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April 30, 2001

Demi Moore was just on the cover or People Magazine (issue April 23, 2001). For this reason, we should talk about her in this Celebrity Lovers Section since she is certainly a Celebrity Lover.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were married in 1987. In the early 1990's, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were the number one power couple in Hollywood. Demi was the most highly paid actress in the world, and Bruce was the first actor to be paid over $20 million for a film. Gossip columnists regularly pointed to them as the quintessential Hollywood couple saying that they prove you can be a superstar and still be happily married. Everything seemed to be going perfect for them. Besides being superstars and having the bank account to prove it, they had three lovely children and seemed deeply happy together.

But Demi and Bruce announced their separation in June of 1998 and their divorce was finalized in 2000.

What went wrong?

The answers have always been in the stars and Magi Astrology helps you to finally know the answers.

After concluding the most extensive research ever conducted into the Astrology Software with Interpretations - Astrology of Compatibility and Love and personal relationships, one of the most important discoveries the Magi Society made was that CHIRON POINTS TO YOUR SOULMATE, and SATURN POINTS TO DIVORCE.

We have written a whole book (Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money) to explain what we mean by this; some of the principles revealed in the book are also explained in links found elsewhere on this website.

Simplistically put, the Magi Society discovered that:

A: If you form a Chiron Linkage with someone, you are likely to feel emotional attachment; Chiron Linkages are normally signs of likely romance and attachment;

B: If you form a Saturn Linkage with someone, you are likely to feel bond to the person but this linkage is not a sign of romance or emotional attachment; Saturn Linkages are signs of control as opposed to romance between two persons.

A Saturn Linkage is a Linkage where one of the planets forming the Linkage is Saturn. A Chiron Linkage is a Linkage where one of the planets forming the Linkage is Chiron. A Linkage formed by both Saturn and Chiron is a Saturn Linkage and not a Chiron Linkage.

Human relationships are complex. We have started our website with simple rules to help people to understand the astrology of love but it is now the time to graduate and go to college. We need to learn more about Saturn.


In our third book, we revealed that when two persons form a Saturn Linkage, the person that contributes Saturn has a measure of CONTROL over the life of the other person. We refer to the person contributing the Saturn as the Saturn Person, whereas the other person is the Passive Person.

Saturn Linkages are deceptive because people often mistake the control and binding nature of Saturn for love.

Sometimes, a couple has two or more Saturn Linkages and both persons are the Saturn Persons of at least one of the Saturn Linkages. The result of this is that there is SATURN BALANCE and both persons have a degree of control over the other. Such a condition is found quite often in married couples. This makes sense since control over each other will keep a couple from splitting up and going to someone else. But of course love is a better reason to stay together.

Some couples stay together because of control, whereas others stay together because of love. Magi Astrology gives you an accurate unbiased opinion of which it is. Most of the time, it is a mixture of the two.

Chiron Linkages help people to fall in love and get married because they are in love; Chiron Linkages help a couple to stay together because they are in love. But Saturn Linkages push people to get married because they feel bond together, and one or both persons can control the other, thus keeping them together.


Marriages based on Saturn Linkages but not enough Chiron Linkages generally end in divorce. All of this is detailed in our third book.

This monumental discovery in the astrology of love helps you to finally be able to explain relationships that could not possibly have been explained by using just traditional astrology. More importantly, these principles of Magi Astrology help YOU TO BETTER UNDERSTAND AND IMPROVE YOUR OWN RELATIONSHIPS.

We have found that essentially every famous divorced couple would have greatly benefited from knowledge of Magi Astrology.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are great examples of what we are talking about. They never should have married because they did not have enough Chiron Linkages for the odds to be in their favor. They had a Romantic Super Linkage to think they were in love, but they did not have enough Chiron Linkages to stay in love for a lifetime. They were bonded together for 13 years more because of Saturn Linkages than through Chiron Linkages. We call this type of astrological condition one of EXCESS SATURN LINKAGES and the result is there is more control than love. If there are more powerful Saturn Linkages than there are Chiron Linkages, then there is Excess Saturn Linkage. The normal result of such a condition is an eventual divorce because the romance and love eventually fades. People then become resentful of the control.

It is okay to have a Saturn Linkage or two so long as you have more or an equal number of Chiron Linkages.

