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December 19, 2000

Scientists tell us that it is our genes that determine the kind of children we have. As astrologers, the Magi Society obviously believes otherwise. We believe that the influence of the genes is not as consequential as the influence of the Planetary Geometry of the time a child is born. As we have explained in all of our books, we believe that it is the alignment of the planets, and not the genes of the parents, that actually imparts special talents to a child.

This is wonderful news because it means that every parent has an equal chance of having an exceptionally gifted child. No matter how poor and underprivileged a couple may be, they have just as good a chance of having a remarkably gifted child as any other couple. In this sense, astrology truly helps to bring equality to this world and gives hope to all parents. We believe that this is a wonderful gift from Divine Providence.

Imagine what a horrible world it would be if every child's abilities were determined by the genes of the parents. It would mean that underprivileged couples would never have a chance of giving birth to a truly gifted child such as Michael Jordan or Albert Einstein or Abraham Lincoln. It would not be possible because if genetics determined the abilities of children, the children of poor families would have the same disadvantageous genes that their parents had, and would have to follow their parents' footsteps into a sad existence of mainly unfulfilled dreams.

If genetics were more important than Planetary Geometry, children of the super-rich and super-successful would all become super-successful themselves and no one else would have a chance. After all, privileged children would not only have the advantages of their parents' supposed "success genes," but they would also have the help of their parents' influence, money and connections. Such a world would be a horrible one because there would be no hope for the children of the underclass and underprivileged. The poor would be shut out.

But, thank God this is not the case!

Through the miracle of astrology, which we believe is designed by Divine Providence, the poor have just as good a chance of having an exceptionally gifted child as the rich do. This has always been the case throughout history and is one reason why the power of astrology is a great gift from Providence.

Consider this:
It is Christmas time and the wind is howling. In a tiny apartment of a tenement in a big northeastern city, a young couple does the best they can to keep their newborn child warm. The heat has not worked for weeks. The father, weakened by severe asthma and restricted by a poor education, has been unemployed for months. The mother has been able to work as a secretary from time to time but has very poor eyesight that makes it difficult for her to hold onto a job. Neither parent possesses any special talent or employable skills, but both parents have enormous love for their child and one another. The world appears cruel to them now as they view their surroundings. They huddle in the corner farthest away from the icy window. Their most fervent prayer is that their child will have a much better life than their own.
Through the miracle of the Benevolent Design of astrology, their prayer is answered. Their young child CAN have a wonderful life. Unlike the world that most scientists believe exists, the reality is that the child will not be saddled with the disadvantages of its parents' so-called inferior genes. Thank God!
Think about it: Henry Ford had only a grade school education and his parents were not special. But Ford was born with fabulous Planetary Geometry. Andrew Carnegie's parents were so poor he had to begin working at the age of 13; he earned $1.20 per week in a cotton factory. At age 67, Carnegie sold his Carnegie Steel Company for $500 million. Carnegie was born on a fabulous astrological day. Bill Cosby grew up in a housing project in Philadelphia. He shined shoes and delivered groceries. He was born on a day with fabulous Planetary Geometry. Colin Powell came from loving parents who could only afford to live in the South Bronx. Considering that very successful parents usually use their power and influence to help their children, what chance would these men have had if they had actually been born with inferior genes? They would have had no chance.
But Providence designed this world so that there are no inferior genes or success genes. Through the Benevolent Design of astrology, every parent has an equal chance of having an extraordinarily gifted child. And every parent has the realistic hope that their children's lives will be better than their own. Do not ever let the scientists or anyone else take that hope away.
The Benevolent Design of astrology helps to equalize this world. If astrology did not work in this way, the world would be unbearable for the underclass. This is because those who are very successful would actually be able to pass on their success to their children. And upper class parents would use their own success, money, and influence to help their children obtain the best education, and use their connections and power to help their children. If there were such a thing as "success genes" that privileged parents could pass on to their children, what chance would the children of the underclass have?
However, due to the Benevolent Design of astrology, no matter how disadvantaged certain parents may be, their children could still be super-successful. Champion athletes have been born from parents who had no athletic talent. Geniuses have often come from parents who were intellectually below par. Do you know who Albert Einstein's parents were? Or Sir Isaac Newton's? Were any of their parents great intellects? And how come so many children of great men and women are themselves below average? It is all because of the way God Providence designed astrology to work. Astrology was designed so that there would be no families that could dominate for more than a few generations. Astrology gives all of us a chance. We all have a Cinderella Time and Golden Times.
God Providence designed astrology such that every parent has an equal chance of having wonderful children. Astrology works in such a way that the abilities of a child are not limited by either the genes or the financial status of the parents. This makes the world a more hopeful place for the underdog. After all, Christ did teach us that the meek shall inherit the Earth.
So as we celebrate the 2000th anniversary of the birth of our Savior, let us also give thanks to His Heavenly Father for making this world a wonderful place to be. Where we can all have wonderful children even if we are not so wonderful ourselves. That is one of God's Christmas gifts to humankind because He loves us.


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