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There is an old saying about making hay while the Sun still shines. Most of us do not ever want to make hay, but we all want to fulfill our dreams. When a dream involves success, fame or money, Magi Astrology can help us to fulfill such dreams. The key to success is hard work, astrological timing and making sure that we do not miss our GOLDEN TIME.

Everyone has a Golden Time that is reserved by the stars. The trouble is, almost everyone is in the wrong place, and doing the wrong things, during their Golden Times. In order to achieve the maximum success, we must take advantage of our Golden Times. In our third book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money, we explain the principles that help us to foretell our Golden Times. The key to recognizing Golden Times is Magi Astrology, and its use of CHIRON. Chiron is the celestial sign of Golden Times (and Cinderella Times). Whenever Chiron makes a MAGICAL angle to one of our important NATAL PLANETS, the Golden Doorway opens, and we must work hard and rush through it. Almost everyone who has been super successful has taken full advantage of the times when his or her Golden Doorways were open.

An example of this is RICKY MARTIN, who is currently the hottest man in show business. He was born on December 24, 1971 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In 1983, he became a member Menudo, the very popular Latin singing group. He went on his own in 1988 and did various show biz stuff. He had a two-year stint acting on the television series General Hospital and playing an important character in the Broadway musical, Les Miserables. In the summer of 1998, he released a very successful album. But the world changed for him after his live performance on the Grammy's. On February 24, 1999, Ricky Martin performed "La Copa de la Vida", a song he had performed in front of live audiences quite a few times before. But in the case, he did it during his Golden Time and he did it on a television show that was broadcast worldwide. This was the first time Ricky Martin gave a solo performance on a television show that was broadcast worldwide. The results were astounding. The astrological timing was so perfect that within a few months, he was so popular that his face was on the cover of dozens of the top magazines worldwide. And hundreds of lesser publications. He became the hottest entertainer in show business.

Let us see what the stars had to say about Ricky Martin's fame and success. Below is a Magi Astrology chart of his birth chart, and the positions of the transiting planets when he made music history on the Grammy's.

Magi Astrology chart of Ricky Martin, born 12/24/1971, showing the planets in transit on the day he performed on the Grammy's, 2/24/1999


Ricky Martin Chart

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Just as Chiron is the key to your Cinderella Time, Chiron is also the key to your Golden Time. When Ricky Martin performed on the Grammy's and was launched into superstardom he had two Golden Signs, and the day itself was a Golden Day.

What are we to learn from this? And how do we utilize Magi Astrology to help us fulfill our own dreams? The important lesson here is that when the time is right, we must take advantage of it. Too often, we are not doing what we need to do during our Golden Times. We could be on vacation, or not actively working towards our dreams during our Golden Times. This is why hard work is crucial to success and why everyone who has made it says that hard work was the key. If you keep working as hard as you can, all the time, you will not miss your Golden Time. But who can do that and still enjoy life and have meaningful relationships? For these reasons, it is much better to use Magi Astrology and KNOW then you must work hard, and when you can relax or play. This way, you can enjoy life more than the next person, and still fulfill your dreams.

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