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July 22, 2005





It was just made public and it is all over the tabloids.  Jude Law seduced his children’s nanny.


Jude Law got engaged to actress Sienna Miller on Dec. 25 last year and shortly afterwards cheated by seducing his children’s nanny.  (Jude has three children by Sadie Frost, his first wife.)  Sienna called off their wedding and is not talking to him, at least for now.  She was so upset she broke down in tears publicly while performing in a London play in which she is the star.


Jude has admitted to the affair and also has publicly apologized.


Sadie Frost, who shares custody of his children with Jude, has fired the nanny, Daisy Wright.  Daisy is trying to make hay of the affair and has given interviews gushing what a great lover Jude is.



(We would love to include a CAC of Jude Law and Daisy Wright but we do not have a definitive birth date for her.  The Magi Society will give $400 worth of free software to the FIRST person who gives us DEFINITIVE AND INCONTROVERTIBLE EVIDENCE OF THE BIRTH DATE FOR DAISY WRIGHT.  Please click here if you have such proof and wish to email it to us.  (In order to qualify for the free software, the evidence must be definitive such as a government issued document such as birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, school certificate, etc.  A mere posting of a birth date on a website is not sufficient evidence because many birth dates on the Internet are wrong.)



Jude Law and Sienna Miller are now experiencing one of the worst public Heartbreak in recent memory.  And Magi Astrology explains the astrology of their Heartbreak.


With the help of Magi Astrology, we can easily understand why the Jude Law engagement to Sienna Miller had Heartbreak and pain written all over it.


There were three big and obvious astrological reasons they would encounter Heartbreak.





On the evening of Christmas 2004, Jude Law popped a bottle of champagne with Sienna and also popped the big question – Sienna unhesitatingly said “YES!”


Unfortunately, Dec. 25 2004 was a Heartbreak Day and as we have been warning loudly for nearly a decade, if you get engaged on a Heartbreak Day, your chances of experiencing Heartbreak is heartbreakingly high.


Below is a Magi Astrology Chart of their engagement showing that there was a Heartbreak Clash in the sky and it was nearly exact.






For over two years, our websites have been informing you which are the best and worst days of the month for important activities like getting engaged and married, buying a house, paying bills, etc.  This information is in our Best and Worst Days of the Month Section.  For the month of December 2004, we warned that December 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 were the worst days of that month.  December 22 through 27 were particularly bad because the Saturn/Chiron Heartbreak Clash was peaking (becoming exact) and those days were not only the worst days of the month but also among the worst days of the year – Jude and Sienna were engaged on one of those worst days. 


This is the first obvious reason Jude and Sienna are now suffering Heartbreak.  By utilizing the principles of Magi Astrology, there are two other obvious reasons for their current Heartbreak.  Here is reason number two.








We have been warning for over a decade that we should not initiate anything important when we have bad transits. For example, we should not get married or engaged when we have bad transits.  The worst transits we can have are Turbulent Transits by Saturn. Sienna Miller had two crucial Turbulent Transits by Saturn when she became engaged to Jude Law and those horrible transits she was having are some of the astrological reasons she is now suffering from Heartbreak.


Below is a CAC showing Sienna’s transits when she became engaged to Jude Law.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Sienna was born and the red planets represent the positions of the transiting planets in the sky at the time Sienna got engaged.






When Sienna said “YES YES YES” to Jude Law’s proposal, transiting Saturn was making a Turbulent Transit to both her natal Pluto and Neptune.  According to the Magi Society’s Interpretations Software, these are two of the worst transits we can have for matters of love, and we should not marry or get engaged during these transits.  We should also not go out on a first date or make love for the first time during these transits.


Many of our website fans have asked us “What if you have good and bad transits at the same time?  How do you judge which ones are more important?”


The answer is complex and we go into it in great detail in the Manual for our Interpretations Software.  Very briefly, we believe that no two transits cancel each other out; every single transit works and has its own distinct effect so we should never ignore any important transit, and it would be a mistake to think that a bad transit is overpowered by a bunch of good ones. There are lots of possible transits and there are always at least several important transits happening to us at any given time.  And all the transits are working.  Once we master Magi Astrology, we can understand how to best interpret any combination of transits.  You can best interpret any combination of transits by combining and integrating the Magi interpretations for all of the transits.  Sienna is a good example of this.


Besides the Turbulent Saturn Transits, when Sienna was engaged to Jude Law, she also was having a Cinderella Transit (transiting Jupiter quincunx her natal Chiron) and also a money making transit (transiting Venus parallel her natal Neptune).  Some astrologers who do not know any better would say the four transits are conflicting but they are not.  Here is how to integrate all four transits:


Sienna’s engagement to Jude Law would make her a Cinderella in the eyes of many (the result of her Cinderella Transit), and she would improve her career and status as an actor because of her engagement (the result of her money making transit), but her engagement would nonetheless result in turmoil and heartbreak because according to Magi Astrology, when transiting Saturn makes a Turbulent Transit to our natal Neptune and Pluto, it means that Saturn is pushing us into a deeper relationship with the wrong person.


One last point, Sienna’s engagement was even worse than we have let on so far.  We did not mention yet that the transiting Saturn/Chiron midpoint was also making Turbulent Clashes to her natal Neptune and Pluto.


As if all of this is not bad enough, there is a third obvious reason why Jude Law’s engagement to Sienna Miller would result in Heartbreak.





Jude Law and Sienna Miller are highly incompatible. 


If you only use the principles of Magi Astrology we have already published, you might think that Jude Law (born 29, 1972) and Sienna Miller (born Dec. 28, 1981) would be an ok match.  But there are many, many secrets of Magi Astrology we have not yet published to the world.  We do teach Magi Society members secrets of Magi Astrology on our Members Only Websites.


If you are a member of the Magi Society, click here to read about the “Hidden” Heartbreak Clash and Nuclear Clash in the CAC of Jude Law and Sienna Miller


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