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February 16, 2002


Dubbed by many British tabloids as the brokenhearted Princess, Margaret of Windsor, Queen Elizabeth's sister, recently passed on (the night of February 8, 2002).  She is the first daughter of a Windsor king who has undeniably had at least four lovers, probably quite a few more.


Margaret was the first Windsor woman to visibly crack the stodginess that was the hallmark of the Windsor Monarchy.  During a period of time when the ladies of Windsor were expected to be ladies, she broke as many rules as possible.  She had steamy affairs, at least two of her affairs were while she was married, and she did not bother to hide them all that carefully. 


By most accounts, while in her early 20's, she fell in love with her one true love, Captain Peter Townsend, who was a war hero but he was also 16 years her elder.  The two had a highly public affair and she openly declared she wanted to marry him.  But the British royal family would not consent for her to marry Townsend, who as a divorcee was not considered suitable for a Princess of Windsor. Margaret fought hard but ultimately decided to place "duty before love" and ended their romance in November, 1955. 


A few years later, Margaret met the man who would father her children in the form of the remarkably handsome Anthony Armstrong-Jones, whom she married in Westminster Abbey on May 6, 1960.


But she was apparently never really happy during her marriage.  Observers say that she was pining for Captain Townsend and this drove Margaret to have at least two passionate affairs.  The first was with Robin Douglas-Home, but it turned out to be tragic.  They had originally met during the Fifties but sparks did not fly at that time.  However when they met again in 1966, the two embarked on an intense, month-long intimate relationship.


Margaret broke off their affair after speculation grew that the affair had put her marriage on the rocks. She sent him a farewell letter (the tabloids got hold of a copy of her letter dated March 25, 1966) telling him: "Our love has the passionate scent of new-mown grass and lilies about it. Not many people are lucky enough to have known any love like this."  Douglas-Home apparently was devastated and ultimately committed suicide 18 months later.


When Margaret was in her early 40's, she did what many married men do when they reach that age - she had an affair with a much younger lover.  Such activities are commonplace now but years ago when Margaret did it, almost no other woman of her stature before had been caught doing so. She was photographed topless on the Caribbean island of Mustique with Roddy Llewellyn, who was only 25 at the time and 18 years younger than she was.   The British tabloids coined a new term and forever after referred to Roddy as Margaret's "boy toy."


The pictures of Margaret's naked breasts with her boy toy sitting next to her in a Caribbean love nest were plastered on the pages of a British tabloid.  The pictures ultimately proved to be the catalyst for the end of her unhappy marriage.


Margaret and Armstrong-Jones were separated just a few months later and then quietly divorced. Most knowledgeable observers tell us that Margaret never got over Captain Townsend and that he was the love of her life.  She was therefore never really happy with Anthony Armstrong-Jones and this lack of romantic attachment to Anthony was her excuse for having her affairs.


Why did Margaret fall in love with Captain Townsend and could not get over him?

Why did Margaret not follow her heart and marry Townsend?

Why did Margaret marry Armstrong-Jones but not love him?


The answers are always in the stars and the secrets of the stars can be understood through Magi Astrology.


With Magi Astrology, we can understand the astrological reasons why Princess Margaret fell in love with Captain Townsend, but did not marry him.  And with Magi Astrology, we also understand why Princess Margaret at first thought she did love Anthony Armstrong-Jones (or she thought she would eventually love him), but then decided she could not.  With Magi Astrology, it is possible to understand the astrological signs of why anyone is more romantically attached to one person as opposed to another.


Of the men in her life, Princess Margaret was always the most drawn romantically to Captain Townsend and the signs of this were clearly written in the stars!





As we have continually explained on this website, Cinderella Linkages are the astrological keys to romantic attraction.  Contrary to what popular astrology tells us, romantic attraction has nothing to do with Sun signs, or Moon signs or anything else that has to do with the planets' positioning in the 12 signs.  This should be obvious since we can love one person of a particular Sun sign and yet not love anyone else born under that same sign.


The astrological key to romance is Cinderella Linkages! Captain Townsend and Princess Margaret formed some very strong Cinderella Linkages.   


The most basic tool of Magi Astrology for analyzing Cinderella Linkages is the CAC (Combined Alignment Chart and pronounced kak). Below is the CAC for the Princess and Captain Townsend. The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Townsend was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Princess Margaret was born.



Margaret and Townsend formed two Cinderella Linkages.  But these two Cinderella Linkages also are the basis for their forming two Romantic Super Linkages.  (One Romantic Super Linkage is formed because her Venus in red linked to both his Chiron and Jupiter.  The other Romantic Super Linkage arises from her Jupiter making a trine to his Chiron and Mercury.  This second Romantic Super Linkage is essentially exact enough to make a Grand Trine.)


But there is more. Both Romantic Super Linkages include a Cinderella Linkage.  AND the two Romantic Super Linkages interlock with each other because Townsend's Chiron is the basis for both Romantic Super Linkages.


They also had a Sexual Linkage of his Mars being contra-parallel to her Pluto so they had a lot of spice as well as romance when they were together.


When you combine spice with a whole lot of romantic attraction, you can get the kind of love that you never forget about. 





