September 20, 2006


Goldie Hawn is part of Hollywood’s “royalty.”


Kate Hudson is Goldie Hawn’s daughter.  So Kate is a part of Hollywood’s royalty. 


Ever since Kate was knee high and saw her mother’s picture on the cover of People Magazine, Kate has wanted to also be on People Magazine’s cover.


Just a few weeks ago, Kate was on the cover of People Magazine, US Magazine and a whole bunch of other celebrity tabloids.


But not for the reason she wanted.


Kate wanted to make the covers by being a fabulously successful actress and starring in a blockbuster movie.  She has achieved plenty of success as an actress, but not enough to make the covers of the top magazines for her acting.


Instead, Kate made the magazine covers because she cheated on her husband and had an affair with actor Owen Wilson.


We hear quite a bit about Hollywood men cheating on their women - but not so much about Hollywood women cheating on their men.


For example, it is obvious that Brad Pitt cheated on Jennifer Aniston and had an affair with Angelina Jolie – that ended Brad’s marriage.


Charlie Sheen cheated on Denise Richards – that ended their marriage.


Ethan Hawke cheated on Uma Thurmon – that ended their marriage.


Richie Sambora cheated on Heather Locklear – that ended their marriage.


Peter Cook cheated on Christie Brinkley and she just sued for divorce.


There are tons of examples of Hollywood men cheating on their wives.  It is commonplace.


But there are not nearly as many Hollywood women who have been known to cheat on their husbands.


Meg Ryan cheated on Dennis Quaid and she divorced Dennis because she thought she would marry Russell Crowe.  But this was unusual.


So Kate Hudson did something unusual by openly cheating on her husband and made the covers of all the tabloids; she is now famous in an infamous way.


Why did Kate cheat on Chris Robinson, her husband of five years?  What is it about Owen Wilson that Kate found irresistible?


The answers are always in the stars and Magi Astrology is the only form of astrology that can actually read the stars and give you all the answers that the stars have to offer.


By using the principles of Magi Astrology, we can know the true astrological reasons why she felt irresistibly attracted to Owen Wilson, and also why she did not feel the special loyalty to her husband that would have prevented her from cheating.




Magi Astrology is the only form of astrology that successfully utilizes the alignment of the planets to understand and predict just about everything in your life.


  •          Kate Hudson fell in love and married Chris Robinson because their planets were aligned.


  •          Kate Hudson fell for Owen Wilson because their planets are also aligned – in almost the same way. Both Chris and Owen’s Venus and Mars made the same alignments to Kate’s natal planets.


  •          Kate Hudson was unhappy in her marriage because the planets were turbulently aligned on her wedding day.  It was a Heartbreak Day.


    We can explain everything about Kate Hudson’s love life by utilizing the simple principles of Magi Astrology. 




    Magi Astrology can explain her romance with Chris Robinson, their falling in love and getting married, their having a child together, her disenchantment with her marriage and how she was so attracted to Owen Wilson, why she plummeted into an affair and the affair became public.  All of this can be explained by Magi Astrology.


    Here is how we can do it all.


    First let’s use Magi Principles to explain Kate’s relationship with her husband, Chris Robinson.





    Kate Hudson fell in love with Chris Robinson and married him; they have been married almost six years and already have a son. 


    But Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson are opposites.


    Kate Hudson is a privileged child of Hollywood royalty.  And Chris Robinson is ........... Let’s be kind about this and just say Chris is not a part of Hollywood royalty. 


    Kate is beautiful. On a scale of 1 to 10, most men give her a 9 or 10.  Chris is not exactly gorgeous  – on a scale of 1 to 10, most women rate Chris Robinson a .....?  Oops.  Uh oh. Guess what?  Most women do not take enough of a look at him to rate him at all. 


    Kate is extraordinarily talented as an actress and has been the star of several successful movies. Chris is not exactly a virtuoso of any kind.  Chris is a member of the rock band The Black Crowes.  Even though Chris has been long married to a famous woman, Chris is still having problems with his own career.  If you never heard any of their songs, there is a good reason.  Very few of us have ever heard them.  Even though Goldie Hawn and her big shot Hollywood type friends have done their best to help promote Chris’s career, the Black Crowes seem to have their wings clipped, and Chris’s career just can't get off the ground.


    So when Kate and Chris first hooked up, many gossip columnists scratched their heads and loudly wondered how this improbable romance ever began, and predicted a quick bust.  They were sure the couple would not stay together and the romance would not last.  But it not only lasted, it blossomed into a marriage and a son.


