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March 23, 2001

According to the tabloids, Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan are no longer an item. The tabloids go on to tell us that Crowe broke off their romance and immediately entered into a steamy affair with Peta Wilson, the star of La Femme Nikita. This must be at least a little upsetting to Ryan since she left her husband of ten years, Dennis Quaid, to be with Crowe, the star of Gladiator. She spent much of last summer at Crowe's ranch in Australia. We guess she must have thought it was true love. Unfortunately for her, it was an IMPOSSIBLE DREAM. So Ryan returned to the US feeling at least somewhat heartbroken.

Heartbreaks, no matter how slight, are embarrassing, emotionally debilitating and no matter what, heartbreaks are something you certainly do not want. One of the greatest advantages of Magi Astrology is that it helps us to avoid most heartbreaks. If they do come, Magi Astrology helps to soften the heartbreak so that they are bearable. At the Magi Society, we teach our members how to use Magi Astrology to recognize the astrological signs of probable heartbreak. Some of what we teach is in our books and on this website, mainly in the Heartbreak Section of the Home Page.

The sad ending to the Ryan/Crowe affair was predictable by Magi Astrology. For one thing, they did not form any Cinderella Linkages!

But what caused the attraction?

One reason was that they formed the IMPOSSIBLE DREAM CLASH.

On page 298 of our third book, we revealed that the Impossible Dream Clash is one of the most reliable astrological signs of probable heartbreak. We explained that if the CAC (Combined Alignment Chart) of two persons form a Venus-Chiron Clash, then that is a sign of great attraction but any romance between them would most likely be an IMPOSSIBLE DREAM. We wrote this two years ago and Meg Ryan's impossible dream to be with Russell Crowe helps to confirm what we wrote. Below is the CAC formed by Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe. The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Meg was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Crowe was born.


When you study Magi Astrology, you would probably be amazed at how helpful it can be. By mastering the principles of Magi Astrology, you would be able to analyze the above CAC and not only know that marriage between Ryan and Crowe was unlikely, but you would also know that it would be Russell Crowe who would end the relationship. This is very valuable information, and only Magi Astrology can give you this type of astrological information. Below is a summary of how Magi Astrology does it.

By applying the principles of Magi Astrology to analyze their CAC, we would learn the following clues about the Ryan/Crowe relationship:

FIRST CLUE: Ryan and Crowe would be highly attracted to each other but are ultimately incompatible.

This clue is derived from the shape of the Planetary Geometry that they formed. Their natal planets combined to form a Grand Cross. The shape of a Grand Cross is a square like the one created by the red lines in the above CAC (each red line in the CAC is a Clash, each green line is a Linkage). We explained in our third book and repeated on this website that a Grand Cross can create attraction but is normally a sign that the two persons are cut from a very different cloth and are usually too incompatible to stay together.

A Grand Cross is formed by at least four Clashes. Each Clash is a sign of incompatibility but when they combine to form SYMMETRICAL PLANETARY GEOMETRY, they also create attraction. (Explained in our third book.) Any time a CAC has Symmetrical Planetary Geometry, it is a sign of attraction.

The degree and nature of the attraction that a Grand Cross creates depends primarily on the planets that form the Grand Cross. In the case of Ryan and Crowe, the Grand Cross includes two Sexual Planets, Mars and Venus. This means the Grand Cross created nearly irresistible sexual attraction.

SECOND CLUE: marriage between Ryan and Crowe was an Impossible Dream.

As you can see, the birth charts of the two Hollywood super stars form a Venus-Chiron Clash, which our third book calls the IMPOSSIBLE DREAM CLASH.

The Impossible Dream Clash is not nearly as bad as the Heartbreak Clash or the Nuclear Clash. The Impossible Dream Clash usually is a sign of attraction between two persons who are ultimately incompatible BUT is not a nasty Clash. On the other hand, the Heartbreak Clash is nasty because it is actually deceptive and can be devastating. At first it binds two people together and then ultimately breaks them up, often after both sides thought they were in love. The Nuclear Clash also is deceiving in that it can initially cause attraction, and then its effect changes to distaste for each other and open hostility.

(If Ryan and Crowe formed the Heartbreak Clash, they might have gotten married and then divorced, which is worse than breaking off before getting married.)

THIRD CLUE: when the Ryan/Crowe relationship breaks, it would be Russell Crowe who would end it.

This is because Crowe was the Saturn Person of the relationship. The concept of the Saturn Person is a discovery of the Magi Society and an important part of Magi Astrology. The Saturn Person of a relationship is the one who contributes Saturn to a crucial Linkage or Clash. Since Chiron rules marriage, the most crucial linkage in any love union is always the Chiron Linkage. Ryan and Crowe have only one Chiron Linkage: Crowe's natal Saturn is nearly exactly conjunct Ryan's Chiron. This makes Crowe the Saturn Person. The Magi Society discovered that the Saturn Person of a relationship has a high level of control over the other person's life. On page 302 of our third book, we explain that this means that because Crowe's Saturn is conjunct Ryan's Chiron, Crowe would have "a high level of control" over Ryan and have the "upper hand in the overall relationship."

In other words, it would be Crowe that breaks off the relationship.

FOURTH CLUE: Ryan and Crowe would not ever get married because they did not have any CINDERELLA LINKAGES and they also do not have any ROMANTIC SUPER LINKAGES.

Throughout this website and our third book, we explain that CINDERELLA LINKAGES are the most reliable astrological signs that two persons are destined by the stars to be happily married. This does not mean it is impossible for two people to be married if they do not form Cinderella Linkages. After all, we are dealing with human relationships and we all have FREE WILL. Anything can happen when you factor in free will. But it does mean that two persons are much less likely to marry if they do not form Cinderella Linkages.

In our third book, we also explain the concept of ROMANTIC SUPER LINKAGES and revealed our discovery that most couples who get married form Romantic Super Linkages (which often include Cinderella Linkages). In fact, most married couples have both Cinderella Linkages and Romantic Super Linkages. Ryan and Crowe do not have either. (We will discuss Romantic Super Linkages in the next link which is about Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.)

Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe did not form even one Cinderella Linkage.

We think that Meg Ryan would have benefited a great deal from Magi Astrology. She would have known that they did not have Cinderella Linkages and did have the Impossible Dream Clash. She would have also known that when their relationship broke off, it would most likely be because Crowe wanted to end it. All together, it means a heartbreak waiting to happen.

But the attraction was so strong she probably would have still gone on with the affair. However, the knowledge derived from Magi Astrology would have SOFTENED THE BLOW WHEN THE AFFAIR ENDED. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. She would have thought, oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I did not lose my head and the breakup was in stars. C'est la vie. Let's see now, when does Magi Astrology say I will have my Cinderella Time?


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