You might be asking why did Margaret choose to leave Townsend if she was so much in love with him? The answer could save you from having a heartbreak of your own.


In the last link, we explained how Michael Jordan was having very bad transits during the months that led up to his wife's filing for a divorce.  Well – Captain Townsend was having very bad transits during the months that led up to Princess Margaret's choosing to end their relationship.


Below is a CAC of the transits that Townsend was having in November of 1955, the month Princess Margaret made a speech telling the world she decided to choose duty over love and essentially dumped him.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Townsend was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets on November 15, 1955.




In the above CAC, it is easy to see that Townsend was having bad transits.  Transiting Pluto and Jupiter were making Turbulent Transits to his natal Sun.  Transiting Chiron and Neptune were making Turbulent Transits to his natal Neptune. Transiting Chiron was also 150 degrees from his natal Saturn, and that was another Turbulent Transit because the 150 angle is Turbulent if Saturn is involved.


That is a lot of bad transits involving very important planets, but it is even worse than that. There are three Turbulent FOCUS TRANSITS


A Focus Transit (as taught to our members well over a year ago) is the most powerful type of transit and it can occur in two ways:


One way: a natal chart has an aspect and a transiting planet makes a transit to both of the planets that form the aspect.


Second way: two transiting planets form an aspect in the sky and each of these transiting planets make a transit to a natal planet.


In reality, a Focus Transit is actually two transits; but the two transits occur at the same time and form powerful Planetary Geometry (a powerful shape) and therefore are much more powerful than just two transits.  A Focus Transit normally has the power of three or four transits.


Captain Townsend was having three Turbulent Focus Transits when Princess Margaret decided that she would forsake their love. 


First Turbulent Focus Transit: Transiting Jupiter and Pluto formed a conjunction in the sky and they both were square to his natal Sun.


Second Turbulent Focus Transit: Transiting Chiron and Neptune formed a square in the sky and they both made a Turbulent Angle to his natal Neptune.


Third Turbulent Focus Transit: Townsend had a natal aspect of Neptune and Saturn (30 degrees) and transiting Chiron made a Turbulent Angle to both of these natal planets.


During such bad transits, everyone, including Margaret, looked upon Townsend in the least favorable light.  The result was heartbreak.


You might say that Townsend did not have a chance because of those transits.  But we believe that if you know what is happening in the stars, you can avoid making drastic mistakes that would otherwise cause unhappiness for an entire life.  If Margaret had asked us for our advice, we would have advised her to wait until Townsend's Turbulent Focus Transits passed and then make her decision.  She probably would then have done it all differently and would have decided to choose love over duty and we could have helped her to find her Cinderella Time to make her dream come true.  You see, we are idealistic and believe you can have both love and be responsible to duty. 





Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones were married for 16 years and their marriage produced two children.  But they divorced and their divorce was bitter.


Why did Margaret and Armstrong-Jones marry, and then get divorced?


The answers are always in the stars and Magi Astrology unlocks such answers. 


As we have said all over this website, the most reliable sign that two people could marry is the Romantic Super Linkage; and the most reliable sign that the marriage could get into trouble is the Saturn Clash.  Margaret and Armstrong-Jones had both.  Below is the CAC for them.  The planets in black represent the positions of the planets when Armstrong-Jones was born and the planets in red represent the positions of the planets when Margaret was born.





In the above CAC, we drew lines connecting the most important Linkages and Clashes but they had a lot of them so there are some important interaspects we did not draw lines for (we do not like to clutter the CAC).


Margaret and Armstrong-Jones formed three Romantic Super Linkages (only one is highlighted with connecting lines shown in the above CAC).


First: His Chiron and his Neptune are parallel her Sun (this is the most romantic one they had)

Second: His Mars and Mercury are both contra-parallel her Chiron

Third: His aspect of Saturn trine Chiron both form interaspects to her Venus


Considering that their Chiron-Mars Linkage is the Sexual Marital Linkage, and they had two Cinderella Linkages, they had a lot going for them.  However, their natal charts also formed two Nuclear Clashes, and we believe these two Clashes were too much for them.  (Margaret formed no bad Clashes with Captain Townsend.)


When a couple form both very strong Linkages and also bad Clashes, the normal result is attraction during the first stage, then confusion and ultimately antagonism.  This is what happened with the Princess.  But if you are in a love union and you have similar conflicting signs in your CAC, it does not mean your relationship will also break up. When it comes to matters of personal relationships, all the rules of astrology are what we call 77 TYPE RULES.  Such rules work 77% of the time (almost 4 out of 5).  These are very reliable and good rules and if we know how to use them, we are much less likely to suffer heartbreak and much more likely to find happiness in love.  For this reason, although such rules are not 100% (nothing about human relationships is, especially when it comes to love), we should still definitely learn the rules and utilize them in our lives.


One reason there cannot be 100 percent rules about love is that God smiles on love and God smiles on lovers -- so He designed the stars to leave enough wiggle room so He can answer our prayers and make our relationships the exceptions to the rules if we are worthy. 


We promised our members we would teach them Magi Astrology before we teach the public.  We taught our members about Focus Transits over a year ago on our Members Only Website.  If you might like to join the Magi Society and get a head start on learning Magi Astrology, please click here and send us an email.



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