As explained in our third book and elsewhere on this website, the most reliable astrological sign that tells us two persons could fall in love and marry is a Romantic Super Linkage. Bruce and Demi formed one. They fell in love and married. But they fell out of love and divorced because they had EXCESS SATURN LINKAGES. In other words they had more Saturn Linkages than Chiron Linkages.

Below is a CAC of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. The planets in black represent the positions of the planets when Bruce was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Demi was born.


Their Romantic Super Linkage is formed by Demi's Saturn-Uranus aspect forming a linkage to Bruce's Chiron. (The fact that Bruce's Jupiter is connected at 30-degree type angles to his Saturn and Uranus increases the power of the Romantic Super Linkage.)

As explained in our last link, you can form a Romantic Super Linkage without a Cinderella Linkage, but it is much stronger if it does include a Cinderella Linkage. Although it is certainly possible to fall and remain in love for a lifetime without a Cinderella Linkage, it is more difficult to remain in love with someone with whom you do not form a Cinderella Linkage.

They do not have any Cinderella Linkages!

As you can see from their CAC, the only "Chiron Linkage" they have is really a Saturn Linkage! Demi's Saturn is conjunct to Bruce's Chiron. They also have another Saturn Linkage because Bruce's Saturn is conjunct to Demi's Venus.

They have two Saturn Linkages and no Chiron Linkages! So they had Excess Saturn Linkages and this is a common sign of divorce.

Their Romantic Super Linkage is the main astrological reason Bruce and Demi fell in love. But they also mistakenly thought they were in love because of their Saturn Linkages. The Magi Society discovered that Saturn Linkages bind two persons together but they are not signs of romantic and emotional attachment. It is easy to mistake this Saturn binding with love. (We explain this in our third book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money.) Saturn is not a romantic planet. Chiron is the most romantic planet. When a couple have more Saturn Linkages than Chiron Linkages, the normal outcome is that eventually the romance leaves their relationship.

Saturn Linkages are deceptive because people often mistake the control and binding nature of Saturn for love. As far as deceiving people into thinking they are in love goes, the Saturn-Chiron Linkage is the most powerful linkage. (But this does not mean that a couple with this Linkage is not actually in love; the rule is that if the couple has more or just as many Chiron Linkages as Saturn Linkages, they could be in love for a lifetime.)


Deceiving Linkages are explained in our third book we published in March of 1999.

As far as the calculation of Linkages go, the Magi Society uses an orb of 3 degrees in the longitudes and 1.2 degrees in the declinations. This is because our research concluded that linkages formed within these orbs are strong enough to be significant. But if two planets from two charts are aligned just a little beyond these orbs, they still have an effect. For example, if one person's Jupiter and another person's Chiron are 1.3 degrees apart in the declinations, this alignment still has an effect even though it is not officially a true linkage. In fact, we have found that such "almost linkages" have a very powerful influence. We discovered that such "almost linkages" are really deceptive because they can create a situation where you are almost in love, but not quite completely in love. An "almost linkage" is just strong enough to make you feel romantic attachment but is not strong enough to put you over the top. Which is why we call them DECEIVING LINKAGES.

As the term implies, a Deceiving Linkage is deceptive. If the Deceiving Linkage is a Cinderella Linkage, it can deceive two people into thinking they are truly in love, but as time passes, they realize they were not. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis have such a Deceiving Linkage. They have a Jupiter-Chiron Linkage that is just out of orb at 1.3 degrees in the declinations.

They also have a Deceiving Linkage formed by Neptune and Venus, two Romance Planets. This is a Deceiving Romance Linkage. Poor Bruce and Demi, they never had a chance because they did not know Magi Astrology.


One reason two people get married is love. Another reason is control. (Often it is both.) There is no question that love is a far better reason than the control. If you are unsure which it is, or how much of each it is, the answer is always in the stars and Magi Astrology helps you to read the stars.

Human relationships are sometimes clear cut but sometime they are not. Sometimes simple rules are good enough but sometimes they are not and you have to go to the college of Magi Astrology.

At the Magi Society, we teach our members how to read the stars. We provide our members with computer software and detailed step by step lessons on how to accurately and wisely analyze and assess a relationship using the principles of Magi Astrology. You can not only better understand your relationships with Magi Astrology, you can usually even improve them. If you might be interested in joining the Magi Society, please click here and send us an email.

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