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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Today Paul McCartney and Heather Mills announced that they are separating after almost 4 years of marriage.

Ex-Beatle McCartney blames media for marriage split (link no longer available).

McCartney-Mills Marriage with Transits 5/17/06.

The Marriage Chart itself has been having a series of Heartbreak Transit of Saturn to the Marriage Chart Chiron off and on since last fall.We have a term for this in Magi Astrology...we call it a LOOPED this case we would call this a LOOPED HEARTBREAK TRANSIT.


The Heartbreak Transit of Saturn to Chiron is one of the two very worst transits that anyone or anything can have. (The other is the Nuclear Transit of Saturn to Jupiter...for the record the transit of Saturn to Neptune would come in as the third worst transit) For a Marriage , the stressful transit of Saturn to Chiron is even more deadly because Chiron is symbolic of Committed Relationship, Trust and Marriage itself...and Saturn symbolizes Tragedy, and Destruction.

A stressful and turbulent transit from Saturn occurs whenever it is at a 90 degree angle (the square), 180 degree angle ( the opposition) , the 150 degree angle (the quincunx) or is contra-parallel in declination to any planet in a natal chart.

A Heartbreak Transit occurs whenever Saturn makes a stressful and turbulent transit to Chiron.

A Looped Transit occurs whenever a planet in Longitude or Declination makes REPEATED TRANSITS DUE TO ITS RETROGRADE MOTION.

Late last Summer, Saturn entered the sign of Leo from a Geocentric Persepective. The McCartney Marriage had its first Heartbreak Transit of Saturn to Chiron in September of 2005.

McCartney-Mills Marriage Heartbreak Transit 1.

That would have been bad enough. What's more, as Saturn moved past the position of Chiron in the Marriage Chart, it then continued to make the stressful and turbulent opposition transit to Neptune in the Marriage Chart. Neptune symbolizes the sense of Peace, Safety, Safe Harbor, Health, Tranquility, Emotional and Material Security as well as Longevity. The turbulent transit of Saturn to Neptune then symbolizes a period of great stress and turbulence which can be destructive to the emotional security and longevity of anything.

To go from the Heartbreak Transit to a period destructive of emotional security and tranquility is a very bad recipe on its own.

Then on 11/22, Saturn went retrograde. When a planet goes retrograde, it means that it appears to move 'backward' for a time from our perspective here on the Earth. All of the astrological planets except for the Sun and the Moon spend different periods moving retrograde every year. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron all spend a large part of each year seeming to move 'backwards' from our perspective here on the Earth.

Unlike traditional astrology, Magi Astrology does not consider simply the movement of a planet in the sky in retrograde motion to be 'bad'. However, we do very strongly note that this backtracking motion can give us two very important indications from the stars.

The first of these indications has to do with just where a planet appears to 'stop' and hover in the sky. It will appear to do this just before it begins to move retrograde, and then later when it again slows down and hovers over a certain position in the sky before it begins to move forward again.

Astrologers call this 'stopping' and 'hovering' STATIONING. The reason that it can be very important to note, is simply because as it 'stops' and 'hovers' , the transiting planet becomes very very very slow...which means that it can make a transit last far far longer than it ordinarly might last.

When this slowness accompanies a STRESSFUL AND TURBULENT TRANSIT , especially the Stressful and Turbulent Transits of Saturn, it can mean the difference between having a few bad weeks and having a bad month or more. The longer a difficult transit goes on, the more potential damage it can do. In the case of a relationship, we can all usually last through a tough week or two...but when this becomes three, four, five weeks and more, then the situation can begin to seem more and more hopeless.

The second important reason for observing this retrograding motion though, and the most important one from the McCartney's perspective, is that because of this BACKTRACKING, it means that a transit can REPEAT.

In the case of Saturn, it means that instead of having 1 transit, a person or a thing ( like this marriage chart) will have THREE passes of the same transit over a relatively short period of time, in this case over the past 7 to 8 months. We call these repeating transits LOOPED TRANSITS, because it as though the transiting planet is making a LOOP around the planet it is aligning with in the natal chart.

LOOPED TRANSITS can be either good or depends on what planet is TRANSITING and what type of ALIGNMENT the transiting planet is making to the natal planet. Of course, the very worst transits are from Saturn. Saturn makes no good transits. But the stressful and turbulent transits of Saturn are the very worst of the very very worst LOOPED TRANSITS that one can have are Stressful and Turbulent Looped Transits involving Saturn.


There are always so so many transits that are happening all of the time. It can be very confusing to try to weed out what are the very most important messages that the stars have in store for a person or a thing like a marriage. LOOPED TRANSITS are one of the important tools in a Magi Astrologer's toolbox. Looped transits which will repeat a number of times are more important than transits which occur only once.

With the McCartney's Marriage Chart, Saturn in the sky got just a tiny bit past making the stressful and turbulent transit to their Marriage Neptune...and then IT STOPPED IN THE SKY TO COME BACK AGAIN, OPPOSING THEIR NEPTUNE FOR A SECOND TIME IN RAPID FIRE SUCCESSION, AND THEN RETURNING FOR A SECOND HEARTBREAK TRANSIT. This gave Paul and Heather no breathing room. Out of the frying pan, into the fire, into the inferno, over, and over, and over.

Saturn Station 11/22/05.

After the beginning of February, Saturn backed away from the stressful and turbulent transits to Neptune and Chiron in the McCartney's marriage chart...but it didn't pull back very far and it began to slow way down. Then at the beginning of April, it stopped to begin its forward movement once more...meaning that it immediately began to make the Heartbreak Transit to Paul and Heather's marriage chart for a third time, and this time very very slowly.

The media had been speculating about a split for weeks...during this very same period...and according to a friend in the news accounts, the couple's rows had become so bad that they couldn't sleep under the same roof.

Saturn Station 4/5/06.

At the time of today's announcement, the marriage chart had been having an active Heartbreak Transit for about 6 weeks running, and with weeks to go before its end at the beginning of June. In fact, the forward movement of Saturn won't finish with its third and last disturbing transit of the marriage chart's Neptune until very early in July.

McCartney-Mills Marriage Heartbreak Transit #3

That is one heck of a long haul.

The difficult transits to this chart are not the entire story. Every chart has its own built in strengths and weaknesses. Another of the problems here has to do with the intrinsic weakness and problems in the chart of the day that Paul and Heather got married. Even the strongest of wedding charts would be severely challenged by this long run of stressful and turbulent Heartbreak Transits...but when you couple an inauspicious Marriage Chart with this type of transiting difficulty, the situation becomes all the more bleak.

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