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May 28, 2001

Much too often, the news is abuzz with announcements of the separation or divorce of celebrity lovers. In less than a year, three of Hollywood's "best marriages" entered the divorce courts. Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid, Kim Bassinger and Alex Baldwin, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise have all separated and exchanged divorce papers. (We already gave you some of the astrological reasons for these three failed marriages and we will take a deeper look at the astrology of divorce in other links in this section of our website during the upcoming months.)

Fortunately, not every separation ends in divorce. But reconciliation is rare (especially in Hollywood where the odds are worse than 25 to 1 against it) but some couples do actually reconcile. Harrison Ford and his wife Melissa announced their separation on November 7, 2000. But they beat the odds and they are again happily married. In their May 7, 2001 issue, People Magazine wrote a cover story about how the two of them reconciled and are now back together.


The answers are always in the stars! The Magi Society is proud to be able to say that, to our knowledge, we are the only astrologers to have written that the Fords had "a good chance for reconciliation." This is something we did not say about any super famous couple who separated and then actually ended in divorcing.

Below is an excerpt of what we wrote on this website six months ago when they announced their separation:


As explained in our third book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money, and on this website, MAGIcal transits to Chiron, and MAGIcal transits by Chiron, are the most reliable signs that a soulmate is coming into your life. Conversely, TURBULENT transits to Chiron, and Turbulent Transits by Chiron are the most reliable signs that there can be significant problems in a person's marriage or love union. Harrison Ford is a perfect example of this. He and his wife announced their trial separation on November 7, 2000. Harrison Ford had three Turbulent Chiron Transits on that day.

As we explain in our books and the lessons on this website, a Turbulent Transit is bad, and a Turbulent Transit to Chiron or by Chiron puts your love union at risk. Such transits signal dangerous times. For example, if you have an affair during Turbulent Chiron Transits, chances are really good you will get caught. As another example, problems about your love union that have been festering but ignored in the past usually come to the forefront during Turbulent Chiron Transits and these problems then take on a greater meaning than they deserve. This is how the Turbulent Chiron Transits work.

Poor Harrison Ford. We really believe he truly loves Melissa and his separation was the result of bad luck and misunderstandings brought about by Turbulent Chiron Transits. According to published reports, Melissa initiated the separation because she was devastated and incensed by a tabloid article that claimed that 58-year old Harrison was seen being too cozy with 30-year old Lara Flynn Boyle. The tabloid did not claim they were having an affair but the intimation was there.

Under normal circumstances, Melissa would probably have been upset but not volcanic about this. After all, this sort of article almost is a part of the territory when you are as famous as Indiana Jones. But because Harrison was having Turbulent Chiron Transits, Melissa reacted to the extreme and Harrison was unable to contain the damage. You see, when a person has Turbulent Chiron Transits, people look at that person in an unfavorable light and are unwilling to give the person the benefit of the doubt.

Harrison Ford was having TWO Turbulent Chiron Transits when the tabloid article was published. One of these was a Turbulent Transit by Chiron to his natal Venus, and the other was a Turbulent Transit to his natal Chiron by the transiting Uranus. Both such transits are signs of great risk to love unions. When a person has a transit to a planet and also by the same planet, the Magi Society calls this special type of alignment a FOCUS DOUBLE TRANSIT, and the planet is the FOCUS PLANET. Anyone having a Focus Double Transit will find that the focus of his/her life during the Focus Double Transit lies within the symbolisms of the Focus Planet. In Harrison's case, the Focus Planet is Chiron and it symbolizes marriage.

But thank God all Turbulent Transits pass. We really admire Harrison Ford and Melissa and are rooting for them to successfully work out their differences and fully realize the value of the relationship they have had for 17 years during their marriage. Although reconciliation is very rare with Hollywood couples, we believe they have a good chance for reconciliation. We do not know Melissa's birth date or their wedding date, but we do know that Harrison's Turbulent Chiron Transits will be passing. So if they choose to focus on what has been good in their marriage and want to rebuild, in a while they will no longer be impaired by Harrison's Turbulent Chiron Transits the way they have been.


If you want to go to the actual link we created in November of 2000 about Harrison Ford's separation so you can read it in its entirety, and see the CAC showing Harrison's Turbulent Transits, click here.

Harrison Ford's Turbulent Transits passed, and they were followed by MAGIcal Transits. (For example, transiting Pluto would make a MAGIcal Angle to his Chiron.) Because of this change in transits, and of course because of their love, the Fords were able to get back together. This makes us so happy because we really were rooting for them!

Whether or not a separation will result in reconciliation is based on quite a few factors. Magi Astrology has some time-tested reliable rules on how to predict if a separation will result in a divorce or reconciliation. But whenever human emotions are concerned, no rules are 100 percent. We were able to confidently say that the Fords had a very good chance of getting back together in large measure from our knowledge of Magi Astrology. But we also drew heavily from our unparalleled experience at analyzing relationships.

The Magi Society has special software that helps you to easily see when Turbulent Transits are coming, and when they are leaving, and we also have software that interprets each important transit. If you might be interested in getting our software or just want more information about it, please click here and send us an e-mail.


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