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In order to successfully use the meanings of the planets and understand matters of love and money, it is necessary to learn about Planetary Geometry. Below is the most famous example of Planetary Geometry, that almost everyone refers to as the Star of David.

Star of David



Very few people know this, but the ancient Hebrew Prophets were the greatest astrologers of their time. They believed that God would give them signs to help them know ahead of time whenever something truly important was about to happen. The signs that God would give them were the ways the planets aligned in the sky. Some alignments of the planets were signs that good things were about to happen. While some other different types of alignments of planets were viewed to be signs that troublesome things were about to occur. The Hebrew Prophets formulated a brilliant way of distinguishing the good signs from the bad ones. Amazingly, they were so right that their methods still work today. The techniques they used were based on what Magi Astrology now calls PLANETARY GEOMETRY.



Planetary Geometry is the lines, shape, or pattern that is formed when lines are drawn to connect the positions of the planets in the sky. The most famous example of Planetary Geometry is that of the Star of David. The Hebrew Prophets believed that when their great king David was born, the planets were aligned to form the special symmetrical shape like the one in the above chart. To the Hebrew Prophets, that alignment of planets was God's sign that something historically great was about to happen and they believed that a great king was going to be born to the Hebrews. That special symmetrical alignment of planets is now the symbol known as the Star of David. (An indication that this symbol was astrologically derived is the fact they still call it the "star" of David.)

As you can easily see from the above figure, the Star of David has two symmetrical triangles and can be formed in the sky by six planets. Besides being an example of a Star of David, the above drawing is also an example of an astrological chart that is drawn to show the actual positions of the planets relative to each other. This type of astrological chart is designed to be a map of the sky. Astrologers invented this way of drawing such a map about 4000 years ago. In such a chart (map) the circle has 360 degrees and it represents the sky. The sky (circle) is divided into 12 signs, with each sign encompassing 30 degrees. As the planets move across the sky, their positions are marked along the circumference of the circle. Astrologers created different symbols to represent each planet and constellation and drew the symbols around the circumference of the circle. They also added the actual number for the degrees of the positions of the planets.



The reason astrologers designed the above chart in this way is so that they could easily tell from looking at the chart whether or not any planets made Magical Angles or Turbulent Angles. A Magical Angle is formed whenever two planets were aligned in the sky such that the pair creates one side of one of the triangles that form the Star of David. This means that whenever two planets are about 120 degrees apart in the sky, the planets make a Magical Angle and the Hebrew Prophets regarded this special angle of alignment of two planets as being a sign of something powerful.

How right they were! Such alignments are very powerful and this fact is a very useful part of our astrological knowledge. In fact, we can use Magical Angles to help us understand why two people fall in love. Let us give you an example of this.

Our example is Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. They have been happily married for over forty years. Below is a special astrological chart used only in Magi Astrology. It is called a COMBINED ALIGNMENT CHART (abbreviated CAC and pronounced kak). A CAC is really two charts in one. A CAC is created by overlaying one chart on top of another. The planets in black represent the positions of the planets when Newman was born (1/26/25), and the planets in red represent the positions of the planets when Woodward was born (2/27/30).

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward




Whenever any planet in one person's chart is 120 degrees from any planet in the other person's chart, the two planets form a LINKAGE. (The angle does not have to be exactly 120 degrees and can vary plus or minus 3 degrees; astrologers call this allowable deviation the ORB.) Linkages promote compatibility between the two persons who form the linkage. If one of the planets forming a linkage is Chiron, we call it a CHIRON LINKAGE. Chiron Linkages are the most reliable signs that two persons can fall in love. Chiron is the most romantic planet and has the most important romantic meanings. For this reason, most Chiron Linkages are ROMANCE LINKAGES.

Venus, Mars and Pluto, are SEXUAL PLANETS. When a linkage is formed by any two of these three planets, the linkage is a SEXUAL LINKAGE. When a couple form at least one Sexual Linkage, they can achieve great sex, and this is sometimes mistaken for love.

In the case of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, they have both a Chiron Linkage and a Sexual Linkage. We believe this is one of the main reasons they have been happily married for so long.

Astrologers have known about the magic of the 120-degree angle for a long time and they traditionally call the angle a TRINE. Fortunately for all of us, the 120-degree angle is not the only Magical Angle. The zero degree angle (known in astrology as the CONJUNCTION) is also a Magical Angle. In the above chart, you can see that Newman's Jupiter (located at about the 6 o'clock position) is about zero degrees from Woodward's Saturn. This alignment is also a Magical Angle and also creates a linkage. (Again, the orb, or allowable deviation from exactness, is 3 degrees.)

There is still another Magical Angle. It is the 150-degree angle. But there are exceptions to the 150-angle and it is a complicated angle because when Saturn is one of the two planets that create the 150-degree angle, there is no linkage and it is not a helpful alignment. We will explain the 150-degree angle in a later lesson.

In summary:

Whenever a planet from one chart forms a Magical Angle with a planet from another chart, the two planets form a linkage. A linkage is an astrological indication of compatibility.



But there is also an astrological indication of incompatibility. When a planet from one chart forms a TURBULENT ANGLE with a planet from another chart, they form what Magi Astrology calls an ACTIVATION. Activations are astrological indications of incompatibility.

For our example of activations and incompatibility, we chose Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra. Rodman is a basketball player who was one of Michael Jordan's teammates and had a highly publicized brief affair with Madonna. Electra was one of the most beautiful stars on Baywatch, the TV show that was most watched worldwide for about five years. Their wedding took place on November 14, 1999. They were married after having known each other for less than two weeks but their marriage broke up even faster. Rodman wanted out of the marriage almost immediately and publicly announced on November 18 that he wanted an annulment. The two of them essentially never lived together and Electra officially filed for divorce 4/6/1999, less than five months after their wedding. (Talk about incompatibility!)

When you master Magi Astrology, you can actually understand the reasons for their incompatibility. Below is a Combined Alignment Chart of Dennis Rodman (born 5/13/61) and Carmen Electra (born 4/20/72). The planets in black are the positions of the planets when Dennis Rodman was born and the planets in red are the positions of the planets when Carmen Electra was born.

Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra



Please note that the above chart has seven red lines, each of which connects a pair of planets. Each red line highlights a Turbulent Angle made between a red planet (from Electra's chart) and a black planet (from Rodman's chart). There are two Turbulent Angles: 90 and 180 degrees. (Astrologers call these angles the SQUARE and the OPPOSITION.) Whenever a planet from one person's chart forms a Turbulent Angle to a planet in another person's chart, the two planets create what Magi Astrology calls an ACTIVATION. Every activation is a sign of incompatibility. Each red line in the above chart represents an activation created by their combined planets and they have seven important ones. This would explain why they were so incompatible and their "marriage" had such a short life.

Just as a Chiron Linkage is the most important type of linkage, the most important activation is a CHIRON ACTIVATION, which is one that is formed by someone's Chiron. You can see from the above chart that Rodman and Electra have a Chiron Activation. Her Saturn makes a 90-degree angle to his Chiron.

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