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September 16, 2005



We apologize for the long absence of new articles on this website.  In part this was due to the fact the Magi Society has devoted a great deal of time to helping Katrina victims.  In fact, our office manager and main staff members are still working down in the disaster areas as volunteers for the Salvation Army.


In a week of so, we will be launching what we believe will be a significant new additional section for this website.  In the meantime, we hope this short piece about New Orleans will help you to understand the astrology of the New Orleans disaster.





We all know that every person has a birth chart.  Our birth chart is simply the chart of the day and time we are born for the place we are born. 


But astrologers have known for a long time that everything has a birth chart.  Corporations have birth charts, countries have birth charts, cities have birth charts, etc.  The form of astrology that deals with this sort of thing is known as Mundane Astrology.





In the United States, usually, but not always, the birth chart of a city is the chart of the day the city was chartered by the state the city is in, which is a process similar to the incorporation of a company.


New Orleans is a strange one. The actual state of Louisiana was granted statehood on April 30, 1812 but New Orleans itself is older.  New Orleans was first “incorporated” on February 17, 1805.  This is the usual date given for the founding of New Orleans.  We agree with this date because when a city is founded before a state is accepted into the Union, it means the city was born before the state.  (The city is not re-born after the state is admitted into the Union.)





For nearly 100 years beginning in 1805, New Orleans was world famous as the gambling center of the United States. Situated right at the mouth of the Mississippi River, thousands of riverboats had New Orleans as their prime destination and gambling was a key attraction of most of these riverboats. Tens of thousands of professional gamblers called New Orleans their home, more than any other city in North America.


Because the Mississippi River was the gateway and main “highway” to cities like St. Louis and the Great Lakes, New Orleans was perfectly located and thrived in the 1800’s.


But the lure of riverboats and their casinos gave way to the railroads, as rail travel became much more efficient than riverboats.  During the late 1800’s, New Orleans began to deteriorate as there were fewer and fewer riverboats running up and down the Mississippi.  In an effort to revive the city, New Orleans promoted big boxing matches, posting the largest winner’s purses in the world.  For decades, New Orleans was host to the most important boxing bouts in North America.


New Orleans also attracted musicians and the artistic and is famous for its Old French Section where some of the world’s best jazz was born. 


But New Orleans never attracted the powers of industry and the associated well paying jobs so the city became a poor sister of the Deep South.  During the last hundred years, New Orleans has been one of the poorest cities in America, a city with more drug addicts per capita than any other city in the country.  New Orleans has also been America’s least safe city, where a large segment of the city called “Algiers” has the most dangerous streets in the country.


An interesting characteristic of New Orleans is that it always had a strong attraction to whatever was counter to established Christian tradition.  Throughout the 1800’s, New Orleans had the best and most lavish brothels in the United States.  In 1827, it held its first Mardi Gras – it was wild with thousands of drunken naked women and men parading and cavorting.  The New Orleans Mardi Gras became world famous and you had to book hotel rooms years in advance.


New Orleans has been first in gambling, worst in crime, worst in drug addicts, strong in jazz, low in jobs and now the Katrina disaster – a whole American City wiped out in a way that never happened before to an American city.





We do not know the exact time New Orleans was born but with Magi Astrology, we know a lot without having the exact time.  That is one of the many advantages of Magi Astrology.  We can understand most of the history of New Orleans if we simply utilize the principles of Magi Astrology.


Below is the Magi Astrology Chart of New Orleans.  When we know the history of New Orleans, Magi Astrology would predict the city was born with a Heartbreak Clash and that is exactly what we find.






As explained in our Third Book (Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money), when any aspect exists in the birth chart of a person, the aspect is a gift of a special talent from God.  In other words each personal aspect is empowering, and each personal aspect provides us with a God given talent and ability. But when any aspect exists in the birth chart of a non-breathing entity like a city or corporation, the aspect is a valuable astrological sign about the character and future of the entity. For a city, an aspect can be a sign of a characteristic, such as gift of a talent, or a sign of a problem such as a fault and predilection. 


Or in a city, an aspect can be a sign of a flaw. 


In the birth chart of any city, a Heartbreak Clash is a flaw, and it is the most fatal flaw.  New Orleans was born with that flaw and it might ultimately be fatal to the city.  A Heartbreak Clash is a sign of reckless behavior, bad judgement and bad luck. We believe that as a consequence of its Heartbreak Clash, New Orleans was reckless and willing to build a large part of the city on ground that is below sea level even though it was next to the ocean.  This combination is not exactly the safest way to build a city and can explain why it was so vulnerable to Katrina.


In our third book, we also explained on page 302 that the Saturn-Chiron aspect in a birth chart is a sign of an “unusual ability to be a force against Judeo-Christian beliefs, morals and family values.”  With its history of gambling, brothels, the Mardi Gras, drugs and poverty, New Orleans has been one of the most anti-Judeo-Christian cities in the United States.


Of course New Orleans has more than just one astrological aspect.  There is no question that the Saturn Chiron Clash is its most important and powerful aspect.  But New Orleans does have other aspects.  And Magi Astrology helps us to see how each aspect’s influence can be seen in the history and character of New Orleans.


For examples:


Pluto rules gambling; the Jupiter/Pluto parallel is symbolic of New Orleans’ success as a center of gambling for a hundred years.


Mercury rules music including jazz; the exact Mercury/Venus parallel is symbolic of New Orleans’ love for jazz and why the city embraces musicians and the artistic.


Mars rules the fighter and boxing; the Jupiter/Mars trine is symbolic of New Orleans’ success in staging big important boxing matches.


In Magi Astrology, Chiron is ruler of true love, commitment, marriage, children and pregnancy whereas Juno is ruler of all sexual relationships unrelated to marriage. In Magi Astrology, Juno is therefore logically also the ruler of mistresses, all sex without emotional attachment, sex for money, including prostitution, brothels, orgies and the Mardi Gras. Since Magi Astrology defines Neptune as a Financial Planet, it means that the Neptune/Juno quincunx in the New Orleans birth chart points to: Money from brothels, prostitution and the Mardi Gras.


Juno (not Neptune) also rules addictions to drugs.  The Juno/Neptune quincunx is symbolic of New Orleans long lasting (Neptune) tolerance of drugs.


And the Saturn/Jupiter midpoint is nearly exactly parallel to the New Orleans Sun; this midpoint reinforces the amoral nature of New Orleans and helps to further explain why New Orleans not only tolerated, but encouraged gambling, prostitution and open drug addiction.


If you are a member of the Magi Society, in a few days you will be able to read more about New Orleans on our New 2005 Members Only Website.  If you would like information about the Magi Society and how to become a member, please click here and send us an email message.



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