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(This is an In Depth Analysis: Occasionally, we will analyze a celebrity relationship in some depth in order to help you understand how to utilize Magi Astrology in your own life.)


October 17, 2000

In 1987, Meg Ryan met Dennis Quaid on the set of Innerspace, a movie they were both in. They were engaged just before Thanksgiving of 1989 and married in early 1991. Both were successful actors before they met but it wasn't until after her marriage that Ryan was able to break into the ranks of Hollywood's A group, which was a result of her great performance as Tom Hanks love interest in the hit romantic movie Sleepless in Seattle. After their marriage, Dennis Quaid was also quite a successful actor, though not quite reaching the level Meg attained. In 1992, Meg Ryan gave birth to a boy, Jack Henry and Meg and Dennis were often cited as an example of the perfect happily married successful Hollywood couple. During the 1990's, they sort of became America's sweetheart couple, almost sewn into the fabric of the American consciousness.

But suddenly, and shockingly to all observers, Ryan and Quaid announced their separation on June 28 of this year. It seems that Meg had fallen for Gladiator star Richard Crowe and had been carrying on with him. On July 11, Quaid filed for divorce and Ryan responded with a petition for custody of their child and acknowledged that there were "irreconcilable differences."

What happened? Why did they fall in love so deeply and then fall out of love so heartbreakingly?

The answers are always in the stars! If we apply the principles of Magi Astrology explained in our third book published in March of 1999, we can understand what happened to Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid in the summer of 2000.

I: According to Magi Astrology, in most cases, in order for two persons to fall in love and get married, they need to form Cinderella Linkages. Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid formed two Cinderella Linkages.

II: According to Magi Astrology, a woman and man are most likely to marry during their Cinderella Time. Meg Ryan married Dennis Quaid when they were both in their Cinderella Time.

III: According to Magi Astrology, when the birth charts of two persons form Saturn Clashes, there could be trouble, probably big trouble, between them somewhere down the road. Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid formed two Saturn Clashes.

IV: According to Magi Astrology, when a couple forms Saturn Clashes and the relationship ends in a breakup, it is usually the Saturn person that is most likely to be the one that does the heartbreaking. In the case of Ryan and Quaid, Ryan is clearly the Saturn Person and she had the affair that broke the marriage.

V: According to Magi Astrology, every marriage has a birth chart and the birth chart of the marriage is the chart of the day of the wedding. In addition, the strengths and weaknesses of the Planetary Geometry of the Marriage Chart have highly significant influences on the characteristics and ultimate outcome of the marriage. Certain astrological aspects in a Marriage Chart are very helpful to the marriage as well as the career success of the married couple; whereas other astrological aspects are destructive of the marriage and the couple's careers. The best aspects to have are the Cinderella Aspects. But the worst aspects are the Heartbreak Clash (a Turbulent Angle formed between Saturn and Chiron) and the Nuclear Clash (a Turbulent Angle formed between Saturn and Jupiter). When Ryan married Quaid, there was a Nuclear Clash in the sky and this is one of the reasons the marriage ended so sadly.

Below in this link are two CACs (Combined Alignment Charts). This first one immediately below is the CAC of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid. The black planets represent the day that Quaid was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Ryan was born.


As you can see, Quaid was born with a Venus-Chiron contra-parallel and Ryan was born with a Venus-Neptune parallel. These aspects are crucial for both of their relationships because these two aspects are both Romance Aspects since they are formed by two Romance Planets. Note that all four planets are in the 13th degree declinations. Therefore, this alignment of four planets to each other creates two Cinderella Linkages and two other linkages. This alignment of the four planets also forms four Romantic Super Linkages. A Romantic Super Linkage is formed whenever two planets form an aspect in one chart, and a planet in another chart makes a MAGIcal Angle to either of the two planets; in addition, one of the three planets involved must be Chiron. Each Romantic Super Linkage is a very reliable sign that a couple could fall in love. The vast majority of couples married for life form a Romantic Super Linkage. (This is fully explained in our third book where we devote a whole chapter to Romantic Super Linkages.) The presence of a Romantic Super Linkage in the CAC of two persons creates enormous emotional attraction and improves compatibility. Ryan and Quaid have four of them, all in the declinations. (You cannot be a complete astrologer unless you employ the declinations!) This explains why they fell in love and married. And were very happily married for almost a decade.

