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[Part One of a Two-Part Lesson on the Astrology of Love]



April 28, 2006


The love union of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio is among the most famous and also most complex. 


They met and quickly fell in love; they married but quarreled incessantly.  Almost nothing about their marriage went well.  Their marriage was so star-crossed that the Pope actually excommunicated them both for polygamy (they had each been married once before).  Marilyn divorced Joe in just 8 months, claiming mental cruelty.  Normally, an 8-month marriage results in bitterness, loss of love and the end of the entire relationship - however, both the love union and the love between Marilyn and Joe continued on and on.


Marilyn called Joe whenever she was really in need of help.  They always stayed connected and were the best of friends; they also reunited as lovers from time to time.


Marilyn did remarry (to playwright Arthur Miller) but when that marriage also ended in divorce, Marilyn turned to Joe and he helped her put her life back together.  (Marilyn and Miller did not stay friendly.)


Marilyn and Joe were together so much that during the 1960 Oscars, Bob Hope dedicated the song “The Second Time Around” to them because all of Hollywood was abuzz with rumors they would remarry any moment.


But they did not remarry. They again parted ways.


Then in 1961, Monroe's psychiatrist had Marilyn committed to the Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic, and she was unable to get released by herself.  Once again, as she always did when in trouble, she called Joe DiMaggio. He came and was able to arrange for her release.  They later vacationed together in Florida and this caused a lot more new speculation they would remarry.


Reportedly, during the summer of 1962, Joe DiMaggio told friends they would remarry and began to make arrangements.  But then Marilyn died of an apparent overdose.


It was still Joe DiMaggio who made the funeral arrangements.  Heartbroken, he sent 2 dozen roses to her grave 3 times a week for 20 years, he never married again and was never even involved with another woman.  Throughout the remainder of his life, he told his friends that Marilyn was the only woman he could have ever loved.


How could two lovers be so unhappy in a marriage and yet love each other for the rest of their lives?


The answers are always in the stars and Magi Astrology helps us to read the answers in a way nothing else can.







There are three main pieces to the Monroe/DiMaggio love union:


Piece One: Their relationship was one heartbreak after another and ended in a heartbreak death.


Piece Two: Their marriage was famous and was viewed as a Cinderella story by millions, but their marriage ended in Heartbreak and divorce in just 8 months.


Piece Three: In spite of the fact their relationship was slammed with heartbreak after heartbreak, from the very first time they met until Marilyn passed on, they were drawn to each other, trusted each other, helped each other and wanted to be with each other.  Marilyn felt secure only with Joe and Joe was happy only when he was with Marilyn.  They loved each other right to the end and beyond


How can all of the above seemingly conflicting characteristics be rolled into a single love union?


It is explainable only by the stars and only Magi Astrology can read the stars to reveal the explanations.


Below we will explain each of the above three main pieces of the Monroe/DiMaggio puzzles.


* * * * *


Puzzle One: Their relationship was full of heartbreaks and ended in heartbreak.


No matter how you slice or dice it, DiMaggio and Monroe had a heartbreaking relationship.  They had a failed marriage, and just when it seemed they had grown to love each other more than ever and would marry for a second time, Marilyn dies, leaving Joe grief-stricken - Joe never loved another woman afterwards.  My God – what could be more heartbreaking than that?


Whether for better or worse, Magi Astrology accurately forecasts the most likely outcome of any relationship. 






According to Magi Astrology, when two persons meet face to face for the first time, they give birth to their relationship and create an astrological chart called the Relationship Chart.  The Relationship Chart will determine the most likely outcome of their relationship.  (This is all explained in our Third Book.)


Which means that the astrological chart of the day Marilyn first met Joe would accurately forecast the most likely outcome of their relationship. 


Marilyn Monroe first met Joe DiMaggio on March 15, 1952, at 8:30 PM, at Hollywood’s Villa Nova restaurant on Sunset Boulevard on a “ blind date” (blind in the sense it was arranged through friends and they never spoke or met before).


Unfortunately and tragically, it was a Heartbreak Day - there was a Heartbreak Clash in the sky on that day.


Below is the Magi Astrology Chart of March 15, 1952, the day Marilyn Monroe first met Joe DiMaggio.




The astrological chart of the day two persons first meet face to face is the Relationship Chart of the two persons’ future relationship.  The astrological strengths and weaknesses in the Relationship Chart have a great influence on the actual relationship.


