said many times before in our books and on this website: NOTHING BAD IS INEVITABLE


Nothing bad is ever inevitable. Meaning our lives are never destined to be bad.  Nonetheless, we would like to warn that if we do not heed ominous and alarming signs from the stars, then things can get out of hand and we can lose control of our lives.  The stars always give us warnings before things get really bad and we always have time to take actions that would protect us from harm.  Magi Astrology is the one form of astrology that really helps us to clearly see the warnings from the stars.


In our experience, we have found that before anything turns really problematic, Magi Astrology allows us to foresee which way the wind wants to blow and we can use Magi Astrology to help us to take actions to protect ourselves.


For example, every prospective relationship has a tendency and a leaning towards one direction or another. And the stars give us warnings if there are bad prospects for any relationship so we can get out before we are in too deep.  The most reliable astrological sign of an impending bad relationship is the Heartbreak Clash.  The Magi Society has learned that when a couple’s birth charts form a Heartbreak Clash, the most likely outcome of the relationship is Heartbreak. 


Laci Peterson and Scott Peterson formed the Heartbreak Clash.  Laci should have run from Scott.  Instead she pursued him and married him.  Even worse, she married Scott while she was having Heartbreak Transits (we made an earlier posting about this on another link we have in this Celebrity Lovers Section that we posted on May 9, 2003 – click here to go to that link).


Below is the CAC formed by Laci and Scott Peterson.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Laci was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when her killer, Scott, was born.




In the case of Laci Peterson – the stars were screaming warnings loudly and clearly that any relationship she would have with Scott would most likely result in some kind of heartbreak.  But unfortunately, she did not know Magi Astrology.  If she did, and if she had heeded the stars, then she would be alive today, probably happily married to a man who was good for her.


Poor Laci – Magi Astrology would have helped her to realize Scott Peterson was simply not the love of her life and that it would be nuts to get involved with him.  Magi Astrology would have helped Laci know this because the number one rule of Magi Astrology in matters of love is that we should not get involved with anyone with whom we form a Heartbreak Clash. 


But their CAC is much worse than just one Heartbreak Clash.


Scott and Laci form not only the Heartbreak Clash, they also form a double Saturn/Mars Clash.  They have Saturn and Mars in square two times. The Magi Society offers our members the chance to purchase software with interpretation upgrades and below is a part of the software’s interpretation text for these two Saturn/Mars Clashes:



CLASSIC SCHISM. Results in mutual intolerance. This person can bring out the worst in you.



Since Laci and Scott form Saturn/Mars Clashes to each other, they each brought out the worst in each other and ultimately could not tolerate each other at all, and that resulted in Scott going berserk. 


Under such circumstances, you are probably wondering why the two of them got married in the first place.  We believe they married because they form the Heartbreak Clash.  You see, the Heartbreak Clash is demonic because it at first makes two person think they are in love and then it crushes them and tears them apart.  That is why we call it the Heartbreak Clash – you cannot have a heartbreak unless you are in love at first.  The Heartbreak Clash creates two phases of a relationship:


1.        The Illusion Phase: When two persons think they are in love.


2.        The Disillusion Phase: When the two persons, or one of them, decides it was all a mistake and wants out.


The Magi Society’s software provides an extensive interpretation for the Heartbreak Clash, a small portion of which is the warning below:


“…somehow this clash bonds the two of you together anyway, at least for a time. How long it holds the two of you together varies.”


Our software provided this interpretation four years before Scott killed Laci and the Magi Society is very proud of the accuracy of our interpretation software.  Of all the Clashes two persons can form, the combination of the Heartbreak Clash and the Saturn/Mars Clash is most likely to trigger violence.  (Although we repeat again: Nothing bad is predestined.  But the way we look at it, why take the chance?  There are always other men and Magi Astrology can help find them, especially for a young attractive woman like Laci.)


With the Magi Society’s interpretation software, our members are able to understand relationships better than they could from using any other software.


If you might be interested in learning more about Magi Astrology, our software, or about the Magi Society and the benefits of membership, please click here and send us an email.


Please come back and revisit this site soon because we will be adding a couple of additional new links to this section within a week.  A lot has been happening and Magi Astrology sees the events in a special light and we wish to share all this with you.



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