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Electional Astrology is not about elections.  But it can help us understand why Bush won the elections.



Electional Astrology


Electional Astrology is the branch of astrology that deals with the selection of specific days to engage in any particular type of activity.


Using astrology to help us choose days to perform certain activities is important to astrologers because we believe that there are good days and bad days to do anything.  This is especially true for very important activities such as getting married or starting a new job.  The reason for this is that when a man and woman are married, the astrological chart of the wedding date becomes the chart of the marriage (called the MARRIAGE CHART or WEDDING CHART). Once any couple are married, then the couple’s lives are astrologically as dependent on the astrology of their Marriage Chart as their own birth charts.


Electional Astrology is almost as old as astrology itself.  The ancient Hebrew Astrologers were pretty darn good astrologers and they formulated the rudiments of Electional Astrology.  They believed that you could foretell if a day was favorable for any particular activity by analyzing the planetary aspects of the day. They were correct about this. By analyzing the planetary aspects of a day, you can tell if a day is a good one to get married or be crowned king, or begin a job.  


This principle of Electional Astrology can be applied to virtually any activity. There are good days and bad days to do absolutely anything and everything, and it all depends on the planetary aspects (in other words the Planetary Geometry) of the day.


For examples, there are good and bad days to look for a job, start a new job, make love, negotiate a contract, open a bank account, make a speech, have a medical procedure performed, begin a medication, buy a house, pay off a loan, go on a blind date, start a romance, take a trip, and so on.


All of this is important, but where knowledge of Electional Astrology becomes most crucial is when we engage in any activity for the very FIRST TIME.  The Planetary Geometry that exists when we first do something becomes the birth chart of that type of activity for the rest of our lives. Such is the case with the coronation of a monarch or when we get married.  The planetary aspects and geometry of the day we are wed become the astrological chart of our marriage, and therefore becomes the Marriage Chart.


There is good rationale behind the idea of a Marriage Chart.  We have all felt days when there is a smooth and vibrant energy in the air and everything goes just right. Astrologers believe that such days are good days to begin things because by commencing something new on such a good day, you capture and preserve whatever astrological energy the day has that makes it so wonderful. This energy that a day has is dependent upon the alignment of the planets and the Planetary Geometry of that day. Have you ever wished you could preserve a feeling or moment? You can! On this website (and in our books), you will be able to learn how to select and preserve the energy of good astrological days. In so doing, we think you can actually harness the powers of the planets and use them to your advantage. This could be one of the keys to success in fulfilling your dreams.


Electional Astrology teaches us that there are some days that are good to do certain things, and there are days that are not good to engage in a certain type of activity. The Old Testament even talks about this: "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven ... A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace" (Ecclesiastes 3:1 and 3:8).


And the stars will give us signs to tell us when the best time is to do anything.



Theory of Natalization


Astrologers have never given a name to their theory that when a person engages in a distinct type of activity for the first time, the birth chart of that time becomes the birth chart for that person's actions for that type of activity. It is useful for astrology to have a name for this theory. In the Magi Society we call this theory NATALIZATION, because the action taken has a birth, and therefore is born, or NATALIZED.  Both words are new to the English language, but they are necessary for the growth and understanding of astrology and its theories. Scientists have been clever enough to ascribe a name and term to all of their concepts and it is wise that astrologers do the same.


Natalization occurs whenever anyone engages in any type of activity for the very first time. For example, when Michael Jordan first touched a basketball, at that moment Michael Jordan natalized the birth chart of Michael Jordan as a basketball player.  The astrological chart of that day is the astrological chart of Michael Jordan as a basketball player – this chart works for his entire life.   Similarly, when two people make love for the first time, the couple natalized an astrological chart, and the astrological chart of that time is the birth chart of their lovemaking relationship – for their entire lives.



Electional Astrology Can Help Predict Success or Failure


By employing the theory of natalization, and utilizing the principles of Magi Astrology, a good astrologer can explain the astrological reasons for success or failure of any project, even presidential campaigns. 


For example, we can use Magi Astrology principles to understand why Merck’s drug Vioxx is on its way to being the worst drug disaster in history, and why MTV has been so successful and is a worldwide cultural Icon.  Below are Magi Astrology Charts of the launch date of MTV and the day Merck submitted its application for approval to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).



MTV Was Natalized on a Spectacular Astrological Day for Making Money


This first chart is cast for August 1, 1981, which is the day MTV was natalized and born (made its first broadcast).





It was a day with a Cinderella Yod! A Cinderella Yod is a yod where Chiron is at the apex and the other two planets are Financial Planets or Romance Planets. This would mean that the two long sides of a Cinderella Yod are formed with Cinderella Aspects since the alignments of Chiron to any Romance or Financial Planet is a Cinderella Aspect.  Which is why we call this very rare type of yod a Cinderella Yod.


The MTV yod (shown in the above chart with purple lines connecting the planets that form the yod) is a Cinderella Yod because it is formed by Chiron at the apex and Pluto plus Neptune. Neptune is both a Romance and Financial Planet; Pluto is a Financial Planet.  The yod has a Chiron-Neptune quincunx on one side and a Chiron-Pluto quincunx on the other side.  Thus it is a Cinderella Yod which is the most powerful of all yods.  The yod is comprised of three Financial Planets.


