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June 15, 2003


Grammy winning country signing star June Carter passed on just over a week ago.  She was married to eight-time Grammy winner Johnny Cash.  The Magi Society would like to express our deepest sympathy to Johnny Cash and his family.  Johnny and June were as deeply in love as is humanly possible and we know how heartbroken Johnny must be.


June Carter and Johnny Cash were married for 35 years.  The lifelong romance and marriage of Johnny Cash and June Carter has been widely acclaimed as one of the best true love stories to have ever come out of the entertainment business.  The two had both been married before but both of their first marriages did not work out.  In 1967 when Johnny Cash was in the depth of his drug and alcohol addiction problems, his first wife Vivian gave up on him, and essentially deserted him by filing for divorce during his time of greatest need.  But June Carter was there for Johnny in every way he needed help - always.


Beginning in the mid-1960's, June and Johnny sang and performed together as a duo on stage.  Shortly after Vivian divorced him, Johnny Cash proposed to June Carter while they were on stage during a performance in front of an audience.  They married on March 1, 1968 and they have been happily married all these years. Although their marriage was not absolutely perfect since Johnny still regressed to alcohol from time to time, their mutual love always helped them through the inevitable tough times.  That is what true love is all about - to be there and help when the going gets tough.  


Johnny Cash and June Carter have also been one of the most successful families in show business.  Johnny and June have won eight Grammy awards and have been generally accepted as the royal family of country music.  In a very real sense, the story of Johnny and June is one of the best real life Cinderella stories of modern time.


Almost everyone views Johnny Cash and June Carter as being soulmates.  By utilizing Magi Astrology, you can fully understand why they were indeed soulmates, and so successful together.  By using Magi Astrology, and only through Magi Astrology, you can fully understand the ASTROLOGICAL REASONS WHY they became a Cinderella story. 


According to the principles of Magi Astrology, whenever there is a Cinderella Story for any couple, there are always Cinderella Linkages, Cinderella Transits and Cinderella Aspects and the key to Cinderella is Chiron.  Therefore, you would expect that in the case of Johnny Cash and June Carter, there would be CINDERELLA signs written all over their fairy tale.  And of course this is exactly the case.


·         Johnny Cash and June Carter married on a day that had two Cinderella Aspects


·         June Carter was having a Cinderella Transit when she married Johnny Cash


·         Johnny Cash was having a Cinderella Transit when he married June Carter


·         Johnny Cash and June Carter's CAC form two Cinderella Linkages, empowering them with the ability to be Cinderella as a team together


The real life Cinderella story of Johnny Cash and June Carter is a picture perfect example of how marvelously well the principles of Magi Astrology work.  The Cash/Carter lifelong romance also tells us how crucial Chiron is for the astrology of love and success - CHIRON IS THE KEY TO CINDERELLA. If astrology did not have Chiron, astrologers could never understand Cinderella stories and the Cinderella Story of Johnny Cash and June Carter is a perfect example of this fact.


Below are the Magi Astrology charts showing the many Cinderella signs of the Cash-Carter love union. 






This first chart below is the Magi Astrology Chart of their wedding ceremony, held on March 1, 1968:







It is easy to see that there were two wonderful Cinderella Aspects in the sky when Johnny Cash and June Carter exchanged marriage vows (Jupiter was quincunx to Chiron and Neptune was trine Chiron).  But there is much more. 


The Carter-Cash Marriage Chart also had three Financial Super Aspects in the declinations.  As we explain elsewhere on this website, there are four Financial Planets and they are Venus, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto.  Whenever any of these four planets make Magical Angles to each other, then there is a Financial Super Aspect.  When Johnny Cash married June Carter, Venus was parallel Neptune, Pluto was contra-parallel Neptune and Pluto was also contra-parallel Venus. These alignments created three Financial Super Aspects as shown in the above chart.


In addition, since Venus and Neptune (and Chiron) are also Romance Planets, the Venus-Neptune parallel creates a Romance Super Aspect.


Wow!  We guess that God was really smiling on Johnny Cash and June Carter when they were planning to marry because they married on such a fabulous astrological day - one with so much romance and wealth.  Johnny has repaid God (so to speak) the best he can since Johnny always made a point of thanking God and Jesus for their blessings during each and every one of his thousands of concerts.






According to the principles of Magi Astrology, we should marry only when we have Cinderella Transits.  This is because if we marry when we are having a Cinderella Transit, it means we are attached to our marriage because we will form a Cinderella Linkage to our Marriage Chart - this also means we are much more likely to be committed to our marriage.  June Carter was having the most powerful of all Cinderella Transits when she married Johnny Cash and she was completely committed to their marriage.


Below is a CAC showing this. The black planets represent the positions of the planets when June was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets on the day she married Johnny.







In the above chart, it is easy to see that on the day of June's wedding to Johnny, transiting Chiron was making a MAGIcal Angle to her natal Neptune. According to the Magi Society's special interpretation software, this transit "is the most powerful one at bringing soulmates together by getting them married." 


In the chart above, we show that June was also having what we call a "Long-Term Bond" transit because Jupiter was conjunct to her natal Neptune.  According to the Magi Society's interpretation software, during this transit "if you are already with the right person, this transit helps to solidify your mutual love…" - in other words it helps you get married on the right astrological day for both of you.