Unfortunately, the position of Meg Ryan's natal Saturn makes Turbulent Angles to two of Dennis Quaid's crucial natal planets. Ryan's Saturn is square to Quaid's natal Neptune and quincunx to Quaid's natal Pluto. (As explained elsewhere on this website, Saturn is different from any other planet; although the quincunx angle is normally a MAGIcal Angle, if Saturn is involved, the quincunx is a Turbulent Angle and creates a Clash. The contra-parallel angle is also a Turbulent Angle when Saturn is involved.) The result is that Ryan's Saturn forms two Saturn Clashes with Quaid's chart. As explained in the Heartbreak Section of this website, Saturn Clashes can be very tough on relationships. However, the two Saturn Clashes that Ryan and Quaid formed are not as bad as the Heartbreak Clash (Saturn to Chiron) or the Nuclear Clash (Saturn to Jupiter). Since they had the necessary Cinderella Linkages to be in love, they had a happy marriage for almost a decade. But then something happened.

The main astrological reason for their very sad breakup was there was a NUCLEAR CLASH Aspect in their Marriage Chart. Below is a Magi Astrology Chart of their marriage.

When you look at the chart, you cannot help but see that there was a Grand Trine in the sky when they married. We explain elsewhere on this website that the career success of a married couple is very much dependent on the strength of their Marriage Chart (and their linkages to the chart). The Ryan/Quaid Marriage Chart had a Cinderella Aspect and they had successful acting careers during their marriage. But their Marriage Chart also had a Nuclear Clash Aspect. A Nuclear Clash Aspect is extremely bad Planetary Geometry and is an ominous sign that something could go awry. Unfortunately for Quaid, something did.

In the Heartbreak Section of this website, we explain how disastrous a Nuclear Clash can be when it is formed between the natal charts of two persons. But you get a similar problem when a Marriage Chart has a Nuclear Clash Aspect. It can be a sign that the marriage could be turned upside down. One of the many strengths of Magi Astrology is that it is by far the most CONSISTENT astrology. What works in one area also works in the same way when applied to another area of astrology. So a Nuclear Clash formed by two persons in their CAC is a bad sign, and a Nuclear Clash Aspect in a Marriage Chart is a bad sign, for the same reasons.

It is sad that Ryan and Quaid chose the day they did to get married. They chose it because it was Valentine's Day. This is a bad way to pick wedding days. The Planetary Geometry of the astrological chart of the wedding date has an enormous influence on the nature of the marriage. You must choose your wedding date wisely! Fortunately, you can do so using the principles of Magi Astrology. If you have a friend who is planning on getting married, the best wedding gift you can possibly give is to help your friend select a perfect astrological day to get married.



One final point. One of the most valuable services that astrology can provide you is to correctly warn you if someone can break your heart. With Magi Astrology, you can actually attain this knowledge. As we explained in our third book and also in the Heartbreak Section of this website, if two persons form a Saturn Clash, the person who contributes the Saturn is much more likely to be the heartbreaker. Meg Ryan was no exception. She contributed the Saturn in two Saturn Clashes with Dennis Quaid. We refer to Ryan as the Saturn Person, and we refer to Quaid as the Passive Person. Much more often than not, the Saturn Person breaks the heart of the Passive Person. But we should add that there are no 100 percent rules in the astrology of love and sex. Occasionally, the Saturn Person can actually help the Passive Person. And a perfect Marriage Chart can overcome one or two Saturn Clashes. (As explained in our third book.) But if there is a Heartbreak Clash or Nuclear Clash in a Marriage Chart, and there are Saturn Clashes in the CAC of the couple, that would be pushing it. This underlines how important the choice of a wedding date is.

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