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April 14, 2002


Ever since there have been men and women, there have also been love triangles.  Ever since there have been love triangles, the lovers involved in the triangles have gone to astrologers, soothsayers, oracles, etc. and asked for predictions about the outcome of the love triangle that they were involved in.  Unfortunately for these sad lovers, for all these thousands of years, no one had come up with any reliable way of accurately predicting who will be the big loser in a love triangle.  There seemed to be no way to answer the key question, which is:


Which of the three persons will end up with the heartbreak?


But the answers have always been in the stars.  It is just that no one knew how to read the stars -- until just recently.


In recent years, the Magi Society advanced the astrology of love a giant step forward by discovering some of the astrological secrets of accurately predicting the outcome of love triangles. In this link, we are going to introduce one of these valuable new astrological tools so that you can finally accurately predict the outcome of love triangles. 





The most famous triangle of recent times is that of Prince Charles, Princess Diana and Camilla Parker-Bowles.  Here is a brief history:


Years before Diana ever entered Charles' life, Charles and Camilla had a relationship based on steamy sex.  Apparently, Charles was willing to marry Camilla but Queen Elizabeth would not allow it because Camilla was already married and was a Catholic; Camilla also was not from the "right background."


Charles was briefly dating Diana's sister when Diana first entered Charles' life.  Prince Philip (Charles' father) and Queen Elizabeth agreed that Diana would make Charles a suitable wife and Charles was more than willing to pursue the romance.  Some say that Camilla also approved of Diana and actually encouraged Charles.


Diana knew about Camilla's relationship with Charles (the whole country knew) but it seems that before Diana agreed to marry Charles, she was able to extract a promise from Charles that if they married, Charles would no longer see Camilla.


Although Charles denies it, most knowledgeable observers of the royal family believe that Charles reestablished his sexual liaisons with Camilla only a few years after he married Diana.  Diana found out about the trysts a year or two after they recommenced and did everything she could to make Charles stop.  He did not stop.  Camilla had too strong a hold. This drove Diana into a very depressed state of mind that resulted in her having her own affair.  Perhaps Diana's biggest mistake was when she admitted her indiscretion on national television after which the Queen insisted that Charles divorce Diana.


About 99.99% of the men in this world would have chosen Diana over Camilla - but Charles is in the other 0.01%.  In part, it is because Camilla possessed a powerful ability to be able to harm Diana and destroy her marriage.  Why and how?  Below is a CAC showing our explanation of the main astrological reason Camilla was empowered to be able to inflict such a horrible heartbreak on Diana.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Diana was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Camilla was born.






In the above chart, you will see something new not seen before on this website -- at 3.6 degrees of North declination, you see a red Saturn/Chiron and this represents Camilla's natal Saturn-Chiron midpoint in the declinations.  Camilla's declinational Saturn-Chiron midpoint is contra-parallel to Diana's natal Chiron and therefore creates a Heartbreak Clash.  Camilla is the Saturn Person and therefore had some control over Diana's marriage and family life.


On this website, we first mentioned the Saturn-Chiron midpoint in our link discussing the September 11 tragedies.  We explained that on September 11, 2001, just a few minutes before the first World Trade Center collapsed, the Saturn-Chiron midpoint in the sky made an exact Turbulent Transit to the Sun and this was an indication of possible tragedy and heartbreak at that time.  There are many kinds of heartbreaks and the loss of thousands of American lives is one type of horrible heartbreak -- the families and loved ones of those who died suffered unfathomable heartbreak. 


We learned over and over on this website that when a person's Saturn makes a Turbulent Angle to another person's natal Chiron, this creates a Heartbreak Clash and it is a sign of possible heartbreak.  Saturn and Chiron are the components of the Heartbreak Clash.


In much the same way, if one person's Saturn-Chiron midpoint makes a Turbulent Angle with another person's natal Chiron, it creates a Heartbreak Clash and it is a reliable astrological sign that the Saturn-Chiron person can inflict heartbreak on the other person.  As explained in our second book, all planets combine to form midpoints and the meaning of the midpoints can be determined by combining the symbolisms of the planets forming the midpoint.







Most of you are reading this website because you have the intuitive feeling that astrology really works! Your intuition is correct. Astrology really does work.  But there have been too many missing links in astrological knowledge -- astrology has been missing many of the key tools necessary to be truly valuable.


The Magi Society is dedicated to discovering all of these missing tools.


Some say that astrology creates a whole picture and we have to look at the whole picture rather than just a portion of the picture to understand the entire story.


But it is more complex than that.


Astrology actually creates a whole three-dimensional statue of life - this is much more complex and interesting than a two-dimensional picture.


Traditional and popular astrology definitely have their merits.  But they are very limited.  For a very long time, Traditional Astrology has looked at the statue of life from one narrow angle; we believe it is the angle without very good lighting.


Magi Astrology already has some of the crucial missing links of astrology.   By mastering the principles of Magi Astrology, you can look at the statue of life from new angles not seen before.  Magi Astrology can open up a whole New World for you -- once you learn it, you will attain an understanding of your life and the world in a way you cannot achieve without Magi Astrology.


At the Magi Society, we help those who join us to learn Magi Astrology by providing software and lessons that are not available to those outside of the society.  Our software, MagiSoft, is unique -- for example, it is the only computer software program that presently calculates midpoint Linkages and Clashes in the declinations


We also offer our members a free Certification Program for those who wish to become Certified Magi Astrologers.  Soon, we will be launching a new Study Group Program for those who wish to study Magi Astrology with other members.


If you might be interested in joining the Magi Society, please click here and send us an email.



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