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Tiger Woods Misses Cut at US Open,

Ends Streak of Making Cut in 39 Consecutive Tournaments

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The past few months have been very difficult for Tiger Woods...his father who he was no doubt extremely close with, and who was instrumental in his success, died just about 9 weeks ago...and then Friday, he failed to make the cut at the US Open ending the streak which he had shared with only one other pro golfer, Jack Nicklaus, for making the cut in 39 consecutive tournaments.

Whenever an athlete plays extraordinarily well, or plays uncharacteristically poorly, you can always bet that the answer is in the stars..and this case is no different.

Transits from Saturn are always a sign that we are less likely to be able to perform at our best...and Tiger has been having one of the worst Saturn Transits that a person can have...the stressful and turbulent alignment of Saturn quincunx to his Sun. Under such a transit, a person is very prone to making errors that can haunt them for years. It is also likely that at that time, a person will be unlikely to be considered in a very favorable light...worse, people will be actively looking for one's faults.

This one very bad Saturn transit would be bad enough...but it is only one piece of the puzzle. In fact, on Friday when Tiger failed to make the cut ending his streak, Mars in the Geocentric sky was moving in to align with Saturn as well....which means that Tiger was also having the transit of Mars quincunx his Sun . Mars is the planet of Physical Energy, Athletes and Athleticism. In addition to the quincunx transit of Mars to Sun being unpredictable, with a person's energy swinging between sluggishness to over the top pushiness, this ALSO meant that Tiger was having the unfavorable transit of the Mars/Saturn midpoint to his Sun at a turbulent angle too!

[The placement of the transiting Mars/Saturn midpoint as well as other important information has been noted for you in the charts included in this posting. In all of our articles (here, in our books and on our main website) we always try to present a useful graphic image...however, if you fail to read the text, read the text incompletely or simply fail to comprehend the text that accompanies each graphic, you may by too quickly glancing at the chart alone, (unless you are an expert student of Magi Astrology) , become confused. But what may seem to the unstudied eye to be a crazy, hard to comprehend 'salad' , isn't. The images and the information that they depict are always easily understood if you slowly and carefully read what we write to accompany the charts shown...and use your noggin! It's worth taking the time to do so. ]

The Mars/Saturn midpoint is indicative of a loss of athletic prowess, or using too much or too little physical energy...but never the 'right' amount. It can also be symbolic of 'bad judgment [Saturn] physically, athletically [Mars]'.

That this particular tournament coincided with these alignments was a bad sign for Tiger. But there was even worse.

In Magi Astrology, midpoints are considered to be every bit as important and valid as the actual planets themselves. As a rule, those midpoints involving Saturn tend to, like Saturn itself, be symbolic of some type of problem, loss, difficulty, or tragedy...and conversely the midpoints involving Jupiter tend to be helpful, aiding in one's being successful in some way depending on the other planet that is combining to create the midpoint.

One of the very worst midoints is the Saturn/Chiron midpoint. The Saturn/Chiron midpoint is symbolic of among other things 'loss [Saturn] of recognition [Chiron]' and heartbreak.

In Magi Astrology the trine, where two planets are separated by 120 degrees, is considered to be a very favorable alignment...but there is one exception...and that exception has to do with Saturn. To boil it down, Saturn's nature is so bad, that there simply aren't any 'good' transits created by a transit of Saturn 'trine' to the Sun in a person's chart would not be considered a 'favorable' influcence..rather it is a negative and unhelpful influence, but ordinarily, unless it becomes a part of a greater collection of transits, it does not tend to indicate the very worst extremes of stress and turbulence in quite the same way that the stressful transits of Saturn square, opposed or quincunx to a planet will...but they're close!

Since Magi Astrology is CONSISTENT, that means that in the same vein, transits by SATURN MIDPOINTS are likewise unfavorable at all times...and that would include the trine and the conjunction.

At the time that Tiger missed the cut, in addition to the trouble he was having due to Saturn , Mars, and the Mars/Saturn midpoint all making STRESSFUL AND TURBULENT transits to his Sun ( The Person), Tiger was ALSO having the unfortunate transit of the Saturn/Chiron midpoint, which we term the HEARTBREAK MIDPOINT to his Sun as well!

Talk about a bad day.

How could it possibly be worse? was.

While as a rule the midpoints involving Jupiter are favorable and helpful, like Jupiter's nature itself, there is one exception.

The Saturn/Jupiter midpoint, by transit or progression, tilts violently negative and its nature tends to be similar to the horrible stress and turbulence of the Saturn to Jupiter transit. In Magi Astrology, we give this very bad transit a special name. Just as we name the Saturn to Chiron transit the HEARTBREAK TRANSIT ( and the Saturn/Chiron midpoint the HEARTBREAK MIDPOINT), we call the Saturn to Jupiter transit the NUCLEAR TRANSIT...and hence, the Saturn/Jupiter midpoint is called the NUCLEAR MIDPOINT.

