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As most of you know, before the publication of the Magi Society's third book, many astrologers had written that Juno was the planet that symbolized marriage and "committed relationships." Some such astrologers must have felt insulted by us when they learned we wrote that it was Chiron that rules marriage, children and the family. A few of these astrologers have emailed us claiming we were wrong. Whenever we received such an email, we challenged the writer to email us back with examples of famous couples that would support their assertions about Juno and marriage. Interestingly, none of these astrologers have ever sent us even a single example to back up their claims.

We can understand why astrologers have not sent us any examples of famous couples that support their erroneous idea that Juno rules marriage. This is because it is Chiron that rules marriage, children and the family.

So what does Juno actually symbolize? Does an asteroid symbolize anything at all? The answer is YES.

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When the Magi Society published its first book, we hoped that the astrological community would follow our lead and become more scientific in its approach to astrology. Too often, astrologers write books and articles and make assertions without providing adequate examples to back up what they say. Too many astrologers seem to expect us to simply accept their assertions in spite of a lack of backup. This is one of the main reasons the scientific community ridicules astrology.

This derision of astrology by scientists is at times actually well founded. It is hard to believe but some astrologers have absurdly stated that astrology should not even try to be scientific, claiming that astrology is absolved from having to be so because astrology deals with the occult and mystical. But the Magi Society completely disagrees with this point of view. If astrology is to ADVANCE and become accepted, astrologers must adapt scientific methodology and provide adequate backup for whatever they write. As astrologers, we must unite and agree to respect only astrologers who correctly adapt scientific methods. We must insist that astrology writers must respect their readers at least enough to provide adequate documentation and foundation for their assertions. One great way to support any theories is to provide the readers with super famous examples.

The Magi Society has always provided backup for our views with ample examples and we always give super famous ones. Why do we use super famous examples instead of everyday type examples? Because we cannot CHEAT when we use super famous examples. If we use ordinary examples that you do not know about, how can you check our birth data and make sure the birth dates are correct? Besides, when we use super famous examples, you can check for yourself to make sure we did not LEAVE OUT ANY EXAMPLE that we should not have left out.


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