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August 25, 2004


In July of 1995, the Magi Society published its first book, Astrology Really Works! and introduced several new monumentally important concepts to the world of astrology.  (Which is one of the many reasons why the book is a classic, as evidenced by the fact that used copies of Astrology Really Works! sell for over $100 on the Internet.)  One of the most important of these new concepts is that of PLANETARY SYNCHRONIZATION.


Here is the definition of Planetary Synchronization according to the glossary in Astrology Really Works! –


PLANETARY SYNCHRONIZATION: A concept of Magi Astrology, it refers to the condition where at least three planets are within orb to all make aspects to each other.  This can occur in the longitudes and declinations.


One of the many reasons Planetary Synchronization is so important is that it is A RELIABLE ASTROLOGICAL SIGN OF ATHLETIC ABILITY.  The vast majority of great athletes have unusually precise Planetary Synchronizations.  The more precise a Planetary Synchronization is, the greater the athletic ability.  With respect to Planetary Synchronization, the more exact the planets are in aspect, the more precise the Planetary Synchronization.  You will easily understand what we mean when you analyze the examples we are going to provide you in the rest of this link.


For example, Lance Armstrong has unusually precise Planetary Synchronizations.  Last month, Armstrong became the first person to ever win six straight Tour de France championships.  The Tour de France is a nearly month-long bicycle competition and is the most famous athletic event in Europe that is not related to soccer.    Armstrong is universally regarded as a great athlete. Below is the Magi Astrology chart for Lance Armstrong:








In the above chart, all 30-degree type natal aspects are connected with lines.  The purple lines connect Mars, Chiron and Uranus, which are the three planets that form Armstrong’s most precise Planetary Synchronization.


Our first book also taught how to interpret the meanings of Planetary Synchronization.  You can understand the most likely meanings of any Planetary Synchronization by combining and integrating the symbolisms of the planets that form the synchronization.  But in order to attain accurate interpretations it is necessary to use the symbolisms of the planets according to Magi Astrology; symbolisms used by other forms of astrology simply do not work.


If we apply the Magi Astrology rule of interpreting Planetary Synchronizations by combining and integrating the Magi symbolisms of the planets that comprise the Synchronization on Lance Armstrong’s Uranus-Chiron-Mars Synchronization, we get the following interpretations:


Worldwide (Uranus) public acclaim (Chiron) as an athlete (Mars)




Famous (Uranus) career (Chiron) in sports (Mars)




Noteworthiness (Chiron) and fame (Uranus) as an athlete (Mars)




Charismatic (Chiron) and famous (Uranus) in sports (Mars)


The importance of Planetary Synchronizations cannot be overstated.  The Magi Society has proposed the theory that Planetary Synchronization is more important than genetics and genes as a determinant of athletic ability.  If this is ever proven to be true, then Planetary Synchronization would disprove Darwin’s Theory of Evolution because Planetary Synchronization cannot be passed on to offspring.


Each and every day, there is more and more evidence that Planetary Synchronization is more important than genes. Take for example the best Olympic swimmers.  We are now just past the halfway point of the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.  During the first half, Olympic swimming dominated the attention of many sports fans and the four best swimmers in the world are perfect examples of the validity and power of Planetary Synchronization.


Click here to view the Planetary Synchronizations of Michael Phelps who has won more swimming medals in a single Olympics than any other athlete.


Click here to view the Planetary Synchronizations of Ian Thorpe, the greatest swimmer Australia ever produced.


Click here to view the Planetary Synchronizations of Pieter van den Hoogenband, the most famous and most dominant male swimmer in Europe.


Click here to view the Planetary Synchronizations of Yana Klochkova, the most famous and most dominant female swimmer in Europe.


Charles Darwin was wrong and the Theory of Evolution is wrong.  The Theory of Evolution relies totally upon the idea that people with unusual abilities to survive will pass on their abilities to their children.  But this is contradicted by the facts.  Great athletes do not have children who are great athletes.  There are no dynasties. We know of not a single great athlete who gave birth to a great athlete.  Who are Lance Armstrong’s parents?  Who are Michael Phelps parents?  Who are the parents of Ian Thorpe, Pieter van den Hoogenband, and Yana Klockkova?  Or Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretsky, et cetera?


The Theory of Evolution essentially says that if our parents do not have great genes, we are screwed.  And if we do not have great genes, then our children are screwed.  This is a horrible message to give to the world, but scientists promote this message by promoting the Theory of Evolution.


But the Theory of Evolution is wrong!


The Magi Society believes that astrology was designed by a Benevolent Providence in such a way as to assure that all parents have an equal chance of having greatly talented children. Because of the miracle of astrology, all parents can give birth to great children even if the parents do not have great genes.  This means that all parents have a valid hope that their children can become great in one way or another and this hope is of utmost importance to all of humankind.  We all need hope in order to live a happy life.


The Magi Society is a society of astrologers who have already produced some of the greatest discoveries in astrology. We welcome anyone interested in astrology to join us.  If you would like information about the Magi Society and the benefits of membership, please click here and send us an email.





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