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Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow:

Another Example of The Heartbreak Clash In Action

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How do you explain a celebrity couple that seems to have it all...looks, success, fame...that seem to be a sporty good looking match together, who announce their engagement on national television, and then , splat, 5 months later issue a 'joint press announcement' [yeow, you can 'feel' the ice off those words 'joint press announcement'] that the engagement is off and that they're splitting up?

That's what happened between model beautiful rocker Sheryl Crow and cycling champion Lance Armstrong.

So you're Sheryl Crow. One minute it's the very beginning of September, you're sitting on a couch with Oprah, you're famous, you're successful, you've got the hair, you've got the bod and you're telling the 'O' ( and about 50 gazillion viewers) about how your boyfriend ,the superhero athlete cancer survivor icon, romantically proposed to you about a week before. This is dream come true stuff, right?

[Same thing for the boyfriend Lance is, on 'the couch', with The 'O', you've won the Tour De France for the SEVENTH time just a month or so before, you've made a jaw dropping, inspirational comeback from life threatening illness, you left one marriage that wasn't working and you're announcing that you're going to marry this unbelievably gorgeous, sexy, ultra talented, successful woman! ]

Heck, add a few cute animated animals singing a love song, give Oprah a Fairy Godmother costume, and you've got the makings of a classic fairy tale, right!

[For the moment let's leave out that the 'timing' of this proposal, August 31, would have been just a couple of days, if that, after the Hurricane Katrina tragedy that swept away an enormous amount of the Gulf Coast. Let's leave out for now that maybe, just maybe, that big tragedy could have been considered a teeny tiny, itsy, make that a GREAT BIG GLARING FLASHING RED LIGHT TYPE OF SIGN, a total 'Danger Will Robinson, Danger' Lost In Space type of moment, that it probably wasn't the best time star wise to do something totally boring like plunk down 20 bucks for a new clock radio at Kmart, never mind considering taking the 'big plunge' towards I Do land.

Like I said, we'll leave that to the side. Guess it's one sign that Lance may be top dog when it comes to a touring bike, but may not be the guy you want to go to when you're looking to time an important event in your life..but hey, we can't all be good at everything. (Note to NASA : negative on hiring Lance for the next big space mission timing position)

But, suggestion...for those who may be planning to do something super big...if a massive, world wide headline making, soul wrenching tragic event of Biblical proportions occurs right before, or just as you're going to dive into making a big major change in your life, like making a major investment, or popping the question, or deciding to pull up stakes and move halfway across the earth, uh, slow up. The stars are the most accurate powerful indicator of what is likely to happen at any given time, but heck, if you see or hear of a super powerful disaster happening you don't even have to LOOK at a chart , you don't have to have any special talent as a stargazer to KNOW that the stars must be B- A - D at that time. Got it? Big Bad Horrible Once In A Lifetime Tragedy happening = Bad Stars In Da Sky = stay away, hold off, wait. Pretty simple. ]

But back to Sheryl and Lance...

Fast forward, you're Sheryl Crow...a few months later, the halls are being decked, but the rumors are that there's trouble in deny it, you talk about how you're having your wedding gown done by a famous designer, superhero athlete cancer survivor icon boyfriend denies you're having trouble, you say it's all good, he says it's all good, it's all ha ha, oh rumors , oh those pesky scandal sheets, you know...

Then wham, at the beginning of February, not even 6 months after sitting on that couch on the Oprah Show ( yup, 'the' couch, the famous couch, the exact same one that Tom Cruise did his spasmodic, overwrought, reputation damaging, cushion bouncing routine on, that couch that will probably end up in the Smithsonian Institute some day, The Oprah Couch), not even 6 month's later, right at the beginning of February, you're issuing a 'joint press announcement' (brrrrrrrrrrr) saying that the engagement is off, you're separating.

If that's not bad enough, then a few weeks later you're into the hospital for breast cancer surgery!

Let's put it this way...Sheryl Crow, the beautiful, hip, talented rock star sure hasn't had it easy the past 6 months...not by a long, long, long shot!

Hopefully health wise all is now going well, the docs have fixed her up and she's on a fast track for 100 percent recovery...everyone who reads this should say a special prayer for her.

But Sheryl could have saved herself some of the heartache of the past 6 months ,at least in the boyfriend aka prospective husband department where Lance was concerned, if she had known about Magi Astrology.

That's because Sheryl and Lance , unfortunately, are yet another in the long list of examples that Magi Astrology 'works'...I say unfortunately, because in this particular case it is an example of the accuracy of The Heartbreak Clash in action. But what was unfortunate for Sheryl and Lance doesn't have to be unfortunate for YOU if you learn this very important principle of Magi Astrology.

Sure, the stars were downright lousy when Lance was doing the romantic proposal stuff...but long long before that, Sheryl could have learned that where Lance was concerned, he was really just a playmate at best...and a heartbreak waiting to happen for sure...and definitely NOT her soulmate.

How? Simply by seeing that Saturn in his chart makes a stressful and turbulent angle to Chiron in her chart. In Magi Astrology, we give that particular combination a name....THE HEARTBREAK CLASH...sounds bad huh? It's supposed to.

Lance Armstrong, Sheryl Crow CAC.

In 1999, The Magi Society published its third book, Magi Astrology: The Key To Success In Love And Money. It was in that book that we made known a number of powerful secrets of Magi Astrology. The most monumental astrological secrets that we revealed in that book had to do with our discovery of what Chiron really symbolizes,like Committed Relationship, Marriage, The Soulmate, Trust, Destiny and even Life and Death ...and perhaps most importantly of all, we revealed that when you know what Chiron symbolizes you have a phenomenal opportunity to AVOID HEARTBREAK.

That's because along with revealing the true symbolisms of Chiron, we also revealed an earth shattering important discovery of Magi Astrology...that when Saturn in one person's chart makes a turbulent stressful angle to Chiron in another person's chart, it is the stars way of warning that they are NOT soulmates but that it is VERY VERY LIKELY that they will be DECEIVED into THINKING that they are soulmates, that they are at great risk of spending lots of time and energy building their dreams together...and are VERY VERY LIKELY to EXPERIENCE A HEARTBREAK OF SOUL SEARING PROPORTIONS when they wake up one horrible day and discover that they aren't soulmates, could NEVER be soulmates, and that all of those hopes and dreams come crashing down into a flaming heap of rubble.

In fact, we even published that when two people have the HEARTBREAK CLASH, they may be led to believe that they have fallen in love with one another, but that they are MOST LIKELY TO BREAK OFF BEFORE A MARRIAGE ( CHIRON) CAN TAKE PLACE.

The first step to TRULY realiziing your dreams, the first step to TRULY finding YOUR SOULMATE, is KNOWING who your soulmate ISN'T. It's avoiding spending huge amounts of time and investing your heart and soul in something that has HEARTBREAK written all over it.

Magi Astrology is the only form of astrology that recognizes the awesome power of Planetary Geometry and knows how to both accurately interpret it and even how to harness its power.  This is one reason why Magi Astrology helps us to fulfill our dreams and avoid nightmares.  But it is nearly impossible to do this without special software that helps us to see Planetary Geometry.  Since existing astrology software was completely unable to display and utilize Planetary Geometry, we had to develop our own software.

The Magi Society introduced our first software program in 1996 and has now developed a third generation of software and we give each of our members free software when they join us. We also offer a free Certification Program that is designed to help our members to learn the principles of Magi Astrology.  If you might be interested in joining the Magi Society and would like information about our software and other benefits of membership, please click here and send us an email.

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