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Thursday, June 8, 2006

With sadness, Hollywood couple, Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe jointly announced on May 26, 2006 that they were filing for divorce. During the marriage Swank received “Best Actress” Academy Awards for her roles in the movies “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Million Dollar Baby.” Chad Lowe, best known for being actor Rob Lowe’s brother, has spent the majority of his acting career as an episode guest star on numerous TV series. The marriage received immense notoriety when Swank forgot to thank her husband in her acceptance speech after receiving the Oscar for “Boys Don’t Cry.” Mortified at her guffaw, Swank used every public opportunity in the following months to praise and profusely thank Lowe for his love and support.

The attractive couple first met in 1992 at a Hollywood Athletic Club party. They subsequently married on September 28, 1997. The marriage produced no children.

On February 9, 2004 the Magi Society posted “MAGI ASTROLOGY’S TEN PRINCIPLES TO HELP ANYONE FIND TRUE LOVE AND AVOID HEARTBREAK” on the main web site. In that document, Magi Principle Ten About Love says:

"No matter how much two persons love each other, and no matter how well their two astrological charts match up, if the two persons get married on a horrible astrological day, their marriage would still be tumultuous and stressful, and probably result in heartbreak. Happiness can be attained by getting married on a perfect astrological day, if the date is properly selected utilizing Magi Astrology."

Unfortunately for Hilary Swank, she was not married on the perfect day for her. Their wedding day did not mesh well with her chart, resulting in a CAC that reflects turbulence and stress. Transiting Jupiter was applying by quincunx to her natal Saturn. In and of itself this can be a beneficial transit. However, there is a very critical caveat that you must heed. When Jupiter is transiting Saturn at a Saturn-clash angle*, you want to be exceptionally careful not to natalize anything important, particularly not something as life impacting as a marriage. The end result for her became a Nuclear Clash in her CAC with her Marriage Chart.

In addition, Hilary Swank had the transiting Saturn/Chiron midpoint (represented by “hk” in the chart) squaring her natal Chiron. This created a Heartbreak Midpoint Clash piled on top of the previously mentioned Nuclear Clash.

*Note: Saturn-clash angles include the quincunx and contra-parallel along with the traditional square and opposition.

CAC of Hilary Swank (Black Planets) & Swank-Lowe Marriage (Red Planets) hk = Saturn/Chiron Midpoint.

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