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October 27, 2002


In our third book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money, we taught our readers three methods to use Magi Astrology to help determine the most probable outcome of any relationship.  Up to this point on this website, we have focused our attention on just one of these methods, the CAC, and provided many examples of how valuable the CAC is in helping us accurately forecast the most probably outcome of a relationship.  But as explained in our third book and touched upon on this website, there are two other very important astrological factors to consider when we analyze any relationship.  Besides the CAC, the other two major pieces to the puzzle of human relationships are:


A: The astrological chart of the day two persons first meet (called the First Contact Chart) and

B: The transits of both persons on the day they first meet.


Below is an explanation of these two other astrological factors that help to shape the destiny of all relationships.





The First Contact Chart is the astrological chart of the moment that two persons knowingly touch for the first time.  (In our third book and previously on this website, we refer to such a chart as the Companionship Chart but we now prefer to call it the First Contact Chart.)  "Knowingly touch" can be as casual as holding hands or just a handshake.  If two persons first touch on a very powerful astrological day, any ensuing relationship will be bolstered by the strength of the astrological chart of that day.  But if the First Contact Chart is very weak, the ensuing relationship will be hindered by the weaknesses of the astrological chart of that day.  


By utilizing the principles of Magi Astrology, we can analyze the Planetary Geometry of the First Contact Chart and arrive at a remarkably accurate forecast as to the actual outcome of any relationship.  In fact, in our research, we have found that relationships will normally reflect the Planetary Geometry (astrological aspects) of the First Contact Chart. For example, if there was a Heartbreak Aspect on the day two persons first met, then the relationship will generally end in heartbreak.  Whereas if there was a Cinderella Aspect on the day two persons first met, then the relationship is much more likely than normal to result in a long term romance. And if there was a Nuclear Clash on the day two persons first met, then the resulting relationship is most likely to be a clash of wills.





A TRANSIT occurs whenever a planet in the sky makes a meaningful alignment to the position of any of our natal planets.  Meaningful alignments are made when the transiting planets are making a Turbulent or Magical Angle to any of our natal planets.


Because there are ten planets, there are lots of ways for them to make transits and the fact is, every day of our lives, we are having several important astrological transits. 


Whenever you meet anyone for the first time, you create a First Contact Chart.  You are also having a number of astrological transits whenever you meet anyone new.  Here is the key:


The kind of transits you are experiencing at the time you meet anyone are very accurate signs of the type of relationship you will have with the person, and how the ensuing relationship will play out in your life.  For example, if you are having Cinderella Transits when you meet someone, chances are really high that somehow or other, the resulting relationship will bring you recognition and/or love.  (Remember that Cinderella Transits bring love or recognition or both.) 


On the other hand, if a person is having Heartbreak Transits on the day he or she meets someone new, then the ensuing relationship is most likely to bring heartbreak to that person.


Magi Astrology provides us with three useful and accurate astrologically based tools that we can utilize to help us accurately predict the most probable outcome of any relationship. They are:


1.        The CAC formed by the two persons

2.        The First Contact Chart

3.        The Transits when two persons first meet


Each of the above is an example of what we call Magi Relationship Signs.  Below is an example of how to put all three Magi Relationship Signs to use in order to successfully predict the most likely outcome of a relationship.





We all know that Paula Jones sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment and won a judgment of nearly a million dollars.  It is this lawsuit that resulted in Bill Clinton being fined one hundred thousand dollars for perjury. Paula Jones seems to be the only person to have fought Bill Clinton and won.  Ken Starr lost, Trent Lott lost, George Bush lost.  Everyone lost except for Paula Jones, who was just a state employee making not much over minimum wage when Bill Clinton invited her to his room.


Why did Bill think he could have a quick and uncomplicated sexual encounter with Paula?  Why did Paula decide to go after Bill Clinton for sexual harassment?  How come Paula was so determined and why did Paula beat Bill Clinton when no one else could?


The answers are always in the stars and you can understand those answers best by utilizing Magi Astrology.


The obsessive and bitter battle between Paula Jones and Bill Clinton was predictable because all three Magi Relationship Signs pointed to a bitter battle between Bill and Paula. 


Let us begin with the First Contact Chart.  The Magi Astrology Chart below is the chart of May 8, 1991, the day Paula Jones met Bill Clinton.  The chart below represents the Paula Jones/Bill Clinton First Contact Chart and as such is the chart of the Clinton-Jones relationship. 



[As explained in our third book (Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money), we can understand the meaning of each aspect by combining and integrating the Magi Astrology symbolisms of the planets that form the aspect.]


The above chart represents the planets in the sky on the day Bill Clinton met Paula Jones.  There were two Nuclear Clashes and a Sexual Aspect in the sky on that day.  People feel sexier, and are more desirous of sex, whenever there is a Sexual Aspect in the sky.  This helps to explain why Bill Clinton was on the prowl for a quick conquest.  But he did not realize that there were also two Nuclear Clashes in the sky.


