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June 30, 2001

Yesterday, academy award winner Julia Roberts and actor Benjamin Bratt announced that they have ended their romance. They had been together three and a half years. The gossip columnists were shocked. It seemed none of them had a clue about this impending breakup, and most of them thought that they were planning a wedding. But if the gossip columnists had the advantages of Magi Astrology and analyzed the Roberts/Bratt CAC (Combined Alignment Chart), they would have known that it was highly unlikely this super famous couple would ever marry. The famous couple simply did not have enough Linkages to get married, and they formed too many Clashes.

If you are uncertain about a relationship, Magi Astrology can help to provide you clarity. The simple and powerful principles of Magi Astrology are remarkably accurate at predicting the most likely outcome of any relationship. Julia Roberts's romance and breakup with Benjamin Bratt is a perfect example of how well Magi Astrology works. Let us explain some of the reasons why.

As always, when we analyze a relationship using Magi Astrology, we begin by using a CAC (Combined Alignment Chart). A CAC is a fundamental tool of Magi Astrology and is the most useful astrological tool for understanding any relationship. Below is the CAC of Julia and Ben; the planets in black represent the positions of the planets when Julia was born and the planets in red represent the positions of the Planets when Ben was born.

In the above CAC, you can see that Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt formed a Cinderella Linkage. A Cinderella Linkage is a reliable astrological sign that love can develop between two persons.

In the above CAC, you can also see that Julia and Ben formed what we call a Double Sexual Linkage. As explained elsewhere on this website, Venus, Mars and Pluto are Sexual Planets. When two of these planets form a MAGIcal Angle, the result is a Sexual Linkage. In the case of Julia and Ben, three Sexual Planets form MAGIcal Angles so they form a Double Sexual Linkage.

Their Cinderella Linkage helps to explain why Julia and Ben were an item for more than three years.

Their Double Sexual Linkage helps to explain why Julia and Ben were a HOT item for more than three years.

Unfortunately for them, they also formed Clashes. Lots of Clashes.

As we explained to our members in their special lessons, when it comes to matters of love, when a couple form both Linkages and Clashes, the Linkages do not cancel out the Clashes; both the Linkages and the Clashes exist at the same time. Couples that form both Linkages and Clashes will feel the effect of each Linkage and Clash that they form.

To put it another way: A STRONG LINKAGE DOES NOT CANCEL OUT A STRONG CLASH. LINKAGES AND CLASHES DO NOT BALANCE EACH OTHER OUT. (This is the case in the astrology of love but not the case in the astrology of money.) When two lovers form both a strong Linkage and a strong Clash, the couple's romantic relationship will constantly feel the effects of both the strong Linkage and strong Clash.

This means that when a couple form Cinderella Linkages, Sexual Linkages and very strong Clashes, the couple can fall in love, have great sex, but are actually not compatible and will most likely break up. This was the case with Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt.

Julia and Ben form a Cinderella Linkage and a Double Sexual Linkage. The Double Sexual Linkage helped to create the initial irresistible physical attraction that first brought them together intimately. The Cinderella Linkage provided them the romantic interest necessary for love to develop and raise their relationship to a level above just sex. Together, the Cinderella and Double Sexual Linkage explain why they were together for over three years, which is a pretty long time for Hollywood. But Julia and Ben formed five very bad Clashes, and these Clashes made their romance crash and burn.

Let us discuss the strong Clashes:

Ben's Sun is square to Julia's Chiron. The Magi Society has special software and in our Professional Level software, we refer to the Sun-Chiron square as the WRONG PERSON CLASH. The reason this Clash has this name is that this Clash will instill into the couple the nagging feeling that they are each with the wrong person. Because Chiron is the arrow that points to your soulmate, the WRONG PERSON CLASH is a sign that Chiron is pointing to another person. In other words, the Wrong Person Clash creates inner doubt about a relationship.

For Benjamin Bratt and Julia Roberts, if the Wrong Person Clash was the only bad Clash that they formed, they might still be together. But unfortunately, they also have two Double Clashes. Ben's Saturn makes a Clash to her Venus and her Pluto, and Ben's Sun makes a Clash to her Uranus and Pluto.

To make matters even worse for the famous couple, the position of Ben's Sun creates a Double T-square with Julia's Pluto, Venus and Chiron, thus forming Turbulent Combined Planetary Geometry. As explained elsewhere on this website, when a CAC has this type of Turbulent Combined Planetary Geometry, it is a reliable astrological sign that the relationship can be very challenging and even tumultuous.

Because there are eleven "planets", there are a lot of possibilities for two persons to form both Linkages and Clashes. In fact, almost every romantically attached couple form some Clashes as well as Linkages. Each Linkage and Clash has a specific meaning. The Magi Society's research has discovered some of the most important meanings of every significant Linkage and Clash. The only place in the world to obtain the Magi Society's interpretations of all significant Linkages and Clashes is through our software. Even our books do not have them. One reason the Magi Society is the fastest growing astrological organization in the world is that only our members may purchase our Professional Level Software with interpretations. If you might be interested in receiving information about our software, as well as the benefits of membership, please click here and send us an email.


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