Magi Astrology

FOR MAY 2003


The dates below are the best days in May 2003 for the twelve romance activities described
(to read about the criteria we use in selecting these dates click here).


Activity Best day(s)
1. Carry out a memorably
successful seduction
May 31
2. Meet someone new
who could be the one
May 8
3. Commence a fling that will
not complicate your life
May 2
4. Go out to the single spots and
look for someone new to spend the night
May 10
5. Ask for a commitment (like
marriage) from a loved one
May 7
6. Break off an affair May 24
7. Ask for forgiveness and rekindle
a relationship gone awry
May 5
8. Talk over problems and
arrive at an agreeable solution
May 29
9. Make love for the first time
with someone you want to marry
May 18
10. Make love for the first time with someone
you are sure you never want to marry
May 1
11.  Go out on a first date May 17
12. Begin a live-in relationship May 9





We chose the above dates based on the Planetary Geometry of each day in May 2003.  We explain how to do this in our third book.  If you would like to look at the Planetary Geometry of each day in May, click here.


We believe the LoveOracle™ is fun to use, and can be of help to you in your love life.  But please remember that any matter of love or sex is serious business. You can get the most out of the LoveOracle™ if you learn all of the principles of Magi Astrology related to both love and sex, especially about TRANSITS.


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