MTV is now owned by Viacom, Inc. and it is the most popular and profitable cable channel in the world, reaching over 100 countries worldwide.  Viacom is the largest broadcasting company in the world and also owns CBS.



Vioxx Is a Disaster Drug Because It Was Natalized On a Horrible Astrological Day For Drugs


For over three decades, Merck had been the world’s most respected and largest pharmaceuticals company.  But things are now so bad at Merck that it may file for bankruptcy.  The main cause of the troubles for Merck is a drug called Vioxx. 


Merck started marketing Vioxx in May of 1999; Vioxx was supposed to help relieve arthritic pain and other forms of chronic pain.  But the drug has an unacceptable side effect – it can increase the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes.  It is possible that there are thirty thousand Vioxx users who have suffered either a stroke or heart attack, or both.  Merck withdrew Vioxx a couple of months ago because of this “side effect” problem.  If Merck has to pay each of the Vioxx victims a million dollars, Merck will have to pay out thirty billion dollars.  But the amount could be more.


Whatever the ultimate outcome of the Vioxx disaster, Vioxx is sure to be the worst financial heartbreak for any drug in history.


How could this happen? 


The answers are always in the stars and you can know these answers in advance if you master the principles of Magi Astrology.


Vioxx was most likely to result in catastrophe because Merck natalized a catastrophic astrological day when it filed for FDA approval of Vioxx on Nov. 23, 1998.  Below is the Magi Astrology Chart of the horrible day:





On the fateful day that Merck natalized the birth of Vioxx as a drug, Saturn and Neptune and Mars formed what the Magi Society calls a MYSTICAL TRIANGLE. 


A Mystical Triangle is formed whenever three planets are aligned so that they form a triangle where the three sides are a quincunx, a square and a trine. 


The effects of a Mystical Triangle depend upon which three planets form it, and which planet is at the Control Corner. In the Vioxx Mystical Triangle, Saturn is at the Control Corner, which is the corner where the square and quincunx intersect.  When Saturn is at the Control Corner, Saturn makes two clashes in the Mystical Triangle. In Magi Electional Astrology, any Saturn aspect should be avoided if possible because the Magi Society’s four hundred years of experience has taught us that Saturn Aspects are bad to have in a natalized chart.


When Merck natalized Vioxx on November 23, 1998, there was a Poorhouse Clash and another Saturn Clash, and the two Clashes formed a Mystical Triangle.  Because Neptune is a Financial Planet in Magi Astrology, and Neptune rules all assets of a long-term nature, the Saturn-Neptune square creates the Poorhouse Clash.  Merck is on the road toward the poorhouse because of Vioxx.


Many astrologers believe wrongfully that Saturn is ok and often helpful.  But the Magi Society has always warned (in every one of our books and websites) that Saturn is simply an unfavorable planet.  Vioxx is a good example of this. 



Electional Astrology Helps Us to Better Forecast Future Events


Ever since the human race first appeared on Earth, we have wanted to forecast the future.  We have tried almost everything and gotten almost nowhere. But with Magi Astrology and Electional Magi Astrology, we finally have an edge over everyone else in forecasting future trends.


At this point it is important to remind everyone that the Magi Society does not believe that anything is “written” – one reason is we believe in a Divine Providence that answers prayers, which means He can and has changed the course of events in this world.  For this reason, it is not possible to predict the future but we do believe that the stars tell us what the MOST LIKELY OUTCOME is, for anything.


For example, Magi Astrology successfully forecast that the most likely outcome of the 2004 presidential election would be a Bush victory.  Here are some of the reasons:





Bush won because John Kerry made a very bad astrological mistake on July 6 when he chose that day to ask John Edwards to be his running mate.


At 7:15 AM on July 6, Senator Kerry telephoned Senator Edwards to offer Edwards the “opportunity to be the next vice president.”  Senator Edwards accepted enthusiastically. 


For the weeks immediately prior to July 6, Kerry was leading Bush in the polls by as much as 10 percentage points. Both the war in Iraq and the American economy seemed to be getting worse so it seemed like a good idea for Edwards to accept Kerry’s offer.  But that kind of reasoning is incomplete because astrology was excluded.  The stars hold the key and according to the stars, July 6 was not a good astrological day to form the Democratic Presidential Ticket.


Below is the Magi Astrology Chart of July 6, 2004, which is the day Kerry and Edwards natalized the Democratic Presidential Ticket for 2004.





If Edwards had consulted a Certified Magi Astrologer, he would have been advised that he should decline because the stars were pointing to heartbreak if Edwards accepted Kerry’s offer to run with him on that day.





The Kerry-Edwards ticket was born about 7:15 AM on July 6, 2004.  Later in the morning at 9:15 AM, Kerry first publicly announces that Edwards is his running mate in a speech at Market Square, Philadelphia.


According to the principles of Magi Astrology, there was FAILURE written all over the stars for the Kerry-Edwards ticket.  There was a PoorHouse Clash, another Saturn Clash and there were Saturn Aspects all over the chart.


Saturn Aspects are unfavorable aspects in a natalized chart.  We have been telling the astrological world this since we published our first book in 1995.


If you would like to find out more about Magi Astrology, the Magi Society and the benefits of membership, or if you would like information about our software, please click here and send us an email.



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