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February 9, 2002


On January 4, Michael Jordan's wife, Juanita, filed for divorce.  Within the next two weeks, every major American tabloid ran cover stories about how Jordan had been cheating on Juanita throughout their 12-year marriage and how Jordan had at least one mistress in every city that the Chicago Bulls basketball team ever played in. 


Jordan's marriage seemed doomed.


But on February 5, Juanita withdrew her divorce filing and Michael and Juanita issued the following one sentence joint statement:


"We have decided to attempt a reconciliation, and our efforts to do so would be greatly enhanced if the privacy of our personal lives is respected."


We have received quite a few emails asking us why we thought the Jordans got back together for another try and could Magi Astrology predict the outcome.


At the Magi Society, we are constantly being asked if we can predict the future and our answer to this question has always been the same.  We believe that you can use Magi Astrology to predict the direction of major trends in a person's life, and how long these trends will last, but you cannot predict the details of a person's life because God granted us Free Will. As explained in another section of this website entitled Learn About Predicting Your Future:




We have learned from our hundreds of years of unparalleled experience and research that astrology really works. There is NO DOUBT that you can use astrology, the Magi way, to predict the future. BUT we also have learned that THERE IS A LIMIT to what you can predict. You can only predict MAJOR TRENDS but not details -- the stars are signs of things that in the ordinary course shall come to pass but it cannot take into account such variables as our Free Will and the choices we make. In other words, no matter what the stars say, we still have free will and can make choices -- and every choice we ever make will change the shape of our future.


From our extensive research and experience, there is no question that the stars are reliable signs of the future trends in our lives. But there is also no doubt that no one is a captive of the stars. Every one always has Free Will, and when we exercise it, every choice we make influences our future, for better or worse.


(Before you read the rest of this link, we suggest that you first read the section of this website entitled Learn About Predicting Your Future so you have a good idea of what the above two paragraphs mean.)




During the last several decades, astrologers have become fond of saying "The stars do not compel, they only impel."  We disagree.  At the Magi Society, we believe that the stars neither compel nor impel.  It is our experience that even during the worst transits, the stars are neither actively compelling nor impelling us in any direction. Instead, even when our transits are horrible, the stars are simply giving us signs that we are at one of our most unlucky periods of our life.  Similarly, when our transits are very remarkably good, the stars are simply giving us signs that our luck is at a peak and we are in one of the luckiest times of our lives.


If we see and understand the signs the stars give us, we could take appropriate action and would be in much greater control of our lives.  This is one of the greatest benefits of learning Magi Astrology.


We can use the astrological signs that the stars give us to help ourselves know when our luck is running hot or cold.  This knowledge can help us fulfill our dreams in every part of our lives.  Let us use Michael Jordan as our example to help you learn what we mean by all this.





When it comes to matters of love and personal relationships, the HEARTBREAK TRANSIT is the worst transit anyone can have.


In our third book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money, we revealed that the Magi Society had successfully concluded the most extensive research project on the astrology of love.  One of our most important discoveries was that Chiron rules marriage and the spouse, children and soulmates.  This is a monumental discovery because it opens the door to fabulous new knowledge for astrologers.  For example, we explained in other parts of this website that when Saturn makes a Clash Angle to Chiron, the result is a Heartbreak Transit and it is a time when you have to be especially careful about your love relationship.  If you are married and you are having a Heartbreak Transit, you have to be especially careful to not upset your spouse.  This is because during a Heartbreak Transit, your spouse is most likely to NOT give you the benefit of the doubt and harp on all of your shortcomings.  Problems that were kept under control normally can come home to roost during a Heartbreak Transit. If your spouse is really unhappy, you could even be served with divorce papers during Heartbreak Transits.


Michael Jordan was having Heartbreak Transits for most of last year and this led to his wife's filing for divorce on January 4, right after the Christmas Holidays.  (Very often, a spouse wanting a divorce will wait until after the Christmas holidays to file for divorce because the spouse is hoping to not disrupt Christmas for the kids.)  Below is a CAC showing Jordan's natal chart and the transiting planets for January 4, 2002 when Juanita filed for divorce.  In the CAC below, the black planets represent the positions of the planets when Jordan was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets on the day Juanita filed for divorce.




The thing to focus on in the above CAC is the position of the red Saturn (transiting Saturn).  As you can see, transiting Saturn was making a Turbulent Angle (90 degrees) to Jordan's natal Chiron and was also making a Turbulent Angle to Jordan's natal Pluto.  But this is not an ordinary transit that Saturn was making to Jordan's natal Chiron and Pluto.  Transiting Saturn was making a LOOPED TRANSIT to Jordan's natal Chiron and Pluto.


(A Looped Transit was explained to our Magi Society members who obtained one of our advanced software upgrades.  It is the most powerful transit that a single transiting planet can make.  A Looped Transit occurs because of retrograde motion - a transiting planet makes a loop when the planet first moves in direct motion, then reverses directions and goes into retrograde motion before finally moving back in direct motion again.  This back and forth movement of the transiting planet creates what looks like a loop and results in three exact transits.  In the case of Michael Jordan, beginning in June of last year, transiting Saturn was moving in direct motion and applying towards an exact square to Jordan's natal Chiron that peaked on July 7.  Then transiting Saturn was still square to Jordan's natal Chiron but the transit was separating until September 26, the day Saturn began to retrograde.  Beginning September 26, transiting Saturn was in retrograde motion and was again applying towards an exact square to Jordan's natal Chiron until Saturn was exactly square on Dec. 6. Afterwards, transiting Saturn was still making a square to Jordan's Chiron but the square was separating until Feb. 8, just a few days ago, at which time transiting Saturn again reversed direction, began to move in direct motion and was again making an applying square aspect to Jordan's natal Chiron.  If you trace the positions of transiting Saturn, this back and forth movement of transiting Saturn looks like a loop and that is why we call this a Looped Transit.  A Looped Transit is the most powerful type of transit that a single transiting planet can make, in part because the back and forth movement makes three exact transits and lasts so long. But the very fact the transiting planet makes a loop adds to its power.  A Looped Transit is a very clear and strong astrological sign.)


