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June 30, 2001

In her hit movie Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts played the role of a street hooker who becomes Cinderella by ending up with business tycoon Richard Gere and they are supposed to live happily ever after. But in real life, Julia has been more of a Pumpkin than a Cinderella when it comes to men and love. Her 1993 marriage to Lyle Lovett ended in just 21 months. And now she just broke up with Benjamin Bratt, her companion for over 3 and half years. She is the most successful actress in the world, is enchantingly charming and hypnotically beautiful. But when it comes to men, she has had only painful heartbreaks. What's wrong with Julia?

Perhaps nothing is wrong with Julia. Perhaps the problem is that in this world, finding true love is both the most rewarding and difficult thing in life to achieve.


Although finding true love is very difficult, we believe that this world is designed by a Benevolent Providence who wants us to be happy and find true love. We believe God Providence has given all of us the ability to find happiness in love -- but we have to learn how to do it. The Magi Society believes that astrology was designed by Providence and He designed it in such a way that the stars give us signs of whether or not a person is good or bad for us. If we heed these signs, we can avoid heartbreak.

But in order to heed the signs, we have to first recognize the signs, and know what is a good sign and a bad sign. And this is where Magi Astrology comes in. We believe that if you master Magi Astrology, you will be able to recognize the astrological signs of true love as well as the signs of wishful thinking. This is crucial because wishful thinking is the first step towards devastating heartbreak.

Ever since a man and woman first fell in love, humankind has tried to find ways to predict whether or not the love would be lasting. Now as we begin a new Millennium and Magi Astrology, we finally know how to do this.

Magi Astrology has improved the astrology of love by light years. We now know that the keys to accurately predicting the most likely outcome of a romantic relationship are Chiron and the Linkages and Clashes made in the CAC formed by the two persons. You can now use Magi Astrology to evaluate any relationship and accurately predict the most likely outcome.

We will use Julia Roberts as an example of how to do this.


Two times in just 8 years, Julia Roberts threw her all into a romance, dreamed an impossible dream, and had to deal with a relationship that ended in heartbreak. But Magi Astrology could have saved her, if only she had used it.

Julia Roberts made the same mistake with both Lyle Lovett and Benjamin Bratt. She could have avoided both heartbreaks. Below is the CAC of Julia with Lyle. The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Julia was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Lyle was born.

As we keep saying, Linkages are the most reliable astrological signs of romantic interest and attraction. During the last eight years, Julia Roberts fell in love with just two men: Lyle Lovett and Benjamin Bratt. Both men made nearly the same set of Linkages with her. With both men, Julia formed the Jupiter-Chiron Cinderella Linkage in the declinations. Both men formed two strong Sexual Linkages with her.

(With Lyle, one of the Sexual Linkages is formed by Chiron and Mars. Although Chiron is not a Sexual Planet, as we explained in our third book published in 1999, a Linkage of these two planets forms the strongest possible sexual attraction and is therefore a Sexual Linkage. If you have doubts about this, ask Barbra Streisand, who has this Linkage with James Brolin, or ask Prince Edward of Windsor, who has this Linkage with Sophie. Or if you are unable to talk to them, those of you who are unattached could go and find someone with whom you form the Mars-Chiron Linkage and find out for yourself. But after you do, please don't blaze saddles in order to tell us "It's true! It's true!" We already know it's true.)

Even more amazingly, Julia and Lyle form almost the exact same Turbulent Combined Planetary Geometry as Julia and Ben. Turbulent Combined Planetary Geometry is the most reliable astrological sign that two persons will be attracted to each other but are incompatible. Turbulent Combined Planetary Geometry is a reliable astrological sign of both the incompatibility and attraction that generally results in a relationship that ends in a breakup. During the last eight years, Julia Roberts fell in love with and then broke up with both Lyle Lovett and Benjamin Bratt. She formed essentially the same Turbulent Combined Planetary Geometry with both men. Lyle Lovett's Venus forms a Double T-square with Julia's Pluto, Venus and Chiron. In the case of Benjamin Bratt, it was his Sun that formed a Double T-square with Julia's Pluto, Venus and Chiron. T-squares form the kind of attraction you do not want because it creates the love-hate relationship.

As explained above, with Magi Astrology, we now know the astrological reasons why Julia was very attracted to and fell in love with both men and we also know why she was incompatible with both men.

In summary:

A: Magi Astrology can help you to know if you could fall in love with someone. You would know because if two persons form at least one Cinderella Linkage, there is a chance that they could fall in love since Cinderella Linkages are reliable astrological signs that love could develop.

B: Magi Astrology can help you to know if you are attracted to a person who is incompatible to you. The formation of a T-square in the CAC you form with someone is a sign of attraction and incompatibility.

C: Magi Astrology also can foretell if you can have great sex with someone. If you form Sexual Linkages with someone, you can have great sex with that person. However, we know that most people would rather find this out from hands on experience, as the saying goes, as opposed to looking at a CAC.

But Magi Astrology can help you in even more ways. With Magi Astrology, you can understand why Julia and Lyle were married, and then got divorced whereas Julia and Ben broke off without a marriage. And you can apply these same principles of Magi Astrology to your own life to help you better understand and handle your own relationships.


