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The Breakup Between J Lo and Ben


February 4, 2004





Jennifer Lopez had become used to getting everything she wanted.  She had become super famous, super rich and super successful. She was on top of both the film and recording industries.  She was so famous that her nickname of J Lo was known to just about every American. But she could not get Ben Affleck to marry her.  Even worse, J Lo suffered humiliation at Affleck's hands – Big Ben went on a romp at a strip club just before their first planned wedding, which got broken off, then Ben essentially stood J Lo up at their second planned wedding.  They broke up and got back together but Ben again would not marry her.


Talk about a HEARTBREAK – J Lo's heartbreak was as bad as it gets – Ben gave her a continuous string of traumatic gut-wrenching life-dislocating heartbreaks.


To make it all worse, her heartbreaks were being played out in detail on the covers of dozens of national magazines, which must have embarrassed her beyond description.


Why did J Lo suffer such a humiliation?  There are many reasons, not the least of which is she fell in love with (or at least thought she was in love with) the wrong man – a man who would not commit.


Why couldn't J Lo get Ben to commit?  Hundreds of pages have been written about this.  But the answers are most easily understood when you analyze their relationship by utilizing the principles of Magi Astrology.





J Lo and Ben do NOT form any Romantic Super Linkages.  According to the principles of Magi Astrology as revealed in our third book, two lovers who do not form at least one Romantic Super Linkage are unlikely to marry.  That was a big enough problem but they have other big problems as well from the astrological point of view.  Two of their other problems are highlighted in their CAC below; the black planets represent the positions of the planets when J Lo was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Ben was born.  In the CAC below, we have highlighted a linkage and a clash that J Lo and Ben form, both of which are PROBLEMS in any love relationship.




In the above CAC, it is easy to see that J Lo and Ben do not have any Romantic Super Linkages. Also in the CAC, we drew red lines to point to the fact the J Lo and Ben form an Impossible Dream Clash and a Chiron/Uranus Linkage.  Although every other Chiron Linkage is helpful in binding a couple together, the Chiron/Uranus Linkage is the one exception.  In 1999, we at the Magi Society revealed through our Interpretation Software that "the Chiron/Uranus linkage is unlike any other Chiron Linkage because it is a sign of a FLUCTUATING RELATIONSHIP."  Our Interpretation software goes on to say:


"Because of Uranus' love for change, excitement and experimentation, this linkage can be a sign that one or both of you will find it difficult to commit to a serious relationship with each other. This is because with this linkage, one or both of your feelings for each other tend to fluctuate. If this is the only Chiron Linkage between the two of you, the result is usually an eventual breakup and therefore this person would be a good prospect for an uninvolved affair and not for a serious relationship……"


In the case of J Lo and Ben, their Chiron/Uranus Linkage was actually their only Chiron Linkage and therefore, we think our software's interpretation of J Lo and Ben's Chiron/Uranus Linkage hit the nail right on the head.  Ben's love for J Lo fluctuated and they did eventually break up.


[Our third book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money, includes 45 pages of interpretations for every significant linkage and clash.  Although these interpretations are accurate, they are not nearly as extensive and detailed as the interpretations provided by our interpretation software modules.  The interpretations that our software provides are four times more extensive than the interpretations published in our third book.  That is why the above quote from our interpretation software is so much better than the simple interpretation provided on page 303 of our third book.  All of the Magi Society's interpretations are copyrighted and therefore no one else can legally create or sell software, or write books, articles, etc., by copying our interpretations.  If you know of anyone that is plagiarizing our work or infringing on our copyrights, please send us an email and give us details; if we are not already aware of the problem, we will send you free software as a thank you.]


J Lo and Ben also form the Impossible Dream Clash that, as explained on page 298 of our third book, is a sign that the couple is extraordinarily attracted to each other but are unlikely to marry.  The clash is “highly destabilizing” and is a sign of a relationship that is like a “yo-yo.” But this clash makes the couple incessantly dream about getting married – the clash is sinister in that way.


J Lo and Ben had no Romantic Super Linkages, and instead had the Impossible Dream Clash and the Chiron/Uranus linkage.  A happy lifelong union between them was therefore not written in the stars.





In our third book, we revealed that during the time a person is having a Heartbreak Transit, that person is at risk of experiencing heartbreak.  We also explained that a Heartbreak Transit occurs whenever transiting Saturn is making a square, opposition. Quincunx, or contra-parallel to natal Chiron.


A Heartbreak Transit is bad; but a LOOPED HEARTBREAK TRANSIT is much worse.


For years, in our Advanced Software Manuals, the Magi Society revealed the enormous power of a Looped Heartbreak Transit.  A Looped Transit occurs as a result of retrograde motion.  A Looped Transit occurs whenever a transiting planet makes a “loop” around a natal planet.  The loop occurs when a transiting planet makes an exact aspect to a natal planet, and then separates from the natal planet, but then retrogrades so that the transiting planet again makes another exact aspect to the natal planet.  When this happens, the transiting planet will always make a third exact transit because it will go into direct motion again. These three exact transits to the same natal planets make what looks like a loop which is why we call it a Looped Transit; common sense and our research tells us that Looped Transits have enormous power.


When J Lo felt forced to give up on Ben a couple of weeks ago, she was having a Looped Heartbreak Transit.  Even right now, as of today (Feb. 4), Jennifer Lopez is in the middle of a Looped Heartbreak Transit that will not end until after March 30, 2004.  Below is a CAC showing J Lo's Looped Heartbreak Transit, as well as other Turbulent Transits on January 22, 2004, when she and Ben announced to the world that they had broken off their engagement and their relationship.




In the above CAC, the thick red line highlights J Lo's Looped Heartbreak Transit.  Transiting Saturn is now in retrograde motion and will be exactly square to her natal Chiron on Feb. 13, just before Valentine's Day.  Saturn will then separate from her natal Chiron and will station before moving direct, after which Saturn will make still another exact square to her natal Chiron on March 30.  That will be the third exact square that Saturn will make to her natal Chiron in this Looped Transit.  The first exact square occurred on July 27, 2003 and was one of the reasons for her problems with Ben at that time, as we explained in a previous link on this site.


Magi Astrology explains the headlines about celebrity lovers.  More importantly, Magi Astrology also helps you to improve your own life.  J Lo could have really benefited from Magi Astrology.  J Lo could have used Magi Astrology to help her realize that if she was going to push Ben to marry her, she should not make the push when she was having a Looped Heartbreak Transit.  For the best chance of marrying someone we love, we should plan to marry during Cinderella Transits and push for a commitment then.


Over and over again, the headlines prove that Magi Astrology Really Works!  If you would like information about the Magi Society or about our unique computer software, please click here and send us an email.



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