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September 23, 2002


During the last several months, a lot has happened in the world of Celebrity Lovers.  Jennifer Lopez filed for divorce but Paul McCartney, Julia Roberts and Sarah Michelle Geller all got married.  This website has already discussed the astrology of Julia and her husband, and we will soon write about the astrology of the other three very famous lovers. 


We would have posted links about them earlier but we have come across some uncertainties with regard to two of the celebrities' birth dates.  It has been brought to our attention that the published birth dates for both Jennifer Lopez and Paul McCartney are now being called into question.  J. Lo was apparently born a year earlier and Paul might well have been born a year later than the published dates.  If you have any verifiable data concerning either Paul McCartney or Jennifer Lopez, please click here, send us an email and tell us about it.


Thank you.


Normally, love is more on our minds than war.  But lately, war has been in the news a lot more than love.  We have received tons of emails asking us about Iraq.  Here is what the stars have to say:





Is Iraq a real threat?  And if so, why do so few countries oppose Iraq?


The answers are always in the stars and Magi Astrology helps you to decipher the language of the stars.


In order to learn the principles of Magi Astrology that help us to know if Iraq is a threat to the US and to world peace, we need to first study a very famous example of another country with Planetary Geometry that was very similar to that of Iraq.  Our example is Nazi Germany. 


Below is a Magi Astrology Chart of Nazi Germany, cast for January 30, 1933, the day Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany.  Green lines are used to connect any two planets that make 120-degree angles, red ones connect two planets that form squares or oppositions, blue lines connect two planets making any 150-degree angle and black lines connect planets that form 60-degree angles.





The most important thing to notice in the above chart is that we drew thick blue lines to point to the fact that Nazi Germany was born on a day when there was both a Sun-Saturn conjunction and also a Sun-Saturn parallel.  This is what we call a BI-LEVEL SUN-SATURN aspect.  A Bi-Level aspect occurs whenever the same two planets form an aspect in both the longitudes and declinations.  Whenever the same two planets form an aspect in both the longitudes and declinations, then those two aspects are more powerful and more important than other aspects that are not Bi-Level.


Interpreting the chart of a country is very different from interpreting the chart of a person.  In the chart of a country, Saturn is ruler of control and oppression, and Saturn also is representative of being uncaring, inhumane and ruthless.  A Bi-Level Sun-Saturn aspect in the chart of a country means that the country will almost certainly be ruled by a ruthless and power-hungry dictator.  Such was the case with Nazi Germany.  (But please remember that in the chart of a man or woman, all aspects, including Saturn aspects, are gifts of a special talent, as explained in our third book.) 


Below is the Magi Astrology chart for the country of Iraq, cast for July 14, 1958, the day Saddam Insane's political party had executed a military coup and took over the country. 





The most important astrological factor to notice in the above chart is that Iraq also has a Bi-Level Sun-Saturn aspect.  There was a Sun-Saturn contra-parallel and a Sun-Saturn quincunx on the day Iraq was founded.  And just like Nazi Germany, Iraq has a ruthless and power-hungry dictator. 


Both Nazi Germany and Iraq were founded with two other Bi-Level aspects.  In the chart of Nazi Germany, there was also a Bi-Level aspect formed by Mars and Uranus.  And in Iraq's chart, there is a Venus-Saturn Bi-Level aspect.


In Magi Astrology, we interpret aspects by combining and integrating the symbolisms of the planets that form the aspect.


Using this methodology, we interpret the Mars-Uranus aspects in the Nazi Germany chart to mean that Hitler and Nazi Germany could bring war (Mars) to the world (Uranus).


Iraq's Venus-Saturn aspect is indicative of desire (Venus) for domination (Saturn) and the urge to be the most dominant country in the world.  This unhealthy desire is reinforced by Iraq's exact Venus-Pluto parallel, which means desire (Venus) for power (Pluto) and desire for nuclear weapons (Pluto).


Many countries have been formed on days that have aspects indicating the desire to dominate the world but most of them were not serious threats to world peace because they had no capacity to ever come close to achieving their horrible goal.  Unfortunately, Nazi Germany had the astrological ability to go a long way towards conquering the world, and so does Iraq.


Both Nazi Germany and Iraq have a Grand Trine of Chiron, Venus and Jupiter.  Both countries were formed on a day when there was a Jupiter-Chiron Cinderella Aspect, and a Venus-Chiron Cinderella Aspect. 


We explained in our third book that people born with Cinderella Aspects are more likely to be successful because they are charismatic and can project favorable public images.  This is because Chiron is ruler of charisma and the public image (page 68 of our third book).


The astrology of a country is similar. In the case of a country, a Cinderella Aspect gives the country the ability to have a favorable public image, even if it does not deserve the favorable image.  In other words, the Cinderella Aspect gives a country the ability to deceive the world and have an image that is better than it deserves. If Nazi Germany did not have its Grand Trine of Chiron, Venus and Jupiter, it could not have deceived its own people into believing it should try to conquer all of Europe and Africa. Similarly, if Iraq did not have its Grand Trine of Chiron, Venus and Jupiter, it could not deceive its own people, and other countries like Germany.


Is Iraq a serious threat to the US and world peace?  The stars say YES.  People lie, but the stars do not.





This link is an example of Mundane Astrology, which is the astrology of countries and large groups of people. The principles of Magi Astrology are consistent and work on countries as well as people, corporations, marriages, etc. Sometimes, it is helpful to apply Magi Astrology to countries and marriages in order to understand how to better utilize Magi Astrology when it comes to matters of love. 


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