As research for our third book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money, the Magi Society conducted the most extensive research ever concluded on the astrology of love. The most significant discovery of that research has been that Chiron rules marriages. Of almost equal significance is our discovery of the power of Romantic Super Linkages. The vast majority of lifelong happily married couples form at least one Romantic Super Linkage. The formation of a Romantic Super Linkage in the CAC of a couple is the single most reliable astrological sign that two persons could fall in love and get married. Julia Roberts formed two Romantic Super Linkages with Lyle Lovett. The attraction was so strong that they married just three weeks after they met. Julia Roberts does not form any Romantic Super Linkages with Benjamin Bratt; they never married but lived together for over three years and then broke up.

We explain how a Romantic Super Linkage is formed in Chapter Six of our third book. In that chapter, we explain how important Chiron is for the astrology of love and exactly how Chiron forms Cinderella Linkages and Romantic Super Linkages. Here is a summary of how these all important Linkages are formed:

A: When Chiron makes a linkage to Venus, Neptune, or Jupiter, the planets form Cinderella Linkages and such Linkages are the most powerful signs that two people could fall in love and feel like they are soulmates. But Linkages between Chiron and Sun or Pluto are also very powerful signs that two persons could marry and we also call them Cinderella Linkages. Together with the Mars-Chiron Linkage, these six linkages appear more often in the CACs of happily married couples than any linkages formed by any other two planets.

B: A Linkage is formed by the alignment of two planets. A SUPER LINKAGE is formed by the alignment of three planets. A Super Linkage is formed when one person has an aspect, and the other person has a natal planet that makes a Linkage to either of the two planets that form the aspect. The most powerful and significant Super Linkages in matters of love are the ones formed by Chiron. When Chiron is one of the planets forming a Super Linkage, the Super Linkage is called a Romantic Super Linkage. (This is detailed in our third book.)

When two people marry, they usually form Cinderella Linkages and Romantic Super Linkages. The power of a Romantic Super Linkage is a key principle of Magi Astrology and our third book devotes a whole chapter to it. It is one of the most useful concepts in understanding the astrology of love.

We believe that the reason Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett married is because they form two Romantic Super Linkages. Here is how:

First Romantic Super Linkage: Lyle has an aspect of Mars sextile Venus and Julia's Chiron forms a Romantic Super Linkage with this aspect by making a MAGIcal Angle to his Mars.

Second Romantic Super Linkage: Lyle has an aspect of Chiron parallel Neptune and Julia's Jupiter forms a Romantic Super Linkage by making a MAGIcal Angle to both his Chiron and Neptune.

(As always, Chiron is pivotal planet in these alignments because you cannot have a Romantic Super Linkage without a Chiron Linkage.)

Julia forms two Romantic Super Linkages with Lyle and it took them a few weeks to get married. Julia does not form any real Romantic Super Linkages with Benjamin Bratt. So she married Lyle and not Ben.

We know what you are thinking. You are thinking "If Romantic Super Linkages are so great, then why did Julia and Lyle get divorced?"

The answers are always in the stars and Magi Astrology helps you to decipher these answers. By using Magi Astrology, here are the most important astrological signs why the marriage of Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett would end in divorce:

A: As noted in the above CAC, Julia and Lyle form the IMPOSSIBLE DREAM CLASH. The Impossible Dream Clash is one that is formed by a Clash Angle between Chiron and Venus and causes the couple to be highly attracted to each other but also quite incompatible. (This is explained on page 298 of our third book.) As you probably know, if these same two planets form a MAGIcal Angle, then the result is a Cinderella Linkage. Interestingly enough, both the Linkage and the Clash formed by Chiron and Venus create an enormous amount of attraction. But when Chiron and Venus form a Clash, a lifelong romance is unlikely because it is an "impossible dream." Our research tells us that about 85% of married couples with the Impossible Dream Clash get divorced.

B: As explained above, Julia and Lyle form Turbulent Combined Planetary Geometry. Lyle's Venus forms a square to her Pluto, Uranus and Chiron. This is a reliable sign of incompatibility. But it is also a sign of attraction.

(Julia's friends were stunned when she married Lyle after knowing him for just a few weeks. But Magi Astrology explains why: they were attracted to each other by two Romantic Super Linkages, two Sexual Linkages, the Impossible Dream Clash and their Turbulent Combined Planetary Geometry.)

C: The main reason for the failure of their marriage is that they were married on a bad astrological day. On top of that, Julia's transits were very bad during her wedding day. Below is a CAC showing her transits on the day she married Lyle Lovett. The planets in black represent the positions of the planets when Julia was born and the planets in red represent the positions of the transiting planets in sky when she married Lyle.

In the above chart, note that the red Chiron and the red Venus are making a Turbulent Angle in the longitudes. The result is an aspect we call the Impossible Dream Clash. The red planets represent the positions of the planets on the wedding day so this means that Julia's Marriage Chart had an Impossible Dream aspect. Obviously, this is not good for a Marriage Chart.

To make matters worse, this Impossible Dream Aspect formed a T-square with Julia's natal Neptune. This means Julia was incompatible with her Marriage Chart.

But worst of all, when Julia married Lyle, transiting Saturn was making a Nuclear Clash Transit; it was opposed to Julia's natal Jupiter. In our Professional Version Software, we explain that when you have this transit, you should "not make any significant changes in your life" which of course means you should not get married. The reason for this advice is that if you marry during this transit, you create a Nuclear Clash between your natal chart and your Marriage Chart.

Julia Roberts' marriage to Lyle Lovett did not have a chance.

The Magi Society offers its members Professional Version Software that includes interpretations of transits that are not available anywhere else, including our books. If you would like information about this software, please click here and send us an email.


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