The Saturn/Jupiter midpoint is symbolic of Loss of Luck, Destruction of Faith, Bad Judgment overpowering Good is symbolic of TRAGEDY.

The transit of the Saturn/Jupiter midpoint to any planet in a person's chart is of a similar nature to a very bad transit from Saturn itself to that planet...and in Tiger Woods' case, the transiting Saturn/Jupiter midpoint has been retrograding to align in a STRESSFUL AND TURBULENT ALIGNMENT with his CHIRON [Recognition, Career, Noteworthiness, Family, Life, Destiny].

In other words, Tiger Woods is having ANOTHER, even worse HEARTBREAK TRANSIT.

No athlete, not even one as gifted as Tiger Woods, could compete well under those circumstances.

But there is one final TWIST to this picture.

The STRESSFUL AND TURBULENT TRANSITS that Tiger was having from Saturn and Mars were at a quincunx angle...which is 150 degrees. At the same time, the STRESSFUL AND TURBULENT NUCLEAR HEARTBREAK TRANSIT of the Saturn/Jupiter midpoint to Tiger's Chiron was likewise a quincunx, the same type of 150 degree angle...and THOSE TWO DIFFERENT SETS OF QUINCUNX ALIGNMENTS, WERE/ARE SITTING JUST RIGHT ( OR RATHER, IN THIS CASE, BADLY) SO AS TO CREATE A SPECIAL SYMMETRICAL GEOMETRIC SHAPE, A PARTICULAR KIND OF PARALLELOGRAM.

In our second book, The Magi Society Ephemeris, we included 100 pages of never before revealed secrets of Magi Astrology and we touched upon this concept. We refer to this type of PARALLELOGRAM a MAGI QUAD. [A parallelogram has 4 sides where at least two of the sides are parallel to one another, hence 'quad' as in quadrangle]

For many this is a tricky concept to understand...but what is not 'tricky' in any way is training your eye to see SYMMETRICAL PATTERNS.


Further we have for years stressed, in the material published in our books, and on our website that SYMMETRICAL PLANETARY GEOMETRY WHEN IT OCCURS TENDS TO BE THE SINGLE MOST POWERFUL INDICATOR AT ANY GIVEN TIME.

Most of the time, this type of Magi Quad/Parallelogram shape will not indicate the type of stress and turbulence that Tiger is and has been experiencing...that is because in most instances the quincunx alignment is helpful rather than harmful...but in both cases here, the Quincunx alignment is being created by Saturn, the very worst planet, or a Saturn involved the entire formation tilts towards an indication of extreme stress, turbulence and is a special sign of potentially great difficulty.

Lastly, Tiger's chart was also still being effected by yet ANOTHER Stressful and Turbulent Symmetrical Planetary Configuration...a T-Square being formed by the Transiting Heartbreak Clash of Transiting Saturn opposing Transiting Chiron...and his form a Heartbreak T-square.

While Saturn was already past the peak of the transit to Tiger's Uranus ( which is a transit indicating Unfortunate ( Saturn) Changes (Uranus) and a potential Loss ( Saturn) of Fame ( Uranus) or Undesired/Negative ( Saturn) Fame and Notoriety ( Uranus), Chiron in the Geocentric sky was, and will be for a while, continuing to make the stressful and turbulent square alignment to Tiger's Uranus for a few more months. In Magi Astrology, we call this turbulent transit of Chiron to Uranus an UPHEAVAL TRANSIT...specifically it tends to be a sign of careeer upheaval and the possibility of being displaced. In fact, because of the Saturn Chiron Heartbreak Alignment forming this T-Square we might call it a sign of HEARTBREAKING ( Saturn/Chiron) CHANGE OR DISPLACEMENT ( URANUS).

Magi Astrology is the only form of astrology that recognizes the awesome power of Planetary Geometry and knows how to both accurately interpret it and even how to harness its power.  This is one reason why Magi Astrology helps us to fulfill our dreams and avoid nightmares.  But it is nearly impossible to do this without special software that helps us to see Planetary Geometry.  Since existing astrology software was completely unable to display and utilize Planetary Geometry, we had to develop our own software.

The Magi Society introduced our first software program in 1996 and has now developed a third generation of software and we give each of our members free software when they join us. We also offer a free Certification Program that is designed to help our members to learn the principles of Magi Astrology.  If you might be interested in joining the Magi Society and would like information about our software and other benefits of membership, please click here and send us an email.

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