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Michael Jordan's Marriage Was Not Really a "Cinderella Marriage"


February 3, 2002


On January 4, the fairy tale marriage of the world's richest athlete came crashing down when Michael Jordan's wife filed for divorce and asked the courts to grant her custody of their three children.  All of the big tabloids put the news of this divorce filing on their front pages, and some speculated that she is going to ask for three-quarters of Jordan's $400 million fortune.


Michael Jordan married Juanita in Las Vegas on September 2, 1989.  During their marriage, Jordan was the undisputed king of basketball, led his Chicago Bulls basketball team to six world championships and Jordan became the richest and most famous athlete in the world.  For more than a decade, to the world at large, it seems Michael Jordan could do no wrong either on or off the basketball court.  Jordan became the most admired and celebrated athlete in the world.  He has been so highly marketable as a spokesperson that for almost a decade, he has made more money through just endorsements than any other athlete has made from all sources combined (such as winnings, salaries, bonuses, et cetera).  Jordan's appeal has been so phenomenal that even several years after his retirement from playing basketball, in 2001 Jordan made $40 million just from endorsements. 


Through much of the 1990's, most of the kids on the block (even in Greenwich, Connecticut) wanted to be the next Michael Jordan.


But like every other idol, Jordan's real life was quite different from what his fans believed it to be.  For one thing, Jordan's wedding day was not really a Cinderella type of day.  It was a shotgun wedding day. 


On September 2, 1989, Michael married Juanita Vanoy.  It was more of a shotgun wedding than most shotgun weddings.  The two had met in March 1985, and immediately became lovers. Eventually, Juanita became pregnant.  Michael and Juanita argued incessantly about who the father was.  Michael simply did not believe he was the dad.  Juanita ultimately slapped Michael with a paternity suit.  It was not until their lawyers were finalizing a settlement that MJ decided to marry Juanita.  To show you how much of a spur of the moment event their marriage was, they were married at 3:30 AM, at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Their son Jeffrey was already 10 months old.


Jordan's squeaky clean perfect image was so well controlled that almost nobody knew the details of their marriage until after Juanita filed for divorce.


Michael Jordan's marriage was a fairytale for a decade, and now it looks like it will lead to a heartbreak of sorts.  There are a lot of different varieties of heartbreaks.  Some are much worse than others are.  The worst kinds are the cascading type of heartbreak where one heartbreaking event is followed by another heartbreaking event, and then another, and then another.  You get the picture.  They are the worst types of heartbreak. 


With Magi Astrology, you can understand the astrology of this worst kind of heartbreak.


But Michael Jordan seems to be in for a much tamer type of heartbreak.  His large fortune will be cut maybe in half and he may lose custody of the kids.  And he will experience both embarrassment and stress.  But he will still be Michael Jordan, with $100 to $200 million in the banks, six championship rings, his name indelibly in the record books and millions of fans worldwide.  Yes, he will experience a heartbreak because any breakup of a family is a heartbreak - but this will probably not be of the gut wrenching variety and he will have a lot to fall back on after the divorce.


With Magi Astrology, you can also understand the astrology of this type of tame heartbreak.


Why did Jordan's marriage ultimately lead to heartbreak?


In order to understand the astrology of all this, it is necessary to learn lessons of Magi Astrology that have not been published for public consumption until now. Fortunately for the members of the Magi Society, they already know the answers from what they learned from the Members Only Section of this website.  One of the significant advantages of being a member of the Magi Society is that members can read lessons on Magi Astrology that the public cannot.  Quite a while ago, in our Members Only Section of our website, we revealed the key astrological secret needed to understand why the Michael Jordan marriage was so successful and yet would lead ultimately to divorce. 


At the Magi Society, we help our members to become as great as they can be in astrology.  Our three books and the knowledge they reveal are clear evidence of the power of Magi Astrology and how much more useful and accurate it is than traditional astrology.


Even though the astrological knowledge revealed in our books is voluminous, there has always been much more to Magi Astrology than what we have revealed in just our books and on this website.  About two years ago, we began to teach our members some of the many secrets of Magi Astrology.  We promised our members we would always teach our members before we teach the public.  We are about to reveal a lot more secrets to our members so it is time now to teach the public some of the things our members are already aware of. It is time for the astrological world to know about the importance of the Heliocentric Natal Chart, which is one of the most powerful tools of Magi Astrology.


In traditional astrology, the natal chart is the chart of the sky as viewed from Earth on the day and time of birth.  That is the only type of natal chart in traditional astrology.  But in Magi Astrology, we also use the Heliocentric Natal Chart, which is the chart of the sky as viewed from the Sun on the day and time of birth.


Almost no traditional astrologers use heliocentric charts (except for the financial astrologers and a few iconoclasts).  The reason traditional astrologers do not use Heliocentric Natal Charts is because almost all of the tools of traditional astrology are missing from the Heliocentric Natal Chart.  Traditional astrologers use the houses, the Ascendant and Midheaven, the Moon and Sun signs in their analysis of the natal chart.  But the Heliocentric Natal Chart has none of these astrological guidelines available.  In the Heliocentric Natal Chart, there are no houses, no Ascendant or Midheaven, no Moon and no Sun signs.


