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In our first lesson on Magi Astrology, we want to explain that every planet has a meaning. Just as each of the twelve signs has its own personality, each of the planets has its own set of meanings. If you are a regular reader of horoscopes, you are already at least a little familiar with this concept. For example, from time to time, a horoscope column will mention that Venus has something to do with romance and Mars has a lot to do with sex. The authors of horoscopes write such things because they know that every planet has its very own unique set of meanings or influences.

In the rest of these lessons on Magi Astrology, we will explain how to make use of the meanings of the planets to help us improve our chances of success in matters of both love and money. But for now, we must first get an inkling of the meanings of the planets. In matters of love, these are some of the most important meanings of the planets:

 Venus:  seduction, attraction and beauty
 Mars:  sexual desire, the body and aggressiveness
 Pluto:  obsessions, lust and the sex act
 Neptune:  romantic, sensitive and enduring
 Jupiter:  forgiveness, selfless love and fulfillment
 Saturn:  controlling, unforgiving and relentless
 Uranus:  independent, fluctuating and adventurous
 Mercury:  communicative, expressive and cerebral
 Moon:  emotional, moody and intuitive

As you can see, some of the above "meanings" are really influences, while others are characteristics. That is why astrologers refer to these "meanings" with the terms SYMBOLISMS or RULERSHIPS. This is because the planets actually SYMBOLIZE, RULE, GOVERN and CONTROL certain areas of our lives. For example, Venus governs how seductive we feel, what we are attracted to, and how beautiful we look. Mars controls the level of our sexual desire, the strength of our body, and how aggressive we are. (If this all sounds strange to you, do not worry. After you read all the examples on this website, you will better understand what we mean.)

What Planet Rules Marriages and Children?

Most of you probably noticed that the most important "meanings" in love are missing from the above list. For example, none of the above planets means marriage or children, and none of them represent the soulmate and spouses. For ten thousand years, astrologers have been trying to find out which planet has the symbolisms of marriage, the spouse, children, etc. But they never found it-until now.

After successfully concluding the most extensive research project on the astrology of love and marriage, the Magi Society has discovered that:

Chiron is the "planet" that symbolizes love, soulmate, children, the spouse, pregnancy and karmic ties!

We tell you more about Chiron (pronounced kigh-ron) in the next lesson.

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