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April 15, 2004


About two weeks ago, we posted our last link explaining that Juno is the planet that symbolizes the MISTRESS. During these last two weeks, the Magi Society has been receiving more emails than we have for several years. Almost all of the emails were from our readers who were very excited and thankful that they now know that Juno represents the mistress, and that they finally can understand relationships that they never understood before. 


We all know that the symbolisms of astrology are the very heart and soul of astrology.  If astrology is to become accepted by the public, astrology must provide the public with useful and accurate symbolisms for all the planets and signs. 


The term “symbolisms” in astrology refers to the meanings, characteristics and representations of a planet or sign.  For example, Mars symbolizes war and Venus symbolizes attraction.  Another example of the symbolisms of astrology would be that Capricorns are ambitious, or a Leo likes to be the center of attention. 


The symbolisms of astrology are so crucial that if astrology does not offer worthwhile symbolisms, astrology would actually perish.  Unfortunately for astrology, many astrology books and websites are promoting inaccurate and misleading symbolisms.  For this reason, the Magi Society has decided to write this link so that you can better understand all of the symbolisms we attribute to Juno.  We will also provide examples to demonstrate that the Magi symbolisms for Juno are much more helpful for astrologers than those being offered on other sites and books.




Magi Society’s Symbolisms for Juno


Juno is oriented towards sex whereas Chiron is oriented towards love.

Juno rules dating where the goal of dating is to attain uninvolved sex.  Chiron rules courtship and dating with love and/or marriage as the ultimate goal.

When it comes to love, there is no planet as potent or important as Chiron.

When it comes to sex, there is no planet or asteroid as potent as Juno.  Juno is the most sexual of the planets and is even more sexual than Venus, Mars or Pluto.  The Juno-Venus Linkage is the ULTIMATE SEXUAL LINKAGE and is the most powerful of all the Sexual Linkages.  The second most powerful Sexual Linkage is the Chiron-Juno Linkage. 

It is Juno, and not Venus, Mars or Pluto, that is the primary ruler of sexual attraction and desire. Juno rules sex appeal and sexual charisma.  Persons with great Juno aspects have great sex appeal.  For example, persons born with Venus trine Juno, or Chiron trine Juno, have enormous sex appeal.

A vital characteristic of Juno is that it is irresponsible, does not know how to love, and avoids commitment.  When Chiron has sex, it also makes love; when Juno has sex, it has sex and does not make love.  Juno rules the quickie and the need for sexual satisfaction, as opposed to emotional satisfaction


Juno is a Sexual Planet, but the sexual nature of Juno is a little selfish because Juno represents sexual attraction primarily in the physical sense.  Chiron is symbolic of making love in the sharing sense and Chiron represents making love with emotional involvement.  Juno represents sex without emotional involvement or attachment.  For this reason, Juno represents the affair that will not blossom into a marriage.


Juno rules sex without commitment. Juno is ruler of lust and sexual relations without emotional involvement. Juno represents sex outside of a committed relationship, such as a marriage.  For these reasons, Juno is symbolic of the mistress, adultery, infidelity, cheating, illicit sex, casual sex, as well as the affair and the one-night stand.     


Since Juno rules sex without commitment, Juno also is ruler of irresponsibility and selfishness, the “me first” and even worse, the “me only” syndrome of a relationship.  Juno is selfish, so much so that Juno is representative of broken promises and the dishonoring of commitments and responsibilities.




Once we learn and utilize the above Magi Astrology symbolisms for Juno, Juno becomes an extremely valuable astrological tool that can help us understand our lives and the world better than ever.  By combining the Magi symbolisms for Juno with the Magi symbolisms for Chiron, we can understand relationships that puzzled us in the past.  For example, as you will see below, we will finally understand the astrology of why Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles have the most famous mistress relationship in the world.





In our books, we explained that in Magi Astrology, Venus and Mars and Pluto are Sexual Planets.  You can now add one more planet to the list.  Juno is a Sexual Planet.  This means that any linkage made between Juno and any of the other three Sexual Planets is a Sexual Linkage.


The Juno-Venus Linkage is a highly sexual linkage – in fact, this is the most powerful of all Sexual Linkages. But the sexual attraction comes at a very heavy cost – the price is that the Juno-Venus Linkage reduces the likelihood that a marriage will result from the relationship.  The Juno-Venus Linkage is a reliable astrological sign that a relationship will most likely be mistress-oriented (unless there are also very powerful Cinderella Linkages).  For this reason, the Magi Society refers to the Juno-Venus Linkage as the Mistress Linkage, or as the Ultimate Sexual Linkage.  As you will see below, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles form the Juno-Venus Linkage.  So did quite a few other famous couples who never married, like Kathleen Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, and Monica Lawinsky and Bill Clinton. 





The Juno-Venus Linkage is often a sign that a relationship will not last.  The Chiron-Juno Linkage is often a sign a relationship will be lasting but will nonetheless not result in marriage.  Couples who have lifelong relationships but do not marry generally have the Chiron-Juno Linkage.  By adding the presence of Chiron to Juno, the linkage creates a long-lasting relationship, because Chiron brings commitment and love.  The Magi Society refers to this linkage as the Long-Term Partners Linkage.  This is because couples with this linkage often have lifelong affairs but do not marry. The Chiron-Juno Linkage is the only Juno Linkage that is a sign of love – this is because Chiron forms this linkage and Chiron rules true love.


Camilla Parker-Bowles is the most famous mistress in the world and has been the lifelong mistress of Prince Charles. She and Prince Charles form the Ultimate Sexual Linkage (which is also the Mistress Linkage) and TWO Long-Term Partners Linkages.


Below is the CAC of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Camilla was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Prince Charles was born.





As you can see from the above CAC, Prince Charles and Camilla form some very powerful Juno Linkages.  Every Juno linkage creates strong sexual attraction. We already explained in our third book that Prince Charles and Camilla formed four Sexual Linkages.  Now you also know they formed some remarkably strong Juno Linkages that also increased the sexual attraction that Prince Charles has for Camilla.  The Magi Society believes that it is these Juno Linkages, in combination with their four other Sexual Linkages, that drove Prince Charles to having hundreds of midnight trysts with Camilla, and ultimately destroyed his marriage to Princess Diana.  Prince Charles simply could not resist Camilla sexually, even though (let’s face it), almost any other man would have chosen Diana over Camilla. 


So now you better understand the Charles-Camilla relationship because you know more about Magi Astrology and Juno Linkages, which is something almost no one else knows about the astrology of love and sex. If you would like to learn more about Magi Astrology, the best way to learn is by joining the Magi Society. If you would like information about the Magi Society and the benefits of membership, please click here and send us an email.




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