    Kate and Chris seemed so different – how could they fall in love?


    The answers are always in the stars and Magi Astrology equips you with the ability to read the stars.


    Kate Hudson fell in love with Chris Robinson because their planets were aligned for falling in love.







    Kate Hudson fell in love with Chris Robinson because their planets were aligned for falling in love, and their planets were also aligned for having fabulous sex together.


    But unless you understood Magi Astrology and used Magi Society’s special software, you would not be able to easily see that their planets were so perfectly aligned.  The best way to analyze a couple’s love life and see how their planets align is to create their Combined Alignment Chart (CAC).


    Below is a Combined Alignment Chart (CAC) of the two of them showing how their planets were aligned for falling in love and having fabulous sex together.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Kate was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when her husband was born.






    In the above CAC, the important things to focus on are the Grand Trine and the Mystical Triangle. The Grand Trine and Mystical Triangle are Celestial Patterns.  (A Celestial Pattern is another term for Planetary Geometry.)





    A Linkage and Clash is what Traditional Astrology calls an Interaspect.


    In CACs, there are always a number of Linkages and Clashes.   The average CAC has five important Linkages or Clashes.  In a CAC, every Linkage and Clash tells us something about the relationship.  


    All Linkages and Clashes are formed by just two planets.  But Celestial Patterns are formed by at least three planets.


    In every CAC, there are always several Celestial Patterns.  Each Celestial Pattern is more powerful than any individual Linkage or Clash because they are made up of more planets – the more planets any Pattern has, the more powerful the Pattern is.


    Every Pattern Has A Special Meaning. 


    Each Pattern formed has a distinct meaning and each Pattern is more important than any other astrological influence on the relationship





    Grand Trines and Mystical Triangles are examples of Celestial Patterns.


    Both of these patterns create an enormous amount of attraction between Kate and Chris.


    Kate’s natal Saturn and Chiron, plus her husband’s natal Venus form the Grand Trine.  (This Grand Trine is also a Romantic Super Linkage.) All Grand Trines are awesome in creating attraction and compatibility.  A Grand Trine formed by Venus and Chiron is a sign that love can develop because both Venus and Chiron are Romance Planets.   Whenever a Grand Trine as at least one Romance Planet, there is the possibility of love.  The more Romance Planets that form the Grand Trine, the more likely it is that love develops, and the deeper the love that develops.


    Kate’s Chiron and Chris’s Mars and Venus form the Mystical Triangle.   Mystical Triangles also create great attraction.  Mars and Venus are Sexual Planets – this means that Kate and Chris’s Mystical Triangle creates enormous sexual attraction.  But the attraction Mystical Triangles create does not last a lifetime.  (See our article about Madonna and all the important men in her life by clicking here.)


    So now we know the answer to why Kate Hudson married Chris Robinson.  It is because their planets were aligned for getting married (their Grand Trine with Romance Planets) and for having great sex (their Mystical Triangle with Sexual Planets).


    (Can Traditional Astrology do anything like this?  NO! Not even close.)


    Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson have a child together because their planets were aligned for having children together, as husband and wife.  This is because their Grand Trine is formed with the help of Chiron; Chiron rules children, pregnancy and marriage.


    The next question is “Why did Kate Hudson feel irresistibly attracted to Owen Wilson?”


    The answer is simple – Kate and Owen’s planets were aligned.  SOME KEY PLANETS ARE ALIGNED JUST LIKE CHRIS ROBINSON’S.





    Chris Owen was born on a day where his Mars and Venus are in almost the same position Chris Robinson’s Mars and Venus. 


    Kate forms nearly identical Grand Trines and Mystical Triangles with both Owen and Chris.


    Kate’s attraction to the two men have nothing whatever to do with Sun Signs or any such superstitions.


    Kate was irresistibly attracted to Chris and fell in love with him because of the Grand Trine and Mystical Triangle they formed in their CAC. 


    Owen Wilson formed essentially the exact same Grand Trine and Mystical Triangle, so Kate was also irresistibly attracted to Owen, and she has now fallen in love with Owen.


    These are the answers written in the stars.  Only Magi Astrology can read the answers written in the stars. 


    No other form of astrology can explain any of this.  For example, Kate is an Aries and Owen is a Scorpio – Sun Sign astrologers keep telling us how incompatible these two signs are – they supposedly butt heads and fight like crazy.  Well, if Kate and Owen have ever fought, they were love wrestling in bed; and you know what they did afterwards.


    This article is already seven pages so we will continue and complete our explanation of the astrology of Kate and her men in another article.





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