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September 6, 2003



When J Lo and Big Ben started dating last year, the tabloids were all abuzz about what a perfect couple they made Ė the big question was when would they marry?† The couple became the number one tabloid favorite.


When the summer began this year, J Lo and Ben were riding high in another way as well.† The two were the co-stars of a film that was going to be released just after J Lo's birthday which was July 24.† The movie, Gigli, was expected to be a smash hit and was supposed to showcase how romantic, perfect and hot Big Ben and J Lo were together on the screen.


But then came the crash for J Lo. Within a span of just three weeks, she got hit with two horrendous heartbreaks.


The first heartbreak resulted when Ben was caught having much too much fun at a strip club that he visited without J Lo.† J Lo felt so humiliated and betrayed that a week later, she attended her birthday party alone, without Ben, and with rumors of a breakup.†


Pretty darn heartbreaking.


This first heartbreak was followed by the disastrous failure of their movie, Gigli, which opened on schedule just a week after J Loís birthday.† Instead of being a hit, Gigli became one of the biggest bombs of the year.† The reviews were so bad the movie became the blunt of late night TV jokes.† Gigli showed how ordinary and totally uncharismatic Ben and J Lo were together on screen.


Pretty darn heartbreaking.


So whatís going on?† What was the astrological reason for J Loís double heartbreak?


The answer is simple Ė she was having a Heartbreak Transit!


As explained in our books and this website, a person is having a Heartbreak Transit whenever transiting Saturn is making a Turbulent Angle to the personís natal Chiron.† And that is exactly what was happening to J Lo when Ben went to the strip club, and when Gigli was released.


Below is a CAC of the Heartbreak Transit J Lo was having.† The black planets represent the positions of the planets when J Lo was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets on J Loís birthday, the day she went to her birthday party alone and without Ben.† Just a week later on August 1, their movie Gigli hit the theaters.





But you can do something about them to make them less problematic. Heartbreak Transits are rare - thank God. But when they do occur, they can be pretty darn heartbreaking.† That is why it is so important to know about them in advance.† For example, if J Lo had mastered Magi Astrology, she could have made sure she was with Ben during her Heartbreak Transit instead of being thousands of miles away the way she was.† That would have probably kept him from going astray and it certainly would have kept him from going to a strip club without her.† (You know the old saying - when the cat is away, the mice will play.† Ben is not a mouse but he has been known to play and men play most when their women are having Heartbreak Transits.)† As for the movie, J Lo could also have instructed her manager to make sure that Gigli was released during a much better astrological time frame - and certainly not during Heartbreak Transits.† If you release your film during your Heartbreak Transits, the film will give you a heartbreak.


Knowledge is power and Magi Astrology gives you knowledge that is just beginning to be able to be tapped for the first time in history.† You can finally gain a much greater command of your life - and avoid some heartbreaking experiences.† That is why thousands have told us that the Magi Society's discoveries about Chiron, Heartbreak Transits, as well as Cinderella Transits, etc., are the greatest discoveries in the history of astrology.† If you would like information about the Magi Society and the benefits of membership, please send us an email.



[Editor's Note: Most sources at this time use July 24, 1970 as the birth date for Jennifer Lopez. That is the date J Lo's publicist claims is her birth date.† Nice try J Lo. BUT: when J Lo was arrested with Sean Combs in New York after the night club shooting incident, she wrote, under oath, in the police report, that she was born July 24, 1969.† Her high school classmates who were interviewed on a special TV show we taped also confirm this date.† One of the fans of our website was good enough to help us obtain this information about J Lo; we tried to reward this fan with some free software, but the email we sent was returned to us as being undeliverable.† If you are the fan of Magi Astrology who provided us the proof of J Lo's real birth date, please email us and we will send you free software - we have your name but your email address has changed.]



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