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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

At the conclusion of the 2005 College Football season, Heisman Trophy winner and University of Southern California star running back, Reggie Bush seemed to be a virtual lock to be the first player selected in the 2006 NFL Draft. Bush has been described by many football pundits as the most electrifying collegiate player in the last 10 years.

The Houston Texans owned the first pick overall in the 2006 NFL Draft and had the luxury of being able to negotiate a contract with the player of their choosing before the actual selection took place on 4/29/2006. The Texans owner, Bob McNair was adamant about signing his teamís 1st pick to a contract prior to the draft. Already embarrassed by his teamís dismal performance over the past few years, McNair did not want to risk negative media coverage of a long protracted negotiation along with the disruption of a star player not reporting on time to start the season.

The Texans, greatly enamored of Bushís talents, initially approached him and his advisors prior to the draft in an effort to negotiate a contract. Unfortunately, Bush greatly overplayed his hand by asking for a substantial amount of money more than the 1st pick overall made in 2005. The Texans quickly reversed their field and made a deal with another player. Bush ended up being picked as the second pick overall. In 2005, the difference in guaranteed money between the 1st and 2nd pick in the draft was over 5 million dollars. While Bush has yet to sign a contract he is almost assured of receiving less money than if he was the first pick.

Bush was having a Bi-level Nuclear Clash with transiting Saturn in both opposition and contra-parallel his natal Jupiter. This clash is indicative of bad judgment, poor decisions, and being inclined to listen to advice that is damaging, and ignoring advice that is helpful. Furthermore, this clash has a tendency to cast a shadow of unfavorable light on the native, where your shortcomings are emphasized and others are reluctant to give you the benefit of the doubt.

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