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Magi Zodiac7 - The Standard Zodiac Chart is drawn with the circle divided into 12 equal parts of 30 degrees. The Magi Zodiac7 Chart is drawn with the circle divided into 7 equal parts. Each of the 7 parts is approximately 51.429 degrees.

Planets make Zodiac7 aspects whenever two planets are about 51.429 degrees apart, or any multiple of 51.429 degrees apart (for example, 2 times 51.429 degrees or 104.858 degrees).

Zodiac7 aspects are about 30% more powerful than standard Zodiac12 aspects. The result is that configurations made up of Zodiac7 aspects are at least 30% more powerful than configurations made up of Zodiac12 aspects. Grand Trines and T-Squares are examples of Zodiac12 configurations.

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