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May 5, 2002


Camilla Parker-Bowles is the most famous mistress of the second half of the 20th century. And Marion Davies is the most famous mistress of the first 50 years of this century. 


Camilla's fame is derived from the fact she is the mistress of the Crown Prince of Britain and the one woman who ruined Princess Diana's marriage.  Marion Davies was not the mistress of a prince, but she was the mistress of a prince of a fellow - and almost a king of sorts in his own right.


Marion Davies was the lifelong mistress of William Randolf Hearst.  In his time, Hearst was the king of newspapers and among the wealthiest men in the world - so rich he was able to build Hearst Castle for Marion in San Simeon along the California coast and bought every inch of land that you could see from the castle.  Hearst also decorated the castle with a collection of priceless works of art that simply cannot be duplicated now. 


Marion was a dancer and met William Randolf Hearst when she was just 16.  He was 34 years older.  But Marion really did fall in love with Hearst and Hearst certainly loved Marion.  They were together from just about the day they met, until Hearst died when he was almost ninety.  Sounds like a Cinderella story except that Hearst was married when he met Marion; Hearst was still married to the same woman when he died.  William Randolf Hearst tried everything to get his wife to grant him a divorce but she would not.


So this is another sad story like Britney's.  But we needed to bring it up because of the astrological lessons we can learn from it.




What is it that can make a man like William Randolf Hearst seemingly lose his head and fall head over heels for a 16-year old girl even though he is over 50?  And what is it that makes a beautiful and intelligent 16-year old girl fall in love with a married man 34 years her elder, and stay with him even past his seventies and eighties until he passes on?


We think it was love - and if Hearst's wife had granted him a divorce, the story of William and Marion would be a Cinderella story - but unfortunately, it was not really. 


But their story is another example of how well Magi Astrology works.  Marion and William formed both very powerful Sexual Linkages and Romantic Super Linkages.  They also formed Symmetrical Planetary Geometry.


In fact, they had two Clusterings of Sexual Planets, and several Symmetrical Patterns formed by Romance and Sexual Planets.


Below is their CAC. The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Hearst was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Marion was born.



The above CAC is one of the most harmonious and compatible CACs we have displayed on this website. Compatibility is the result of a combination of Romance Linkages (especially Cinderella Linkages) and Combined Symmetrical Planetary Geometry. 


Hearst and Davies formed three very powerful symmetrical patterns in their CAC.  There is a double Grand Trine, a Yod, and a double Golden Rectangle (formed by the red Jupiter, Chiron and Sun, with the black Sun, Pluto and Chiron. Each such symmetrical pattern greatly enhanced compatibility.


The odds against two persons having as fabulous a matchup as this is about a billion to one.


In addition, there are two Clusterings of Sexual Planets forming so many Sexual Linkages that we are sure Hearst was aroused right into his late eighties when he passed on.


Another utterly amazing alignment is that in both the declinations and the longitudes, they had a Romantic Super Linkage formed by Chiron, Venus and Sun.


Marion Davies and Hearst stayed together for life and became legendary in spite of Hearst's wife.  We believe it is because of all the Romance Linkages and Sexual Linkages in their CAC, and all those symmetrical patterns. Also, they had NO Saturn Clashes!


It is wonderful to have Romance Linkages with the one you love because it means it can be true love. It is wonderful to ALSO have Sexual Linkages with the one you love.  You get the best of both worlds.


(We do not have the birth date of Hearst's wife or the date of Hearst's wedding but would appreciate it if any of you have it - if you email us with this info, please include your source because we have to double check all data and verify it.  If you would like to receive information about joining the Magi Society and the benefits of membership, please click here and send us an email.)



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