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July 30, 2003



We are pretty sure you guessed correctly.  We were talking about Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.  Hepburn was born on May 12, 1907 and Tracy was born on April 5, 1900.


Katherine Hepburn passed on a few weeks ago.  The Magi Society would like to express our deepest sympathies to her family and friends.


Nowadays, Hollywood fans have regarded Hepburn's lifelong romance with Spencer Tracy as an example of true love even though they never married.  Although there must have been true love between them, their romance was far from being a Cinderella story.


We learned some very sad details of their love affair from the July 14, 2003 issue of People Magazine.  In that magazine, we learn that their love affair lasted 27 years and:


"For most of the years that she spent with him, he was also an alcoholic, at times launching abusive rants before blacking out.  For years at a time, Hepburn would help him dry out, arranging her professional life around his needs……..Near the end of Tracy's life Hepburn all but quit working to nurse him through repeated illnesses."


From these facts, it is obvious that Hepburn loved Tracy.  But was she really happy?  Hepburn defended her affair saying, "We just passed 27 years together, in what was to me absolute bliss."  And we sincerely hope that was indeed the case.  But we cannot help but wonder if Hepburn might have been happier with a conventional Cinderella type of relationship - you know: marriage, children and all that romantic stuff that Katherine kept telling the world did not really matter to her.


Hepburn was certainly unconventional so perhaps all those Cinderella ingredients did not really matter to her at all.


And how did Tracy feel about their romance?  Believe it or not, it seems he never talked about it because he refused to admit it actually existed. Even when Hepburn rushed to his side when he was hospitalized before he passed on, Tracy referred to her as a wonderful friend.  Tracy never allowed the two of them to be photographed together except for a movie they both starred in.  We are told that the reason for this is that Tracy was a devout Catholic and was married to another woman, had children and did not want to offend his children, or wife.


From such facts, the love relationship of Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy was an example of both heartbreak and true love.  This is not unusual because when it comes to matters of love, it is not possible to have a heartbreak unless there was love, either real love or mistaken love. Where there is no love of any kind, the heart cannot be broken because it does not care enough to be broken.


Simplistically, there are two main types of heartbreak:


Type One is Heartbreak Without True Love: this is very common and occurs when one or more persons THINK they were in love, but were mistaken, and then get heartbroken and realize they were never truly in love in the first place.


Type Two is Heartbreak With True Love: this is rare and occurs when one or more persons are truly in love, and get heartbroken because of UNFULFILLED ROMANTIC DREAMS and NEEDS, and yet are willing to continue their romance because of love.


Of course there are many variations of these two main types of Heartbreak but we will not get into those details at this time.  Our point here is that the Hepburn/Tracy romance was a heartbreak because they were in love but never married, and much worse, they never publicly showed their love - they had to live their romance in the shadows.  Hepburn had to endure verbal abuse, had to sacrifice her career for Spencer and could not feel at ease because she was always worried about his drinking and his health.  Spencer had to lie to his family, hide the truth and live a secret life in constant fear of being caught and never appeared publicly with Hepburn except as a co-star in a movie.


There are many types of heartbreak. No matter what type of heartbreak occurs, Magi Astrology can help us to understand the astrological reasons for it. Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy are good examples of how well Magi Astrology can predict all types of heartbreak.


As you can see from their CAC, Katherine Hepburn's natal Saturn makes a Turbulent Angle to two of Tracy's natal planets, including Chiron.  This means that Hepburn and Tracy form both a Heartbreak Clash and Turbulent Combined Planetary Geometry (a T-Square).  They also have a Nuclear Clash!  With all these Clashes, we easily understand the heartbreak, but the next astrological question is:


Why did they stay together? 


They stayed together in large part because they formed a Clustering of Romantic Planets.  We have explained about the power of CLUSTERINGS earlier in this Celebrity Lovers Section (in the link about Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake and how that couple formed a Clustering of Sexual Planets). 


We wrote in our third book, and this website, that Venus, Chiron and Neptune are Romance Planets.  A Clustering of Romance Planets occurs whenever at least three Romance Planets form linkages to each other.  In the case of Hepburn and Tracy, they form a Clustering of Romantic Planets because Hepburn's Neptune is parallel to Tracy's Venus and his Neptune.  This is just like a Romantic Super Aspect except that Chiron is missing.  The result of this Clustering is that there was tons of romance but there was NO marriage between Hepburn and Tracy because Chiron is missing.  Chiron rules marriage.  They never married because Chiron was missing in the Clustering, and because they did not form a Romantic Super Linkage, and because they formed the Heartbreak Clash.


The main reason that Hepburn and Tracy stayed together in a heartbreaking way is because of the Heartbreak Clash itself.  As explained in our third book, the Heartbreak Clash is insidious.  It brings two people together and pushes them into falling in love or thinking they are in love - and then the Heartbreak Clash breaks their hearts.  You can only have a broken heart if you think you are in love.  Usually, the heartbreak results from a breakup between the man and woman.  But there are plenty of ways to break hearts.  Sometimes, the worse heartbreak is by keeping a couple together in an unfulfilled relationship and thus preventing both persons from finding someone else to love and becoming truly happy.


Members of the Magi Society have access to our Members Only Site where we recently made over 40 pages of postings that use famous examples to teach secrets of Magi Astrology.  We will soon be posting another new link on our Members Only Site that gives more information about the Hepburn/Tracy romance. In particular, we will explain how to tell if a relationship will not result in marriage.  If you might be interested in joining the Magi Society and would like information about the benefits of membership, please click here and send us an email.  


[We would love to know Spencer Tracy's wedding date and the birth date of his wife.  The Magi Society will give free software to anyone who provides us with any of this information.  If you have this information, please email us and please include the source(s) and/or copies so we can verify the data.  We made a similar offer about William Randolf Hearst's wedding date and we have already given software to the person who provided us with this information. We will be posting a new link about the Hearst wedding date soon.]



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