June was having another super transit by Jupiter - transiting Jupiter was making a MAGIcal Angle to her natal Saturn.  According to our interpretation software: "So long as Jupiter is applying and moving towards your natal Saturn, this could be one of the best times in your life. Almost always, what happens naturally now is good for you."


(The excerpts from our interpretation software that we just gave you are simply partial excerpts and the actual interpretation text is much more comprehensive.  We are proud of the accuracy of our interpretations and as a benefit to our members, we have given our members the exclusive right to purchase any of our interpretation software programs.  If you would like information about the Magi Society and the benefits of membership, please click here and send us an email.)


In the above chart, you can also see that Venus was making a Turbulent Angle to June's natal Chiron.  This is not a good transit.  We have often been asked how we weigh a situation when there are good and bad transits at the same time.  Here is our rule of thumb: Generally speaking, so long as you are having at least one Cinderella Transit, and also some other very helpful transits, you are ok even if at the same time there a couple of bad transits - the exception is if you are also having a Heartbreak Transit or a Nuclear Clash Transit. If you are having such bad Turbulent Transits by Saturn, you should postpone the marriage and select a better day - one without either of those two really bad Turbulent Transits by Saturn.






In order for there to be an extraordinarily blessed marriage, both the husband and the wife must be having Cinderella Transits when they marry.  Not only did June have Cinderella Transits, but Johnny Cash was also having Cinderella Transits when he married June.


Below is a CAC showing this. The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Johnny was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets on the day he married June.






On the day Johnny Cash married June, transiting Pluto was making a MAGIcal Angle to Johnny's natal Chiron - this is a Cinderella Transit.


In the above chart, we also show two significant transits being made by the Jupiter-Chiron midpoint.  Elsewhere on this website, we have already explained how transits being made by the Saturn-Chiron midpoint are very important. Now we wish to help you understand that transits made by the Jupiter-Chiron midpoint are also highly significant.  Since the combination of Jupiter and Chiron is a Cinderella combination, it means transits made by the Jupiter-Chiron midpoint have the potential for being a Cinderella Transit. MAGIcal Transits made by Jupiter-Chiron to natal Venus, Chiron, Jupiter, Neptune, Sun and Pluto are all Cinderella Transits.  Ask Johnny Cash.





Finally, of course Johnny and June form Cinderella Linkages.


Below is a CAC showing this. The black planets represent the positions of the planets when June was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets on the day Johnny was born.






Please note that June was born with a Chiron Aspect of Chiron parallel Mars and Johnny's natal Chiron is parallel to both her Chiron and Mars, thus creating a Romantic Super Linkage.  But there are two more Romantic Super Linkages because Johnny's Chiron is also parallel her Chiron, which is parallel both her Venus and her Mars.  This alignment of four planets creates a cluster of three Romantic Super Linkages.





As you examine the above charts, and you see that June Carter and Johnny Cash made Cinderella Linkages to each other, please remember that every Cinderella Linkage is a Golden Linkage. This means that two persons who can fall in love (because they form Cinderella Linkages) can also make money together (because of Golden Linkages).  This is great because it means you and your true love can make money together.  This is the way our Benevolent Providence designed it; God favors true love.  If this were not the case, then soulmates might not be able to become successful together and that would result in a really cruel world.  But this is not the case.  You can become successful with your true love. Wherever there is true love, there is the possibility of great success.


Johnny Cash has won eight Grammies. June Carter played a crucial role in helping him win all of them. Johnny has given credit to June's love and their marriage for all of his Grammies.  "I could not have come even close to achieving any of this without the God sent love and support of June, my loving and most wonderful wife.  I was just a drunken fool before I met her and I simply do not know what would have happened to me without June's unwavering love and devotion, and her constant encouragement and support," Johnny Cash proclaimed in 1992 as he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Indeed, Johnny was almost just an alcoholic when he first met June.  If you look at Johnny's natal chart, you can see that he himself had no Cinderella Aspects.  But after they met, his life changed and he became a Cinderella.  Such is the power of true love and Cinderella Linkages. Johnny Cash and June Carter form two Venus-Chiron Cinderella Linkages.  When you become a partner of someone with whom you form Cinderella Linkages, you can become a Cinderella.  It does not matter what your own natal chart looks like - anyone can become a Cinderella.  This is one of God's greatest gifts to humanity - anyone can become Cinderella, you just have to fall in love with the right person (someone who forms Cinderella Linkages with you) and marry the right person at the right time (marry on a day when you both have Cinderella Transits, and marry on a day when there is at least one Cinderella Aspect in the sky, and a couple of Financial Super Aspects.).


Johnny Cash is a perfect example of this.  He won his first Grammy in 1967 for signing a duo with June Carter and June was also awarded the Grammy. Johnny won his other seven Grammies after he married June.  June was the key to all of his Grammies.


It is not possible to understand the astrology of love or success without Chiron.  Chiron is the key that unlocks the secret of every Cinderella. The Magi Society is proud to have contributed this discovery about Chiron to the astrological community. If you would like information on joining the Magi Society and obtaining our unique software program, please click here and send us an email.



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