The Monroe/DiMaggio Relationship Chart has a Heartbreak Clash because Saturn was square Chiron at the time they met.  But the Relationship Chart predicted Heartbreak in two ways.  That day also had a Heartbreak Aspect to the Sun because the Saturn-Chiron midpoint was in aspect to the Sun.  The Saturn-Chiron midpoint represents Heartbreak and this aspect means that it was a Heartbreak Day and reinforces the heartbreaking nature of the Monroe/DiMaggio Relationship Chart. 


So there were two Heartbreaks in the sky when Joe DiMaggio first met Marilyn Monroe – and this means that there were two Heartbreaks in their Relationship Chart.  These Heartbreaks in the sky were some of the reasons Marilyn and Joe had to endure one Heartbreak after another in their love union.  


But it gets much worse. There were many other Heartbreaks in the sky.






On the day Marilyn first met Joe, she was having an especially powerful type of Heartbreak Transit. She was having a Dragonized Heartbreak Transit.  Below is a CAC showing the Dragonized Heartbreak Transit; the planets in black represent the positions of the stars when Marilyn was born and the planets in red represent the positions of the planets on the day Marilyn first met Joe DiMaggio.





A person will have a Heartbreak Transit whenever transiting Saturn is forming a Clash Angle to the person’s natal Chiron.


A Heartbreak Transit is really bad and is one of the two worst transits you can have (the other is the Nuclear Transit, which is formed whenever transiting Saturn is forming a Clash Angle to natal Jupiter).


The Heartbreak Transit and the Nuclear Transit are the worst transits we can have.  But it is even worse to have horrible Planetary Geometry formed by transiting planets.


Once in a while, as the planets go around and around, the transiting planets line up in such a way with our natal planets so they combine to form powerful Planetary Geometry. Whenever this happens, something truly significant can happen in our lives.


One of the most powerful forms of Planetary Geometry is the Mystical Triangle.


As shown in the above CAC, on the day Marilyn Monroe met Joe DiMaggio, transiting Saturn and transiting Chiron combined with Marilyn’s natal Sun to create a Mystical Triangle (as illustrated in the above CAC by the Mystical Triangle formed with the red/blue lines).  All together, the three planets form a Dragonized Heartbreak Transit.


When it comes to transits in the Astrology of Love, the Dragonized Heartbreak Transit is the absolute worst transit anyone can have and Marilyn Monroe was having that transit when she first met Joe DiMaggio.  That is the biggest reason why she endured one heartbreak after another in their love union.


As if that was not bad enough, Marilyn was suffering from another Dragonized Clash when she met Joe DiMaggio.  Transiting Saturn combined with her natal Sun and Juno to form another Dragonized Clash.  This too was horrible.


It wasn’t any better for Joe DiMaggio – in fact, it was even worse.







On the day that Joe DiMaggio met Marilyn Monroe, he had both a Dragonized Heartbreak Transit and a Dragonized Nuclear Transit.


Below is a CAC showing the Double Dragonized Transits that Joe DiMaggio had when he first met Marilyn Monroe.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Joe was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when he first met Marilyn Monroe.




Transiting Saturn and the transiting Saturn/Jupiter midpoint combined with his natal Chiron to form one Mystical Triangle (forming the Dragonized Heartbreak Transit).


Transiting Saturn and the transiting Saturn/Jupiter midpoint combined with his natal Jupiter to form the other Mystical Triangle (forming the Dragonized Nuclear Transit).


Individual transits all work and all have an influence on our lives.


But when two or more individual transits combine to form certain types of Planetary Geometry, the power of the transits is increased exponentially.


This concludes Part One of our lesson about Monroe and DiMaggio.


Magi Astrology is the only form of astrology that recognizes the awesome power of Planetary Geometry and knows how to both accurately interpret it and even how to harness its power.  This is one reason why Magi Astrology helps us to fulfill our dreams and avoid nightmares.  But it is nearly impossible to do this without special software that helps us to see Planetary Geometry.  Since existing astrology software was completely unable to display and utilize Planetary Geometry, we had to develop our own software.


The Magi Society introduced our first software program in 1996 and has now developed a third generation of software and we give each of our members free software when they join us. We also offer a free Certification Program that is designed to help our members to learn the principles of Magi Astrology.  If you might be interested in joining the Magi Society and would like information about our software and other benefits of membership, please click here and send us an email.



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