But the Heliocentric Natal Chart DOES HAVE PLANETARY GEOMETRY, and Planetary Geometry is the most fundamental tool of Magi Astrology.   All of the basic tools of Magi Astrology work on the Heliocentric Natal Chart.  To help you begin to understand what we mean by this, we will use Michael Jordan's wedding day as an example. Below are the normal Magi geocentric natal chart for Michael Jordan's wedding, as well as the Magi Heliocentric Natal Chart for Jordan's wedding.


This chart below is the geocentric chart:




The important thing to notice about this chart is that in geocentric astrology, Jordan's Marriage Chart has both a Cinderella aspect and a Nuclear Clash aspect


And the chart below is the heliocentric chart for the day Jordan was married:




(In the above charts, the red lines connect Clash Angles and the Green lines connect Magical Angles.  The black lines connect minor angles that are not important, like 30 degrees and 60 degrees.)


In heliocentric astrology, there is no Sun at all, just as there is no Earth in geocentric astrology. Instead of the Sun, heliocentric astrology has the Earth, which according to Magi Astrology is very similar to the Sun. 


On the day Jordan married Juanita, the Earth was making a Magical Angle (a nearly exact 120-degree angle) to Chiron.  The Magical Angle made by Chiron (the planet that rules Cinderella) to the Earth on Jordan's wedding day forms a Cinderella aspect for that day.


In both the geocentric and heliocentric charts of the day Jordan married, there were the best and the worst aspects.  We believe the best aspects helped Jordan to be successful and the worst ones were signs the marriage would end in divorce. 




The research of the Magi Society has taught us that if you apply the principles of Magi Astrology, the Heliocentric Chart is COMPLIMENTARY to the geocentric chart and the Heliocentric Chart is NEVER CONTRADICTORY of the geocentric chart.  In Magi Astrology, when you use the Heliocentric Chart, it is like looking at the same statue from a different angle -- you see the same thing but you see it from another perspective and you see a part of it you did not see before.



We believe that the combination of the geocentric Nuclear Clash and the heliocentric Heartbreak Clash in the Marriage Chart readily explain why Juanita would ultimately file for divorce.  (For example, in an earlier link in this Celebrity Lovers Section, we revealed that there was a Heartbreak Clash on the day that Tom Cruise married Nicole Kidman as well as the day Kim Bassinger married Alec Baldwin.  Both of these super famous marriages ended in divorce.)


However, the two Cinderella Aspects that existed on the day of Jordan's wedding are not by themselves nearly enough to explain why Jordan has been the most successful athlete of recent times.  But if you utilize some of the other precepts of Magi Astrology to your analysis of the Heliocentric Chart, you can actually fully understand the astrological reasons for Jordan's phenomenal success.





Elsewhere on this website, we explained that the Marriage Chart is crucial in helping someone to achieve super success in two major ways.  One way is through the power of the aspects on the day, and the other way is through the power of Linkages formed between the Marriage Chart and either spouse.  Some of the examples we gave to prove our point are the marriages of Franklin Roosevelt, Sigmund Freud and Charles Darwin.


(At this time, please be sure to read and understand the section on this website entitled ASTROLOGY OF MARRIAGES.  To get to that section, please go back to the home page and click on the box in the left column where it says "Astrology of Marriages.")


The main astrological reason for Michael Jordan's unparalleled success is due to fabulous linkages formed to his Marriage Chart.


Below is a Heliocentric CAC of Michael Jordan's birth chart to the day he was married.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets in the heliocentric sky when Jordan was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets in the heliocentric sky when Jordan was married.




As you should be able to clearly see, the heliocentric CAC of Jordan's natal chart (February 17, 1963) and his Marriage Chart (September 2, 1989) has several OVERLAPPING GRAND TRINES.  (We have expanded our normal 3 degree orb just a little bit here but we had explained in our books and on this website that it is permissible to increase the orb a little bit when there are more than two planets involved.  In this case, there are five planets involved: the red Chiron, Pluto and Earth and the black Chiron and Neptune.)  The Grand Trine is the most powerful Planetary Geometry you can have. When several Grand Trines are formed, it is a truly remarkable occurrence and an extraordinary blessing. We believe Michael Jordan owes his super success to his hard work, to his determination and unique athleticism, and to a lot of good luck that came to him through the Grand Trines illustrated above. 


The Magi Society has the most advanced and useful computer software for Heliocentric Astrology and only our members may obtain this software (by buying the Basic Heliocentric Upgrade).  But if you want to investigate the merits of Heliocentric Magi Astrology, you do not have to buy the upgrade and you do not even have to buy a heliocentric ephemeris.  You can begin by using the Heliocentric Ephemeris of this website.  Just go to the home page and click on the left column where it says "Heliocentric Ephemeris." It will take you a while, but you will be able to print out an accurate Heliocentric Ephemeris from 1920 through 2009.


We will be talking a lot more about the power of heliocentric astrology in future links. But we will first be teaching our members about it.  If you might be interested in membership, please click here and send us an email.



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