But Jordan was having transits that were even worse than a single Looped Heartbreak Transit. Jordan had another Looped Turbulent Transit and the two Looped Turbulent Transits combined to form CHAOTIC PLANETARY GEOMETRY.  Jordan's second Looped Turbulent Transit was also formed by transiting Saturn, which was making a Turbulent Looped Transit to Jordan's natal Pluto.  The result was extremely stressful Chaotic Planetary Geometry because transiting Saturn formed a T-square to Jordan's natal Chiron and Pluto.


Just as a T-square is stressful when it is formed in the CAC between two persons, a T-square is also a sign of possible stress when a transiting planet forms it.  Both of the two transits that form the T-square are signs of stress, and the actual T-square itself is a separate sign of stress. All told, the three combine to be a sign of extreme stress.


However, you can overcome such transits.  The key to overcoming such transits is to know that the transits will pass and to not do anything drastic during the transits.  A Heartbreak Transit does not necessarily result in heartbreak, even if divorce papers are filed.


Obviously, Michael Jordan decided he wanted to stay married to Juanita (at least for now) and he was able to persuade her to give their marriage another chance.  The fact that he was having a Cinderella Transit (shown by the green line in the above CAC) right after the divorce papers were filed helped him to persuade Juanita for another chance.  But as astrologers, there is no way for us to know if Jordan would WANT to save his marriage.  That is part of his God granted Free Will.  Jordan has the Free Will to walk away from his marriage, or try to save it, or anything in between.  You cannot predict exactly what he would do by analyzing the stars. 


So whether or not the Jordans are going to ultimately reconcile and save their marriage depends in large part on what they want to do, and not so much on the stars.  But the stars did give us signs that told us of a time of great stress and possible heartbreak for Jordan and the stars were correct.  By knowing the stars, you could tell that Jordan's marriage was at risk because he was having a Heartbreak Transit, Chaotic Planetary Geometry, and other bad transits (transiting Saturn was also making a Turbulent Looped Transit to his natal Venus and made a Turbulent Transit to his natal Neptune).  But all transits pass - both the good ones and the bad ones.  Michael Jordan did not ask us for advice but if he had, we would have said:


You have been having some terrible transits but all bad transits pass and the worst transits for you are already over.  These bad transits were signs that Juanita would be less tolerant of what she perceives to be your faults.  If you want to save your marriage, you will need to do the best you can do and you probably will succeed, but it will require compromises and significant sacrifices by both of you.  It will require great effort but you are used to working tirelessly to achieve your goals and you have already done so in the past.  It will also require that Juanita still loves you but who would not love Michael Jordan?  We think the problem was Juanita was very hurt and she needs a great deal of reassurance from you.  We wish you all the best.  You have three wonderful children and a family is always worth saving.




For more information about the astrology of Michael Jordan's marriage, please go to the Heliocentric Astrology Section of this website by returning to the home page, and clicking on the header on the left that says, "Heliocentric Astrology Really Works."


Members of the Magi Society may purchase special interpretation upgrades that greatly help them to understand the important transits.  The text of our software's interpretations are copyrighted and they are more complete, more extensive and more accurate than those available from any other piece of software.  For example, below is just a part of the Magi Society software's interpretation for the Heartbreak Transit that Michael Jordan was having the last seven months:


"If you are already involved in a love union, then during this transit, it is likely that your true love will look at you in the worst light and things that he/she forgave you for in the past are no longer so easily forgivable. Sometimes during this cycle, every relationship that is good for you gets into trouble while you are drawn closer to those that are bad for you."


The actual interpretation text our software upgrade provides for this transit is five times as extensive as the above.  If you might be interested in joining the Magi Society, even if it is only to be able to buy this interpretation software, please click here and send us an email.


We want to emphasize that all bad transits pass. It can sometimes be very important for you to know the times when you are having bad transits and they will go away as the planets move on.  For example, today on Meet The Press, two other basketball players were interviewed by Tim Russert.  Allen Iverson and Jason Kidd are both members of the NBA All-Star teams who are playing their All-Star Game today.  They each had gone through horrific times in their lives and have overcome them. Iverson was in jail eight years ago and Kidd had hit his wife.  Both were having bad transits.  They were able to overcome those events but some are not so lucky.  We do know from the thousands who have consulted with us that whenever anyone KNOWS the stars, it helps.  For example, we have all gone through times when we are depressed and think life has dealt us a bum hand.  But if we know that such feelings are a sign we are having bad transits AND the transits will pass, it is much easier to deal with the problems we face.


Our advice is to understand that whenever you are the most depressed, it is always during bad transits that are peaking, and you should always remember that all bad transits will pass as the planets move on.  You will feel much better tomorrow.



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