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June 13, 2006


We can utilize Magi Astrology to help us fulfill our dreams. This link explains the basics of how to do so. The first step is to understand the Theory of Natalization.





Astrologers have never given a name to their theory that when a person engages in a distinct type of activity for the first time, the birth chart of that time becomes the birth chart for that person's actions for that type of activity. It is useful for astrology to have a name for this theory.


The Magi Society has named it NATALIZATION, because the action taken has a birth, and therefore is born, or NATALIZED. Both words are new to the English language, but they are necessary for the growth and understanding of astrology and its theories. Scientists ascribe a name and term to all of their concepts, and it is wise that astrologers do the same.


Natalization occurs whenever anyone engages in any type of activity for the very first time.


For example, when two persons meet for the first time, the birth chart of that time is the birth chart of their relationship. If the chart is good, their relationship is more likely to be good than if the chart is bad.


But there is much more to natalization than just the birth chart of what we natalize. When we natalize anything, we not only natalize the birth chart WE ALSO NATALIZE THE TRANSITS.


Whenever we natalize anything important, we actually make permanent the transits we were having during the natalization.


For example, when two persons meet for the first time, they natalize BOTH the birth chart of the day they met AND also all of their transits at the time they met. And they will continue to be influenced by those preserved transits for as long as they are together and their relationship.


All this is great because it means we can save our good transits by natalizing something important when we have good transits. In essence, by natalizing something important during our good transits, we are preserving the good transits and harnessing the power of the stars.


Similarly, we have to make sure we do not natalize anything important when we have bad transits because if we do, we have preserved those bad transits and they would hound us on everything we do that is related to what we natalized. If we natalized a job during bad transits, those bad transits would continue to hound us on everything we do that is related to our job. But if you master Magi Astrology and make use of it in your life, you would not let this happen to you.






Magi Astrology's greatest value is that it helps us harness the power of the planets and use them to maximize our chances of fulfilling our dreams. We can make use of the Magi Societys Theory of Natalization to harness the power of the stars to our advantage in every area of our lives, including love and money. For example, we can choose an especially favorable astrological day to get married or start a job or business. By doing so, we preserve and retain the power of the favorable stars in our marriage, job, or business, for as long as we are married, have the job, or business.


Similarly, we can AVOID DISASTER by making certain we do not natalize anything important when the stars are horrible. In our extensive research, we have confirmed that most persons get into disastrous problems because they natalized horrible transits and therefore they preserved those awful transits. But we can avoid such disasters by using Magi Astrology.





The stars are constantly changing no moment is exactly the same as another, everything changes, and this is because the planets are always in motion and changing. Good transits seem to pass too quickly and bad transits seem to last forever but the fact is everyone has good and bad transits and ALL TRANSITS PASS.


A secret of success is to preserve the good transits and let the bad transits pass without natalizing anything important.




So we should natalize something important when we have good transits.


And we should not ever natalize anything important when we have bad transits.


For example, if we get married when we have good transits, we make those good transits permanent for the life of our marriage. But if we get married when we have bad transits, we make those bad transits permanent for the life of our marriage.


Wow this is fabulous because it means we can preserve good transits!


Below is a famous example of the preservation of good transits.







Franklin Delano Roosevelt is generally considered to have been one of the best presidents in US history; he is generally considered the best president the US has had in modern times.


FDR has been widely given credit for saving the United States from the Great Depression and saving the world from Hitler and Japanese imperialism. The main astrological reason FDR accomplished so much and has such a great reputation is that on the day he first became president, he was having the best possible transits. FDR was first inaugurated on March 4, 1933. Since FDRs presidency was natalized on that day, all of the transits he had that day were preserved and thank the Good Lord FDR had the best possible transits on that day because America and the world really needed the best FDR could give us.


Below is a CAC showing how FDR was having the best possible transits on the day his first presidency was natalized. The black planets represent the positions of the planets when FDR was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when he first became president of the United States.






Note that FDR was born with Jupiter conjunct to Chiron and both Jupiter and Chiron were trine to his natal Uranus.


In every birth chart, there are MOST MAGICAL POSITIONS.


The Most Magical Positions are the locations on a birth chart where a transiting planet would make the greatest number of Magical Linkages to the natal planets.


In the geocentric longitudes, FDRs Most Magical Positions are 16 to 18 degrees of Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn. That is because when a transiting planet is at any of these three locations, the transiting planet would make a Magical Angle to FDRs natal Uranus, Jupiter and Chiron.


FDR became president during his best possible transits because transiting Jupiter was at one of the Most Magical Positions in his chart. It was in retrograde at 18.9 degrees in Virgo. This means transiting Jupiter was moving towards a conjunction to FDRs natal Uranus, and transiting Jupiter was moving towards a trine to both FDRs natal Chiron and natal Jupiter.


But there is more


The same is true in the geocentric declinations.


FDR became president when transiting Chiron was located at his declinational Most Magical Position. Transiting Chiron was making a Magical Angle to his natal Jupiter, as well as his natal Chiron and Neptune.




The world is going through tough times now and all our lives are being impacted by what is happening worldwide.


If your life is in shambles, do not despair. Utilize Magi Astrology and pray and your life will greatly improve.


Take heart in the following:


From time to time, the world seems hopeless. Back in 1932, the world was falling apart.

but by the Grace of God, we were saved.


In FDR, the world got a wonderful leader just at the right time. And FDR was empowered by the stars with the greatest ability to help the world because he became president at a time when he natalized the best possible transits. Those great transits were preserved by the power of natalization and they helped FDR to accomplish what he had to. All this was not by coincidence but it was guided by the Hand of God.


Now in 2006, the world appears to be falling apart again and there seems to be no solution to the problems that beset us. There isnt a single pundit that has a plausible answer as to how all these problems can be resolved.


But the Magi Society has faith that all will be well because we know a Benevolent Providence protects this world. There is proof of this.


We remember that before 1989, no one could even imagine any way we could get out of the Cold War. Then in early November of 1989, the Berlin Wall came down and it began a chain of events that ended the Cold War without a single American death and in a way not a single pundit ever predicted.


There was a Miracle then and we believe that we will see as many more Miracles as we ever need.


The world will probably get worse before it gets better, but a Miracle will happen again, just as they always have.





At the Magi Society, we give all of our members free software and lessons that help them to analyze and use the stars to improve their lives. If you would like information about our software and how to become a member, please click here and send us an email.



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