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If you would like to know the astrological reasons for the news headlines you read everyday, Magi Astrology will definitely help.

Magi Astrology combines the astrology of the ancient Hebrew Prophets with Chinese astrology, and adds new discoveries to provide a form of astrology that will allow you to perceive the world and your life with a clarity that is impossible without it. With Magi Astrology, you can much better understand the important events in the world around you, as well as the significant events in your own life. You can do with Magi Astrology what you always wished you could do with traditional astrology.

The most important tool of Magi Astrology is the use of Planetary Geometry, which was originally developed by the ancient Hebrew Prophets. But the original Planetary Geometry of the Hebrews needed to be improved upon. Magi Astrology improved it by including and fully integrating the use of the declinations (pioneered by Chinese astrologers) and recent discoveries (such as Chiron) to form a more advanced and accurate form of Planetary Geometry. By utilizing the Planetary Geometry of Magi Astrology, you can much more fully and clearly understand the true astrological reasons behind most of the important news events that occur in matters of love and money, in the world of sports, politics, entertainment, etc., such as the following recent news stories.

Click here to learn about one of the astrological signs that Microsoft Corporation would not get a favorable ruling from Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson in the anti-trust suit.

Click here to read about the key astrological sign that the New Jersey Devils would win the Stanley Cup.

Click here and read why the movie Gladiator became a smash hit.

Click here to understand the astrological reasons why Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley never married and finally broke off their relationship after 13 years.

Click here and know the key astrological reason why Bill Bradley decided to challenge Al Gore.

Click here for the astrological lowdown on why Al Gore beat Bill Bradley in the primaries.

Click here to discover the astrology of why Britney Spears is the Cinderella of the music world.

Click here and learn about the astrology of why Tiger Woods has recently been the undisputed Cinderella of golf.

Click here to learn how Magi Astrology explains why a majority of British citizens would now approve of a marriage between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles. Will she become a Cinderella?

As you can see, the answers have always been in the stars and you can now finally perceive the answers by learning and applying the simplest principles of Magi Astrology. Even more important, you can use Magi Astrology to better understand what is happening in your own life and improve it.

On this website, we teach the very simple basics of Magi Astrology. But for those who join the Magi Society, we teach Magi Astrology in depth. We also provide our members with MagiSoft, our special computer software that was designed to truly help you learn and apply Magi Astrology. If you want to receive information about the Magi Society, our software and how to join us, please send us an email by clicking here.


If you are a serious astrologer, Click here to read about the Magi Society's discovery about Maximum Planetary Balance.


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