A Nuclear Clash in a First Contact Chart is a sign of distrust and being uncompromising.  Such relationships could result in a bitter battle of some kind.  When there are two Nuclear Clashes in a First Contact Chart, it usually means that the relationship will ultimately be resolved in a fight to the death.


Pluto was opposed to the Sun on that day.  This normally means that any relationship that began that day will be self-destructive and obsessive at the same time.


There are two squares: Chiron is square Mercury and Mars is also square to Mercury.  These squares are both signs of an inability to communicate with each other as well as the unwillingness to try to do so.  Which is another reason why both sides decided to have their lawyers duke it out in court.







Let us now analyze the CAC formed by Paula Jones and Bill Clinton, which is the Magi Astrology tool that our readers are most familiar with.  Below is the CAC of the two combatants.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Bill Clinton was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Paula Jones was born.



Please note that in the above CAC, we have included the position of Paula Jones' Saturn-Chiron midpoint.  As explained elsewhere on this website, the Saturn-Chiron midpoint can sometimes create a crucial Clash.  For example, the natal chart of Osama Bin Laden (born March 10, 1957) has its Saturn-Chiron midpoint opposed to the natal Sun of the United States (July 4, 1776).  On the other hand, the USA's Saturn, Saturn-Chiron and Saturn-Jupiter midpoints make no less than six crucial angles to Bin Laden's natal Sun, Chiron, Jupiter and Pluto.  The sum total of all this was a sign of a fight to the death between Bin Laden and the USA, with Bin Laden the loser, because the USA has Saturn dominance (contributes Saturn to most of the Saturn Interaspects). 


In the case of Paula Jones, Paula's Saturn and Saturn-Chiron midpoints make four crucial Clashes with Bill Clinton's natal Sun and Jupiter.  In this case, the CAC shows that Paula would be the winner.  (Our standard orb of 3 degrees is expanded to 4 degrees for the Saturn to Jupiter Clash because Saturn forms symmetrical planetary geometry by being quincunx to Clinton's Sun.  When the Saturn-Chiron midpoint forms a quincunx to Clinton's Sun, it creates a Heartbreak Clash and when the Saturn-Chiron midpoint forms a quincunx to Jupiter, it forms a Nuclear Clash.)  Magi Astrology would predict that Jones would be the winner because she is the Saturn person (contributes Saturn to the Saturn Interaspects) and would therefore have the upper hand, regardless of the fact Clinton was the most powerful man on the planet.





The transits of both persons on the day they first meet give us a highly accurate clue as to the most likely outcome of any relationship.


For an ideal relationship to develop, both persons should be having good transits when they first meet. Interestingly enough, the worst relationships result when one person is having very good transits, while the other is having very bad ones.  This is because under such circumstances, the stars are giving us a warning that one person will have the upper hand in the relationship, while the other will suffer. This was the case with Bill Clinton and Paula Jones.


Below is a CAC showing Bill Clinton's transits on the day that he met Paula Jones.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Clinton was born and the red ones represent the positions of the planets when he met Miss Jones.



Look at all those Turbulent Transits. In the above chart, the red lines represent transits at Turbulent Angles, while the two red-purple (darker and brighter red on some browsers) lines represent two trines made by transiting Saturn.  We normally represent trines with green lines but Saturn is different. In our research, we discovered that all transits by Saturn are problematic, no matter what the angle. 


[We are well aware of the fact that a lot of traditional astrologers believe that it is good when transiting Saturn makes a trine to any of our natal planets.  This simply is not the case.]


The Magi Society offers for sale to our members special Interpretation Software that interprets every significant transit as they relate to matters of love and money.  For Transiting Saturn trine natal Neptune, here is an excerpt from the interpretation provided by our software:


"Saturn is making a MAGIcal Angle to your Neptune. All Saturn transits are bad. You are likely to be confused and ……your values change under this transit and they change for the worse. Your normal common sense will return after this transit passes. It is best to not take action now because Saturn clouds your judgment and misleads you. If you act now, you are most likely going to regret it."


Bill Clinton could have used such advice.


On the other hand, Paula Jones was having very good transits on the day she met Bill Clinton.  Below is a CAC that shows her transits on that day. The planets in black represent the positions of the planets when Paula was born and the planets in red represent the positions of the planets when she first met Bill Clinton.




Paula Jones was having some really nice transits when she met Bill Clinton.  One of her transits was Chiron trine Neptune, and this is a Cinderella Transit.  So how come she did not meet her Prince Charming, and have a decade of bliss but instead ended up meeting Bill Clinton, and had almost a decade in court?  One of the reasons is because there were Nuclear Clashes in the sky on the day she met Clinton - you do not meet Prince or Princess Charming on a day when there are two Nuclear Clashes in the sky. 


When we analyze any relationship, we always include a thorough study into the Planetary Geometry of the day the two persons met.  In Chapter Twelve of our third book, we explain how important this is. Unfortunately, many people do not keep track of the day they meet anyone new.  We hope you will do so from now on.  We also hope this link will help you to better understand all of your relationships.


If you might be interested in learning more about Magi Astrology and/or about the Magi Society and the software that only our members can buy, please click here and send us an email.



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