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November 30, 2002


When the news came that Lisa Marie Presley married Nicolas Cage on August 10, we naturally looked at their CAC - and our thought was that they should have never married.


We had the thought because Lisa Marie and Nicolas did not form any Romantic Super Linkages or Cinderella Linkages in their CAC.  Instead, they formed two very bad Saturn Clashes.


On November 26, Nicolas Cage filed for divorce.  In a statement released to the press, he proclaimed that  "Lisa Marie and I should never have been married."


How sad for the couple and especially for Lisa Marie who apparently wanted to maintain the marriage. 


It is very sad whenever anyone's romantic dreams are shattered.  And this is one reason why we introduced Magi Astrology to the public.  The principles of Magi Astrology can help to save most of us from heartbreak.  If Lisa Marie and/or Nicolas had mastered Magi Astrology, and utilized it to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their relationship, they probably would not have gotten married and be heartbroken.



Why did Lisa Marie and Nicolas marry and then divorce so quickly?


The answers are always in the stars. By utilizing the principles of Magi Astrology, you can actually understand why they married and why their marriage failed in just 108 days.  The answers become obvious when we utilize Magi Astrology to analyze their CAC.


Below is their CAC.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Lisa Marie was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Nicolas was born.





Throughout this website and in our third book, we have stressed the importance of Romantic Super Linkages and how indispensable they are for any love union and marriage to last.


Lisa Marie and Nicolas Cage did not have any Romantic Super Linkages.  Romantic Super Linkages are the single most reliable astrological sign that two persons could have enduring love and romantic attachment and commitment, but Lisa Marie and Nicolas did not have any.


Lisa Marie and Nicolas Cage did not have any Cinderella Linkages either - not even one.  Cinderella Linkages are reliable astrological signs of emotional and romantic attachment and they did not have any.


Without any Romantic Super Linkages or Cinderella Linkages, the marriage between Lisa Marie and Nicolas did not have the romantic attachment and commitment necessary to sustain their marriage.


But they thought they were in love and that is why they married.  In our opinion, the main reason Lisa Marie Presley and Nicolas Cage had the illusion they were in love was due to LUST.  Their CAC formed two Sexual Linkages:


  • Nicolas's Mars was parallel her Venus

  • Lisa Marie's Pluto was contra-parallel his Venus


    But both Lisa Marie and Nicolas have been around the block more than once and should not have made the grave error of mistaking lust for love.  We believe that there is another crucial astrological reason they thought they were in love - it is because their CAC formed the very powerful Venus-Neptune Romance Linkage.  Nicolas' Venus is parallel to Lisa Marie's Neptune.  As explained in our third book and this website, there are three Romance Planets: Chiron, Venus and Neptune.  Any linkage formed between any two of these planets forms a Romance Linkage. Venus and Neptune can form a Romance Linkage - this is the only way to form a Romance Linkage without Chiron. 


    But Chiron, and ONLY Chiron, is the sign of true love and romantic commitment.  So the Venus-Neptune linkage is a sign of romantic attraction and interest, but not commitment.  Commitment is necessary to sustain a love relationship.


    A couple who has the Venus-Neptune linkage should be careful because it can be very misleading to have the Venus-Neptune linkage if there are no Cinderella Linkages.  This is because the presence of the Venus-Neptune linkage is a sign the couple can think they are in love without the commitment of love. Lisa Marie and Nicolas are an example of this.


    If a couple has Sexual Linkages in addition to the Venus-Neptune linkage, but no Cinderella Linkages, the deception is deeper and stronger than the Venus-Neptune linkage by itself. This was the case with Lisa Marie Presley and Nicolas Cage.


    (If a couple has both a Cinderella Linkage and the Venus-Neptune linkage, then the Venus-Neptune linkage tends to reinforce the commitment that results from the Cinderella Linkages.)





    Although the lack of Cinderella Linkages is a reliable astrological sign that romantic commitment is missing, it is not a sign of intolerance and incompatibility.  When a couple marries, they usually try to stay together unless at least one of them begins to feel antagonistic towards the other. Antagonism is not caused by the lack of Cinderella Linkages.  Antagonism and intolerance are normally the result of SATURN CLASHES.  Saturn Clashes are signs of DETACHMENT and ANTAGONISM, as well as INCOMPATIBILITY.  Cage and Presley formed two very powerful and destructive Saturn Clashes.


    The marriage of Lisa Marie Presley and Nicolas Cage lasted 108 days.  Two of the reasons for this is that their CAC formed the following two crucial Saturn Clashes:


  • His Saturn made a Clash with her Pluto

  • Her Saturn made a Clash with his Uranus.


    The Saturn-Pluto Clash is particularly bad.  It is so bad that the Magi Society's Interpretation Upgrade for our MagiSoft computer program gives the following advice for any couple that has the Saturn-Pluto Clash:


    "….Under no circumstances should you proceed with this relationship unless the two of you also have Romantic Super Linkages….."


    Lisa Marie and Nicolas could have used that advice.  They did not have Romantic Super Linkages but did have the Saturn-Pluto Clash - they proceeded with their relationship when they should not have.   


    One reason the Saturn-Pluto Clash is such a problem is that it is a highly reliable sign that one or both of the two persons can become belligerent towards the other.  The person that is most likely to develop the antagonism is the Saturn Person (the one that contributes the Saturn to the Saturn Clash) who in this case is Nicolas Cage and he is the one who filed for the divorce.


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