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December 19, 2000

We hear Madonna will be marrying Guy Ritchie on December 22 in a castle in the UK.

So is it her Cinderella Time?

Yes. This time, Madonna is going to get married during her Cinderella Time and it means her marriage has a real chance of success.

We have been saying in other parts of this website that according to a theory of Magi Astrology, a woman is most likely to marry her Prince Charming during her Cinderella Time. This is a highly accurate theory. There is a corollary to this theory that says that if a woman marries a man while she is not having Cinderella Transits, the man is not likely to be her Prince Charming.

The research of the Magi Society discovered that a lot of women get married when it is not their Cinderella Time, and the overwhelming majority of such marriages end in divorce. Madonna was one of these many millions of women because when Madonna married Sean Penn on August 16, 1985, she was not having and Cinderella Transits. To make matters even worse, she was having a Heartbreak Transit. A Heartbreak Transit occurs when transiting Saturn is making a Clash Angle to natal Chiron. Below is a CAC (Combined Alignment Chart) of Madonna and her most important transits when she married Sean. The black planets represent the positions of the planets when she was born. The red planets represent the positions of the transiting planets in the sky when she married Sean.

As everyone knows, Madonna's marriage to Sean Penn ended in heartbreak for both Madonna and Sean. Madonna first filed for divorce less than 30 months after they got married. But Madonna was deeply in love with Sean and gave him another chance so she withdrew her divorce filing. However, after a year of bitter disappointments and unhappiness, Madonna again filed for divorce and this time she did not change her mind.

As you can see from the CAC above, on the day Madonna married Sean, transiting Saturn was making a Turbulent Angle to her natal Chiron. This alignment created a Heartbreak Clash between her natal chart and the chart of the day she married Sean, which is their Marriage Chart. Whether you form a Heartbreak Clash with a Marriage Chart or with a person's birth chart, the most likely outcome is heartbreak.

Poor Madonna and Sean. In addition to the Heartbreak Clash, on the day Madonna married Sean, Saturn also formed a Clash Angle with her natal Sun. This created a very troublesome T-Square formation, one of the most stressful shapes of Planetary Geometry. To make matters worse, Madonna was not having any Cinderella Transits when she married Sean. So you see, the disastrous marriage between Madonna and Sean Penn was not all their fault. We believe that they were truly in love. And we do not believe that Madonna is impossible, or that Sean is uncontrollable. But the stars were stacked against them.

A great deal has been written and said about Madonna's marriage to Sean Penn. Thousands of pundits have given us their opinions as to why they believe the marriage was such a heartbreaking failure. But now you know the astrological reasons for the failure.



We are happy to say that Madonna will be having a Cinderella Transit when she marries Guy Ritchie on December 18, 2000.

As always, it is Chiron that is the key to Cinderella and Chiron is creating a Cinderella Transit for Madonna that will last until the end of the coming January. This is just like one of the Cinderella Transits that Gloria Steinem had when she met the man she would marry. Below is a CAC of Madonna on the day she has chosen to give marriage another try. The black planets represent the positions of the planets when she was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets on Dec. 22, when she will marry Guy Ritchie.


In the above CAC, we highlighted what we believe are the three most significant transits for Madonna on the day she is marrying Guy. Let us go over each transit:

1. The Cinderella Transit is great any time but especially when a person is getting married because it creates a Cinderella Linkage with the Marriage Chart.

2. This is the first time we have used the term Culmination Transit on this website. As the name implies, a Culmination Transit is a sign that something is culminating. There are about a half dozen combinations of planets that can form a Culmination Transit and most of them involve Chiron. In this case, the Culmination Transit is being formed because transiting Uranus is moving into a conjunction with Madonna's natal Chiron. We discovered from our research that such a transit often results in a beneficial change in a person's marital status and is the result of numerous events that all push in one direction, thus culminating in the change. If a person is single but in a good love union, the Culmination Transit is a sign that the love union is about to become formalized into a good marriage, especially if a Cinderella Transit is also occurring at the same time. If the love union is bad for the person, then the Culmination Transit is likely to break up the relationship. (The Magi Society has special Professional Level computer software that includes interpretations for all significant transits, linkages and clashes. These interpretations are not available in our books or anywhere else and are based on the extraordinary discoveries of the Magi Society's research. Only members of the Magi Society may purchase such software. If you would like to receive information about membership in the society and our special members' software, please click here and send us an email.)

3. The Saturn Clash Transit is obviously not good to have at any time, especially on the day we get married. In this particular case, the Saturn Transit will create a Saturn Clash between Madonna and the Madonna/Ritchie Marriage Chart. All Saturn Clashes are destabilizing to a marriage and it remains to be seen if Madonna and Guy have a deep enough love to overcome this Clash. We hope they do. We would have a clearer indication of how the marriage will most likely work out if we had Ritchie's birth date, but we are not sure of the date. As soon as we are, we will let you know.

But in spite of the Saturn Clash Transit, all in all, the outlook for this marriage far surpasses that of the Madonna/Penn marriage. The astrological keys to happy marriages are Cinderella Transits and Linkages and Madonna will have both this second time around. Although Madonna has gained a reputation for being tough as nails to the point of being a man-eater, we see a side of her that is sensitive, soft, generous and loyal. The Magi Society wishes Madonna, Guy and their children all the best. Besides, all women deserve to be a Cinderella, especially during their Cinderella Time.


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